Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Asked, I answered ~ Take 2!

First off, I'm glad yesterday's post made you smile and brought back memories of the good, the bad and the ugly. 2nd off, your comments from that post had me cracking up. I was snorting with laughter at some of them. Thanks for the giggles!

2 non-adoption related Q & A's before I begin:
Did you like NKOTB?
Step by step. Ooooo baby! How dare I not include them.....of course I loved them! Who didn't? Since I don't have all the time in the world, I simply included the first 13 childhood loves I thought of. Believe me, if I had had more time to search through Yahoo images yesterday, I would've included about 50 more flashbacks to the 80's and 90's. :-)

When is your birthday?
My birthday is this Thursday, the 12th! Wahoo!

Oh, and thank you for your sweet comments from this post last week. I'm thrilled to have you all here following my blog and enjoying our journey with us! Also, Josh went through and read every comment. He says he "gets it". :-)

Here we go again...

*Why "Baby O"?
Baby O is simply a name I use for our baby on the blog that uses the first initial of our last name. ;-) Very original, I know.

*Is it really expensive to adopt?
Before I answer this, let me clearly say that Josh and I are not "buying a baby" as some people might put it. And 2nd, adoption expenses vary greatly depending on a number of factors - domestic or international, private adoption or agency facilitated, one country vs. another country.
But yes, my friends, adoption is extremely expensive and many people wonder why. Let me explain that a little bit. Think about it this way: A couple who is having a child through pregnancy has MANY expenses – hospital bills, checkups, etc. However, it is likely that they do NOT have to pay the entire bill because they are covered by insurance. Well, families who are adopting have expenses as well, but DO NOT have insurance to cover them. We pay for our child's care while they are in Korea - their medical expenses and daily needs. We also pay for our homestudy, fees for background checks, fees to the government for approving our paperwork, travel expenses and so on.

*Are their grants available? What else are you doing to raise funds?
While adoption fees are costly, there are grants adoptive families can apply for, as well as loans. Some do fundraisers. Some save and stretch every penny. Some have generous family and friends that offer assistance.

Josh and I have done a number of these things and have been blessed with wonderful family members who have offered help as well. We also have a little something up our sleeve that we've been working on. ;-) Stay tuned.

While adoption fees can be high, I would encourage those who are interested in adoption to NOT be freaked out by the amount or simply think "There's no way we could afford it"!! Normally not all of the fees are paid at once, but are instead spread out and paid in chunks. As I said before, there are resources available.....you just need to seek them out.

*Is it important to you to adopt from Korea again? Would you be willing to adopt from other countries as well? What about domestic adoption?
Josh and I would be thrilled to adopt from Korea again! Our hearts are in there and it would incredible if our 1st child could have a sibling from his birth country. We'll soon be a multicultural family - it's no secret that Josh and I will be a different ethnicity than our baby. While that has zero negative effect on how much we love our little one, we do realize the importance of our child having positive relationships with people of his own ethnicity....and if a sibling relationship was one of those, that would be wonderful!
There also comes the question if Korea will even be an option by the time we are ready to adopt again. I mentioned in this post that the Korean government is hoping to close it's doors to international adoption in the coming years. I do have a strong belief that they will not close completely as long as their are little ones needing families (those who have not been adopted domestically), but there is already movement toward closing.
Josh and are completely open to adopting from a number of different countries, as well as adopting domestically. Various types of adoptions have different requirements (age, marriage length, etc), so that needs to be taken into consideration.
We have learned that our plans are not God's plans. Of course, we can research and think and pray, but ultimately we will simply follow His lead!!

*How are you planning on decorating Baby O's nursery?
Honestly, I'm not sure yet! I'm not a cutesy kind of girl, so I'll probably choose something a bit more modern. JCPenney has some fun nursery bedding sets that I've been looking at. Does anyone have any suggestions??

*What do you do for work?
I am a former nanny turned children's librarian reference assistant with an elementary teaching degree married to a former carpenter turned pastor-to-be Seminary man.

