Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up Our Sleeve!!!

**ETA: A huge THANK YOU to those of you who have donated so far!! Some of you expressed concern that your donation wasn't showing up right away on the "ChipIn" icon and you wanted to make sure we received your donation. Please know we have received them, but some funds take longer to show up depending on your method of transfer (credit card or E-check, etc). Thank you, again!

If you are here from Kelly's Korner or Mckmama- welcome! If you are led to donate to our fund, please indicate that you came to us via one of those 2 incredible ladies! I have a special ticket offer for you all! For every 3 tickets you donate for, you will receive one FREE ticket.....that's on top of all of the other opportunities to increase your chances!**

After almost 4 years of praying and waiting to be blessed with a child, Josh and I are getting closer to hearing
the news that we have a baby - Baby O! We are so blessed and thankful to finally be parents!

For those who are new to our South Korean adoption journey - welcome! I'm so happy you joined us. Feel free to click on the "Our Journey" links in the sidebar to learn more about us!

As I mentioned in this recent post, the fees for adoption are very high (nearly $30,000). However, we are working hard to save & stretch every single penny. We are getting creative, too! Read on to find out what's been secretly up our sleeve....

With the hope of raising more funds to help us with the fees needed to bring our sweet baby home, In His Hands has teamed up with some incredible people and is now hosting Baby O's BIG Prize Package Drawing!!!!!

Because there are so many wonderful items, we have TWO BIG Prize Packages filled with lots & lots of goodies that you are going to love!

Ok, here we go!

Prize Package A ~

**A new silver 4GB iPod nano (3rd generation):

**One $15 iTunes Giftcard:

**A fun, gorgeous, handmade Cary Hairbows creation:

Here are a few examples...

Those of you who follow Kelly's Korner blog will recognize these! Kelly's precious miracle baby, Harper, is too cute for words in Cary Hairbows!

Go here to see the fabulous selection that the winner will choose from!!!

Custom made Tag Lovey with 3 Coordinating Burp Cloths by Rachel from Shut the Front Door:

The winner will be able to choose from a variety of fabric choices!

Head over to Shut the Front Door to check out all of their wonderful items!

**Choice of 1 of these 2 wonderful books:

All you MckMama fans know about this book! It's one to read with your grow closer to each other and most importantly, to the Lord!


Recommended by the National Council of Adoption, this book touches on lifelong adoption related issues. Whether you're simply thinking of adoption or already have your little one in your arms, this is one to have on your shelf! (This copy is signed by Jane Schooler!)

A Scrabble Tile Pendant from Crescent City Crafts:

Rachel's pendants are so fun! You can see all of the options here.

**One Eco Friendly Water Bottle from Celery Street:

These 16 oz. stainless steel bottles are reusable, BPA free, 100% recyclable! Check out all of the fun colors here!

Last but certainly, not least.....

**A BLOG MAKEOVER design by Jackie!! This incredible lady has a nack for making blogs look beautiful. Jackie is willing to work with you to create a blog design of your choice!

WOW - that is 8 amazing items wrapped up in that one BIG Prize Package!!


Whew, all done.

But WAIT!!!!!!!! I forget, there's more!! We have another incredible prize package as well!!

Prize Package B ~

**A one of a kind Baby be Blessed doll:

Baby be Blessed is an incredible company that hand-makes customized dolls for children. You get to choose the doll (OR bunny, lamb, or kitten!), material, hair color, etc! Best of all, you choose a Bible passage that will go on the doll's tummy underneath his/her name! These are the cutest, most precious toys ever!

Tina from Baby be Blessed will work with the winner to design the perfect doll for that special child in your life!

(We can't wait to order one for Baby O!!!!!!)

**Choice of Personalized Tote OR Diaper Bag from The Palm Gifts (Click on the photos to view the MANY design options and colors!):

Diaper bag comes in brown, blue, pink, or black

**A Scrabble Tile Pendant by Rachel at Crescent City Crafts:

Go here to Rachel's Etsy store to check out the wonderful selection!

**A photo collage design by Stephanie:

Stephanie does an amazing job, as you can see by these examples!! She will work with the winner to create a one-of-a-kind picture collage!

**Choice of 1 Handmade Cary Hairbow Creation:

Perfect for any girl, any age! Go here to see more beautiful bows!

**One Custom-Made Crayon Roll by Rachel from Shut the Front Door:

Available in various fabric choices! Perfect to throw in your purse or diaper bag to keep those little artists busy!

