Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Whole Blog Thing

My Josh doesn't really get "the whole blog thing".

Don't get me wrong, he is incredibly supportive of me enjoying my time in Blogland....but he doesn't quite get it.

Who actually reads your blog? Josh has asked me.

Well, I know a portion of you faithful readers are fantastic people I know in-real-life! You are friends from elementary school, high school, college. You are family. You are fellow church goers. You are friends of my parents or my aunts or friends-of-my-friends and so on.

I have to giggle when I chat with people on the phone or go back to visit my hometown (
Hello Wisconsin!!!!) and a number of folks don't even need to ask "What's new?" because they already know by reading my blog! Ha!

Then there are you, my lovely fellow bloggers. There is always joy when I see a new little picture of a face in the "Follow My Blog" section in the sidebar! Because many of those tiny pictures have turned into dear friends. People I may never meet in real life, but are most certainly friends.

I have the privilege to share in your joys, offer you words of encouragement, laugh with you, pray for you, and learn from you. I hope I am as good of a friend to you as you are to me!

Then there are the "unknowns". There's a big group of you! And a quiet group as well! Anyone want to reveal themselves? ;-)

I smile at every e-mail I receive. Every comment. Every new face.

It is those times that I think to myself the same question that Josh has asked me before....

Why do you think they read it?

Honestly, I'm not sure.

Maybe you read my blog to follow along with our adoption journey. Maybe the reason is because I'm married to a handsome pastor-to-be and you find my life as a soon-to-be pastor's wife interesting. Maybe it's because you share my love for mindless television and cute shoes and i-pods. Maybe it's because you too know the joy of adoption OR you too have suffered the pain of infertility. Maybe it's because you can relate to me. Maybe you find a friend in me.

I don't know why exactly....however, if there is ONE thing I hope for my readers, it would be that each and every one of you sees me as a SINNER who has been saved by our SAVIOR. Just a girl who prays that each time she writes on her blog, HIS light would shine through her.....whether she's bloggin' about cute shoes or her sweet baby or her faith. A girl who is thankful each and every day that everything is In His Hands.

Out of millions of blogs, I don't know the exact reasons why you all keep coming back to In His Hands, but for whatever the reason, I want to say THANK YOU.

I am blessed because of you.

And so is Josh. Because if I'm happy, so is he. :-)

Oh, and Sweetie, when you read this (because you, my most favorite faithful "follower", will without a doubt read this in between thinking about me and sermon writing) I hope it helps you "get it" a bit better. I love you.

Bloggy Love to All,
Rachel @ In His Hands


  1. Love this post, and you bloggy friend! I think we all like having a peek into other peoples helps us realize we're not alone in our weirdness ;)

  2. I for one LOVE your blog!
    Where in Wisconsin are you from? I lived in Oconomowoc for many years!
    Hugs, Jill

  3. Awww so sweet! I love reading your blog, I feel like we have become friends and I love following this journey that you and Josh are taking!!

  4. You are adorable, and I am so glad I "met" you and your blog recently. I wonder all the time why people bother to read what I have to say, but I also know that it's probably for the same reasons I read what they have to say. We find a connection and have something in common and a friendship is born!

    My husband doesn't understand blogging either. He tells me often how crazy he thinks it all is! I'm sure if he and Josh got together they would have a lot to talk about!

  5. It really is a hard thing to explain. But some bloggers just CONNECT in a way that doesn't make sense unless you experience it. I'm so glad to have met you, I know that for sure.

    Tonight, your Josh gets a big HELLO from a random stranger that thinks his wife is amazing :)

  6. Rachel- I can say that I am proud to be one of your bloggy friends and one from your hometown in WI.
    I have to thank you for getting me involved in the blogging world. I am enjoying meeting so many wonderful people and reading about them and their families.
    And a big old Wisconsin "Hey" to Josh!!

  7. yup i admit it i am one of those....lurkers...
    I am not sure how i ended up here but i have been reading for the last month. looking forward to reading all your posts. until next time....Oh and I'm jen nice to meet you.

  8. so...does he get it now?!?

    husbands...they are so funny. first mine gave me grief about blogging...and now he blogs.

    then i got grief about he's comparing who has more friends...he or I?!?

    too funny!

    love your page...

  9. What a wonderful world, and how amazing how God not only brings us children from the other side of the world who need families, but also surrounds us with a community of friends who are all going towards the same bring a baby a wonderful life, love and family forever! Nice to meet you, I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Tina

  10. very cute post.

    i definitely kept coming back b/c i felt you were relatable as far as the inferility battle and your journey thru adoption...which intrigues me daily and, especially lately, is on my mind a lot as I consdier my own journey.

    my hubs doesn't totally get it either...but, like your guy, is supportive. :-0

  11. Ok, another lurker coming out of the woodwork...
    Well, actually I am just really bad about commenting!
    I found your blog through the Holt bb and have been following ever since.
    I love that you are bold and upfront about your faith- keep it up! :-)

  12. Josh,
    It is an interesting thing - these blog connections that become friendships. My husband doesn't fully get it either.

