Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After the Final Rose Party & Giveaway!!!

Train wreck seems to sum up The Bachelor finale pretty well, don't you think?

One of these happy faces is definitely not smiling today.....

The Bachelor season finale is always bitter-sweet isn't it? Last night was no exception.

The first girl out of the limo is the usually the lady who is about to get her heart broken. Last night as Molly drove to meet Jason for the final rose ceremony, she seemed so confident that he would choose her. After he shared with her that he had to "let her go", she looked him in the eye and immediately told him that he was making a big mistake that he would regret. Normally when someone says that, I roll my eyes. But for some reason, I completely believed Molly and agreed with her. My heart broke for her.

Melissa, on the other hand, was another story. She looked like a wreck in the limo, didn't she? She was so nervous - completely lacking any confidence.

Yet, at the end of the day, she was given the final rose. Oh, and a very sparkly diamond ring! Jason professed his unending love to her and swung her around for the 1000th time. The looked very happy when they jumped into the pool fully clothed.......with J's son Ty squealing at all the excitement.

A happy ending.

I wish it would've ended there.

Those After the Final Rose episodes are killers aren't they?

Jason, Jason, Jason. I have to borrow the words of my wonderful husband (who joined me for the last few minutes of the show) and yell out.....MAN UP!

At the final rose ceremony, he proposed to Melissa....he went on and on about how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and would NEVER EVER let her go. He asked her to be his wife.

And then last night he broke it off with her? Whoa. Back up. What?

His reasoning was that he simply didn't feel the chemistry between them anymore. Things had changed. He made a big mistake. He actually still loved MOLLY and wanted "a shot" with her.

My eyes just about bugged out of my head and my heart broke for Melissa who was in love with such a DUD.....a constantly sobbing mess of a DUD.

Seriously, MAN UP!

Enough with the tears and the complaining and the going back on your word.

It is SO frustrating to see engagements/marriage/relationships thrown around so lightly. Yes, yes, I know this is The Bachelor- a reality TV show - I'm talking about, but still. The feelings there are still real. Engagement is serious. It is a huge commitment that shouldn't be made on a whim....and it definitely shouldn't be broken off just because someone doesn't "feel it" anymore!

Poor Melissa. She is a sweet girl who deserves so much better than a man who isn't willing to make an effort, honor his commitment, but instead leaves her with empty promises.

Just when you thought the night couldn't get any more dramatic, Chris Harrison sat down with sweet Molly who was unaware of the drama that took place just minutes before. It was then that she told America that she still is very much in love with Jason.

Didn't you just want to scream Oh, NOOOO00000!!! because you totally knew what was coming.

Jason came out and he awkwardly told Molly about the whole Melissa thing. Molly was obviously shocked.

But then she started smiling. She asked him questions and totally bought into his lame answers. Her hand rested on his knee. They laughed. They hugged and kissed. They professed their love. They left together.

Molly. Molly. Molly. Don't do this! You are too good for this guy! Don't be blinded by "love".

If Jason didn't love Melissa - fine. But then he shouldn't have proposed to her. He should have waited until he knew for sure. And he certainly should NOT have ran straight into Molly's arms.

Don't even get me started on the kind of example is he setting for his young son. Yikes!

Last night left me sad and disappointed. I would've been happy for either of the ladies if Jason had just stayed true to a decision at the rose ceremony. That's the kind of ending we wanted right? Even if it wasn't the girl we were cheering for.

Melissa was given the final rose, but it was Molly who walked off hand and hand with Jason.

Who knows what tonight's PART 2 After the Final Rose will bring? I almost don't want to watch.


I'm a bit miffed at Jason for putting a damper on our Bachelor party. ;-)

But you know what? I'm not going to let him bring us down!!!!!

Ladies, let's raise our bloggy champaign glasses to each other! Cheers to good friends! Cheers to good, faithful men who honor their lovely ladies! Cheers to love that mirrors the love God has for us!

You all deserve a gorgeous rose, but since that isn't doable, I have a favorite book up for grabs. A love story by Nicholas Sparks.....

It also includes a love triangle.....but I love it none the less.

Leave a comment (or 2 or 7 - no limit) on this post. I'll choose the winner sometime in the next few days!

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I'm excited to hear everyone's take on the Bachelor finale! Do you agree with my thoughts? Completely disagree? Did you love or hate all the drama? What did you think about the DeAnna encounter? Who do you think should be the next Bachelor/Bachelorette?!