**A $25 Gift Card to Target:

If you love Target as much as I do, that little card is like gold. :-)

**Choice of 1 of 4 magazine subscriptions:

Those fantastic items make up Prize Package B


Now we have THREE prize packages!!! Bethany Tramel Designs is offering this gorgeous necklace....

2 lovely glass pendants to make up the 3rd prize package!

Go here to see all of Bethany's beautiful jewelry!


Make that FOUR prize packages!!!!!

Ladies, feast your eyes on this elegant, classic 18 inch Akoya pearl necklace generously offered to you by PurePearls!!

You can gaze at all of the elegant jewelry by PurePearls by clicking here.

Here is how YOU can win....

Donate securely using the ChipIn icon at the top of the blog. The suggested donation is $5, but you can donate any amount that you are led to give, as often as you'd like. For every $5 you donate,
you will get 1 ticket in the drawing (so if you donate $15, you will receive 3 tickets, and so on). The more tickets you have, the bigger the chances are of YOU going home with one of the prize packages!

Soon after you donate using ChipIn, you will receive an e-mail (at the e-mail address you used while donating) from me that will include your ticket number(s).

If you would prefer to donate without being entered into the Prize Drawing, simply let me know when you make your ChipIn donation. Thank you for your generosity!


How about a few more ways to win?!? Let's up the ante!

1. If you mention Baby O's BIG Prize Package Drawing on your blog with a link back to this post - the amount of tickets you purchased will be DOUBLED!! (If you do this, you will need to send me an e-mail with your name & blog address so that I can double the tickets for you!)

2. Let's see. What else.......Copy & paste our Baby O Prize Package button onto your blog to receive one extra ticket. (Once you have it up, go ahead and e-mail me with your name & blog address so I know you did it!)

<center><a href=""><img src=""/></a></center></td>

3. Don't worry, I'm not going to leave out the people out there who don't have a blog! If you folks are willing to e-mail this link of our blog to your friends to spread the word, then YOUR tickets will be DOUBLED! (You will simply need to include our e-mail address in the e-mail you send out: blessedbyhishand at yahoo (dot) com) ONLY non-bloggers are eligible for this!

4. It also pays to be an Early Bird, friends! The FIRST 50 people to donate will be included in a separate drawing for a $15 Starbucks giftcard!


If you're one of the winners, you could soon be enjoying these fantastic prizes or POOF....your Christmas shopping is finished 10 months early with just a click and a $5 donation! That's less time and $ than stopping for lunch or shopping all day at the mall!

Baby O's Big Prize Package Drawing will be open until 11:59 PM (EST) on Tuesday March 10th!



Winners of Prize Package A and Prize Package B and the Bethany Tramel Design Package and the PurePearls Necklace and the Early Bird Prize will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday, March 13th!


All donations will go toward our adoption fees to Eastern Social Welfare Society, the agency in South Korea that is caring for and arranging the adoption of our child.


We so wish we could bless everyone who donates to our adoption fund with one of these prize packages! Even though that is not possible, please know that
every single penny will make a HUGE impact to us. We are beyond words thankful to each and every one of you for helping us bring home our precious baby.

Most of all, we appreicate any prayers that you offer up on our behalf!! Please pray that Josh and I to continue to trust in the Lord and that HE will keep our Baby O safe in His hands during this time. Thank you so much.

A very very BIG thank you to all of the ladies who have helped us put together these fantastic prize packages! We are forever grateful to you.

Ok.....let the prize drawing begin!! (And be sure to check back on March 13th to see if you're a winner!!!)

Be blessed,
Rachel & Josh

P.S. Please don't hesitate to e-mail if you have any questions:
blessedbyhishand at yahoo (dot) com

*Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.


  1. Wonderful packages Rachel! I hope you are able to raise all $30,000 just from this drawing! :)

  2. This is so exciting! I'm sure you'll get a great response. I will add this to my post for tomorrow, friend.

  3. Rachel - so excited for you. I'll definitely blog about it tomorrow...I am so behind on everything, I just got my computer back.

  4. what a FAB idea! I am so glad that you are doing this! I know God is giong to bless you & Josh & Baby O so much.

    I posted & put your button on my sidebar! It is a pleasure to be even a teeny part of your journey...

    Baby O is so blessed by being your child...ALREADY!