    Let me just say this - your wife has done some brave things. She has allowed herself to be vulnerable in revealing her authentic self to friends, family, and yes, complete strangers. As you well know, her authentic self is this beautiful, giving, sweet lady who encourages others by just being HER.

    Why do we visit and come back frequently? Because she is a light in her corner of the world - which has now been enlarged. She brings a smile to our faces in her earnestness to serve God. I can only imagine the encouragement she is to those walking the same journey of adoption.

    So, we wait with you, we pray with you, we almost feel like we are expecting with you. :) We can't wait to hear the news of your child. Because she made us care like that. In her words, in her smile. She has us all on the edge of our chairs with excitement for all God has in store for your beautiful family.

  13. You know I started reading your blog, because we are on the same adoption path, to the day.
    But what keeps me coming back to "In His Hands" is your well-written, thoughtful, funny, inspiring, posts.
    Your faith is truly inspiring and your outlook in life is so sunny and positive. Even when you address issues, you do so without complaining, looking for the positive and how you can be better person...and I appreciate that.
    Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next post.

  14. I just found your blog. I can't wait to follow your journey as well. We are adopting from Korea also. I love the wall hanging from Robin's Nest. Blessings,

  15. I love your new profile pic, btw! And I follow you because I'm betting in "real life," lol, we'd be good friends! =) Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    BTW, just for funsies, my word verification is "poopp." LOL!

  16. Girl, he'll start getting it...someday. Even though my husband says he doesn't get it, I think he does. We talk about you and other bloggers I've never met like you're regular every day friends. He laughs at me every time the words "{insert name here}, the girl whose blog I read" come out of my mouth. He often asks if I have any real-life friends. That's one thing he doesn't understand. Even though we've never met, we ARE real-life friends.

    Josh, I don't know how to explain it. But, I'm glad you support her habit. I would miss her if you didn't.

  17. hello sweet lady!

    i have an award for you over at my blog. my post kind of answers the question in this post...

  18. You are a great bloggy friend - so great I wish we knew each other in real life!

    I admit the very first thing that attracted me to your blog was the fact that you were doing international adoption, but I've ended up staying because of your ultimate goal: you wanted to show Jesus in your blog and you do and it is so refreshing to come here.

    And the whole pastor's-wife-to-be? Totally get ya. We sisters in that boat. :)

    Hope you have a great Friday!

  19. I read your blog because I am a youth pastor's wife, and I LOVE that you are adopting! I struggled with mild infertility, and was able to concieve 2 times, but have always been amazed by the miracle of adoption! It is so beautiful! God Bless you on this journey!

  20. hey josh...we like you too, cuz you share your awesome, beautiful, wonderful wife! ☺

  21. Oh, you know I love you to pieces, girl. If we lived closer, I know that we'd be real life friends, getting together on Mondays for Bachelor and shopping and going to Starbucks. :)

    You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and I'm proud to call you my friend!

  22. I come one... to keep up with your process and hopefully give a little encouragment and support in my comments.
    two... because so much of what you say is an encouragment and support to me!

    Josh you are a blessed man to have such a Christ loving lady as your partner in life!

  23. Yes, its tough to explain the bloggy world, but you did a good job. You are a good friend that I will most likely only meet in heaven, but I'm still thankful to get a glimpse of your heart and have enjoyed getting to know you. And of course we can't wait to meet your baby...soon! Praying with you...

  24. ok, you got me :) found your blog...and keep coming back because of the writting, the story, the feeling of connection with another christian woman walking it out :) i continue to enjoy , thanks!

  25. I don't remember which blog leaded me to yours... but I do remember I love to come back and read your new posts !
    I'm from FRANCE (yes, that's far !) and with my husband Marc we faced infertility... and adopted 2 wonderful children... They are now almost 10 and 4. I'm afraid you may need to learn French if you want to know more about us trough our blog !
    My husband is like Josh... but he likes reading our blog especially when he is away from home for a few days or weeks !
    I was asked to write an article about "becoming an adopting mom... what difference does it make to be a Christian in this journey" ? That's a question I could ask to you, too !!
    I remember when we were wainting for our call(s)... they always came when we didn't expect them !!
    geetings to Josh, too !
    Joelle, from France

  26. love this post because my husband is in the same boat. he knows i enjoy it... alot! but doesn't understand it all. friendship over the blog??? ha

    i keep coming back because you're real, sweet, i enjoy reading about your journey to motherhood.



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