Thanks for stopping by my After the Final Rose Party!!! Make sure to link up your posts and leave a comment or two to win The Notebook!

P.S. The results of my recent Who Will Receive the Final Rose poll are as follows:
Melissa 56 votes = 70%
Molly 13 votes = 16%
DeAnna 11 votes = 13%

Who is correct? Honestly, I'm not sure. ;-)


  1. Seriously, I don't know what to think, I hope they sort this mess out tomorrow. I was impressed (and saddened) by Melissa when she said "you took that from me, you took it" referring to being engaged as a once in a lifetime occurrence.

  2. maybe that is why he is such "a great guy but been in multiple relationships including married and divorced kinda guy". he has some things to still fix in himself first. Not that he could be wrong but that the way he did it. If he wasn't for sure do what they have all done and don't make a decision...asking for someones hand in marriage is serious stuff. tonight will be interesting.

  3. I didn't watch the whole season, just the premiere and the finale. But I kept saying what a JERK he was in the 'after the final rose'. People have second thoughts on all sorts of things in their life and it's natural after a whirlwind to be a little unsure. But after 6 weeks?? COME ON! I'm with Josh...MAN UP! At least TRY to make it work.I think Molly got in his head big time when she said he was making a mistake and he never shook that. It's a shame b/c the finale was sooo sweet!

  4. I am not so disapointed in Jason, but with Molly. Men can really be... well.... MEN!!! But women should stick up for each other. THey should know better than to even think about being with a man who flip flops so easily between who he loves. Think about it... in 4 years, (he son is 4) he was married to one lady, in love and proposing to Deanna, proposed and would never let Mel go and in love and wants a shot with Molly... does not sound like a very strong man who knows what he wants... HE has no clue who he loves. Does he know what love really is? I just do not think he is ready...

  5. As soon as I got online this morning, I HAD to find YOUR blog, even though I haven't watched any of The Bachelor this season. But I HAD to see what you had to say about it, lol!!! You should be a TV critic!

    (Don't enter me for the contest -- I already have the book -- Superman used the movie to propose to me, as a matter of fact. =) )

  6. Ooooh Oooooh Oooooh...Pick Me!

    Even though I have read this AND watched the movie about a BAZILION times.

    Up until last night, I really didn't think Jason was the drana queen in all this...but that sure did change about an hour into last night's season finale.

    That dude is a TRUE DRAMA MAMA!

  7. Like I said I had a head's up, to what was coming. I am NOT mad or dissappointed at all. Here's why.
    Jason was TRUE to his feelings. I feel like although Melissa is 25 she's still very young. She was a cheerleader,a Dallas cowboy cheerleader, men fawn over her because of her looks and spunky/fun show she puts on. This girl is NOT comfortable in her own skin. You can totally see that, they way she sqeauled last night as he proposed just proved to me this wasn't SERIOUS for her it was dreamlike. Why was she so nervous and not confident? Because SHE knows she really WASN'T ready to be what Jason was asking...she wanted the propsal the ring the guy not the LIFE that comes after it. Which I'm SURE is the real chemistry issue. Did you see his Jimmy Kimmel interview? He went more in depth there about how thigns changed between them, they spent the holidays together and things just weren't right. What better way to learn about a relationship then spend holidays together because nobody can control their real self in that situation.
    Now, as for Molly. I believe that Molly is right for Jason. Although I really loved Jill. Molly is completely different from his first wife (looks) Deanna and Melissa. They all looked alike. LOOKED. It was creepy. Did you here what De said "I chose wrong, I went for the wildcard the one that was a good choice NOW, I didn't go further...I should have picked you. I should have looked further." What she was saying, was what feels right and looks perfect now is going to fall apart after the cameras leave and the producers aren't whispering in your ear. The girl is going to change into who she really is after the "hard" work is done. (the landing) Chose the girl that you can see yourself with and yet who keeps it real with you because nothing is perfect and she'll be the one you want to work it out with.
    After she said that I SAW what I had heard would happen. It all fell into place.
    He picked Melissa because it was familiar and he bought into the "bachelor lie". When those amazing dates end what do you think the real world feels like? Molly never got caught up in the dates and locations.
    This is getting long.
    If anything this season has opened my eyes to how ridiculous the producers are in that show...that is what they want, train wrecks. and they will do just about whatever it takes to get it. Jason said on kimmel "It was decided a long time ago that what ever happened in my relationship good or bad it would be on camera."
    What he is telling us is:
    Look I didn't have a choice. I signed a contract. I would have done things differently but I couldn't.