I'll stop there for today. Your questions are great! Feel free to keep them coming...and I'll keep answering them. I have a running list. :-)


Completely random, but necessary ;-).......what did you Bachelor fans think of last night's episode?


  1. i now know you a little bit better :)

  2. Thanks for answering questions...I like hearing what you think.
    Now, The Bachelor. He sent one of the right girls home. I liked Naomi, BUT her family was a bit weird, not in a bad way but VERY different then J...which tells me the long run that would have been HUGE. Now, onto Miss Melissa. What is the deal, he couldn't meet her family??? Red flag red flag...Time will tell. I like BOTH Jill and Molly...can't wait for overnight dates. I thought J got along best and was best fit with Jill's family. Instant. Just like with her. And since we haven't "seen" them together a lot yet I'm thinking the editing dept has been trying to fool us into thinking there isn't much there...like they did with Jesse...because really when Deanna said NO to J, I stood up out of my seat and yelled "WHAT? ARE you on CRACK??!?!? Jesse? OH, COME ON!"
    No, really I did. Shocked doesn't even come close, but then seeing them AFTER the show I thought about the editing. Which brings me to next week...ARGH, I want to slap her. NOW she wants him??? I'm thinking of a word that starts with a b and ends in an itch.
    Keeping it clean...
    I can't WAIT to see next week and the woman tell all...that ought to be good. How about you? What did you think?? Who's your pick?

  3. I'm so glad you answered these questions! And you had such awesome points; thanks so much, Rach!

  4. Ooh...I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! So exciting! Just know that I am here to help however I can!

  5. Rachel, you sound like such a fun person. you are so positive and I love reading your blog and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

    Kara Olsovsky

  6. I love reading your answers.

    As for last night.....I still am not sure what I think.....I'm sad to see them all go at this point...The Dove thing was cracking me up....I have to say the girl from Canada would be my pick for him....I just love her....

  7. Rachel, do you realize that you are such a gifted writer...you pull us in and keep it so interesting...love it.

    I am so glad you answered these questions...I have been wondering about quite a few of them, especially the expense involved. And I would NEVER think you are "buying a baby" - something like that would never cross my mind...and I think you explained it very well, with the comparative expenses...

    Good to get to know you even better!

  8. love this! i love all the adoption info...in a few months we will know if we are headed that way in the near future or not. God is in control...that's what I know to be true. :-)

  9. oh my gosh, I loved reading this! Thank you for opening your hearts to us!

    Bachelor....totally knew that was going to happen. And, I will make a prediction for next week. Deanna shows up, but not to profess her love to Jason, but to tell him to re-think his proposal, which makes him emotional. Partially because she tells him that she made a mistake, and partially because he is now questioning his decisions.

    What did YOU think?

  10. Oh my gosh, I promise my husband didn't just leave a long message about the Bachelor. ha ha ha!! I was logged in as him and didn't know it! Whoops!

  11. I always enjoy your blog posts, but I think the question & answer series are your best ones. GREAT explanation of why adoption expenses are not "buying a baby" and why it costs so much.

    On to the Bachelor...I knew since last week that Naomi would be going home, so no surprise there. The big shock from this episode was definitely Melissa. I have been a Melissa fan all season, but I'm starting to think that she is "too good to be true." At 1st, I could understand her parents not wanting to be on TV (mine probably wouldn't either), but then when her closest friends had never met her parents, that was very strange. I hadn't really liked Jiiian in previous episodes, but I think I'm moving to team Jillian now!

    What did you think Rachel? I expected a whole post covering last night's episode :)

  12. Thanks for being so open and honest. I LOVED your answer to the question about expenses. Well said!

  13. I love your answers too. Your hearts are so sincere. Your love for your child is already so evident. I love this.

    The Bach...

    I'm SOOO curious about the Deanna thing. Of course, that's the point. Ratings. But still so curious. At this point, I have no idea. I'm pretty sure Jillian will stick around a while longer, but I don't know. All I know is that I'll keep watching. With the rest of you suckers. :)

  14. Rachel,
    I love the Q & A posts. :) I love learning about this process, which I am realizing I knew very little about.
    I admire you so much as you trust GOd in this!



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