  5. WOW!!! you have big sleeves!!! this is huge! praying for a big turn out!

  6. How cool are those prizes...

    I bought and added to our blog!

    Good luck.

  7. How AWESOME!
    Great way to have a fundraiser girl!!!

  8. Great idea girl!

    I came back from my blog break just to show you a little love and support...

    I can't wait to see the $$$$$ roll in for ya!

    Be Blessed!

  9. My goodness! Sign me up! Donating now and will post (links and info) on my blog. Good luck, Rach!!

  10. Congrats on your upcoming adoption! We brought our daughter home from Russia in November 2008. ;) I wanted to let you know the chipin widget isn't appearing for me?

  11. Oh, what wonderful prizes!! I hope you guys raise all the $ you need! My husband is adopted and through the stories of my Mother-in-law, I can not imagine what all you have to go through and theres was almost 30 years ago, Im sure it is even tougher today! I will keep you guys in my prayers. Good Luck!

  12. Hi Rachel, My name is Janna. I found your blog through Kelly's but she doesn't know me either! lol I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you. I am a stepmom to two adopted Korean kids, who are now 11 & 9, but truly feel as though they are my own and have known them since their "gotcha day". My husband and I went through IVF to have our own 2 boys as well, so we've been through that too! I'll be following your story and praying! Lots of love and blessings! Janna

  13. Wishing you all the best with your adoption! I added this to our post and I just sent you a comment through chipin about being able to donate a prize from my company for another giveaway if you would like.

  14. Wow, $760.00 already. Way to go Rachel. Good Luck!! Great Prizes

    Kara O.

  15. Congratulations on your adoption. My husband and I hope to adopt from China in a couple of years. We also have several friends who have recently or are currently adopting. Best of luck to you during this time. I came from Kelly's Korner, but forgot to note that on my donation. The e-mail was

  16. 28 years ago, my husband and I faced infertility. This was in the days before in vitro. We both underwent surgery, but never achieved a pregnancy. This was in the 80's and legalized abortion had just reared it's ugly head so there were very few babies up for adoption. The short version is that God chose to bless us after five years...out of the clear blue...with a beautiful 3 day old baby. He has been the joy of our lives. God didn't choose to bless us with any more children, but that's fine with us. We know His will is perfect. Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you begin this awesome journey. You will never regret adoption.

  17. I've been away from my computer all day, but you know I can't pass this up! I am so anxious for Baby O's arrival. I feel like I already know him/her and his/her mommy so well.

    I'm doing a post now to send people your way (a few at least!)

  18. I can't wait to read when Baby O has arrived home.

    Blessing to your entire, growing family :)

  19. What packages and great response you have already gotten! I have donated, posted, and added it to my blog. Can't wait to follow Baby O's journey!

  20. Stopped by via Kelly's blog. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. I received an email from Christina, which lead me to your blog. After reading just a few entries, I am completely moved. As a fellow IF'er, it fills my heart with happiness to see you this close to your baby. God Bless you!

  22. What a great idea! You two are SMART. And what great prizes.

  23. what a fun giveaway and more importantly what a wonderful reason to give! adoption has touched my family and i am touched by your family's story already. blessings!

  24. decided to join in on the fun...i am so excited to help you guys...even just in this tiny is great to see how blogland has embraced your giveaway...can't wait to see how those totals grow!

    i plan on putting up a post about it later tonight!

    oh...and i posted your button in my left sidebar!

    love watching the total grow!

  25. Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. My husband and I are adopting from China (we live there). We've had our dossier logged for 14 months and are now told to expect a 22 month wait. I prayed for your Baby O and for you guys as you yearn to have your arms filled with the child God has planned for your family. His ways are not our ways, but He is the matchmaker and his plan is perfect. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog on 2.22.09. I hope it brought some traffic your way. Blessings to you!

  26. Good luck on your journey! I truly understand how excited you must be to finally become a mommy!!

    I donated to your fund, blogged about your giveaway, and posted your button on my blog.

  27. What an exciting contest! I donated on your chip-in the other day but forgot to leave you a comment. Also wanted to let you know that I put your button on my sidebar as well as a little post about your journey and this amazing giveaway...can't wait for the drawing and best of luck to you and your husband with your adoption!

  28. These prizes are awesome!
    I made a donation and am heading over to my blog to post your button.
    God Bless you for going through so much work to adopt and provide for Baby O.
    I'm off to email you



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