    AND Melissa wasn't blind sided they had talked about the problem before he just wasn't allowed to "break up with her" until the after the rose thingy. Cause she KNEW she barely hugged the guy when she came out. If it was a shock to her she would have lost her marbles. And THAT would have been ratings worthy. But Jason warned her in advance that it wasn't working...she knew.
    I think he didn't want to make the choice in New Zealand...he needed more time. But again he was forced by contract to give them a proposal. because from the beginning he said he'd propose and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a REQUIRMENT for him, knowing that he was a desent guy and that he probably would have a hard time choosing and then saying "oh by the way anything good or bad happens we get to tape it!"
    I BLAME the show. Not the Molly or Mel or Jason. I'm glad things worked out like they did Mel really really needs to grow up a little and realize you can't BE the perfect girl for someone, you have to be TRUE to yourself and that someone will find you and appricate you for who you are not who your acting like.How's that for a review?

  8. I don't have much to say. You pretty much summed it up! Let's just hope Molly doesn't end up with a broken heart, too. And, Jason, why wait for the final show to break it off? Seriously, I think that shows he didn't truly care for Melissa. Terrible. But then, that's classic reality TV.

  9. I will try to keep this short since I feel pretty much the same as you do Rachel.

    1. Marriage is a serious committment. Jason obviously felt conflicted in the last episode, which is understandable, but then he should not have proposed to Melissa. He could have chosen Melissa and said "Let's see where this goes..." as other bachelors have done in the past.
    2. Since he decided to propose, he should've fully committed to working on the relationship, not given up after 6 weeks b/c it "felt different". Of course it did, the show is over and your back to real life! And guess what, sometimes marrige is hard too - you don't just give up b/c it stops feeling "perfect".
    3. If he had worked on the relationship more and still felt Melissa was wrong for him, of course he should break up w/her. BUT HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT ON TV. Other bachelors have broken up before the show ends and then they discuss the breakup on tv, which I understand they have to do b/c of the contract. However, there is no need to do a breakup on tv...I don't care if she knew something was wrong or not. Have some respect for someone you supposedly loved.
    4. If you then breakup w/someone on tv, at least do not immediately get together w/someone else on tv. Again, that shows no respect for Melissa.
    5. Maybe after a divorce, proposing and being rejected, proposing and calling it off after 6 weeks, Jason should take some time to reflect and sort out his feelings instead of diving into another relationship.
    6. Oh Molly, why would you want to be w/someone like this?
    7. What example does this set for your son about how to handle serious relationships? Bouncing around from person to person instead of trying to make it work w/one woman. And breaking up w/someone on tv. Sad.

  10. Okay I don't even know what to think of say- other than I was completely SHOCKED! My husband caught the end of it too- and he was right their with your husband- MAN UP! WOW WOW WOW! Makes you wonder what happened between Jason and Ty's mom?!! I just cannot believe that he broke it off on NATIONAL television! Come ON!
    I am curious to see tonights episode and the outcome. Can you imagine the interaction between Jason and Molly's dad? WOW. Anyhoo I will be watching tonight.

  11. Such a train wreck! That's all I have to say! :)

    I have this book already, so don't enter me, but it's a great prize...one of my faves!

  12. My goodness - we need to pray for this man!!! What a terrible example he is setting for his son.......

    "Ty - this is not how a REAL MAN treats women!!"

    Can't wait to see what tonight brings.

  13. JULIAN!! the next Bachelorette - Sheesh - I'm never gonna be able to stop watching this show!! (She was my fav for Jason - but now I realize - she's too classy for him!! On to the next...... lol

  14. I haven't seen the Bachelor for awhile but your story tells me that that Jason guy is a j**k! I do agree with Sarah that the show is actually manipulating the participants and their feelings.

  15. I too had a heads up on what was about to go down from reading all of the spoilers that are out there. However, I am saddend more of the fact that he "had" to officially break it off on national TV. That totally should've been a private conversation then maybe they could've come on there seperately to talk about the breakup. Who cares about your contract. It's humiliating!!! If that's the way you feel, do it behind closed doors so that everyone has their integrity intact. I have watched just about every season, and will more than likely get sucked into the next one. Loved reading your post!

  16. Oh my...that guy cries more than a 12 year old girl does!!!

  17. OK... another thing... Why did Mel give the ring back??? She should have kept it for all the emotional damage and humiliation. JEEEEEZ



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