Thursday, March 19, 2009

Highchairs and Strollers and Cute Little Baby Things.....

....oh my!

Alright, y'all, I've officially entered the wonderful world of baby gear.

We have not registered or bought anything, but I have certainly been lookin'.

Humor me by taking a peek at some of my favs!

I love this convertible highchair by Anka in espresso...

It would go perfectly with both the kitchen and dining sets we have.

Isn't the cowmooflage print adorable on this Britax Roundabout?? Love it....

I enjoy running as well as going on walks with my handsome hubby, so we're definitely on the market for a jogging stroller. I'll need to "test drive" some in the store, but this one from InStep has received good reviews....

On to the nursery! Since we are almost positive we'll be blessed with a boy, I've been searching for the perfect bedding for our sweet little son. So far I've found a few sets that have caught my eye....

We all know I won't be able to take my tired eyes off my perfect little baby, so I'll definitely be needing a handy video monitor like this one by Summer.....

Is anyone else drooling over these adorable newsboy caps?! This one I found on Etsy by Simply J Crochet. So, so cute....

How 'bout some more cutie-patootie baby clothes, like this sock monkey shirt....

and these sweet baby legs legwarmers....

If the Lord does see fit to give us a daughter, I will beeline over to Briar.Claire on Etsy! Two fantastic bloggy friends of mine - adoptive mama's Kelly and Shelley - have just opened up their bow store...

They have super-cute handmade bows that are perfect for every little girl! Make sure to check out Briar.Claire!

Isn't this so fun?!

Ok, veteran Mamas!! I need your help now. Our baby will most likely be coming home to us around 8-12 months old. What are/were some of your favorite baby items you used? Must haves? Couldn't live withouts? Please share.....'cause once we get our referral call, this mama will be needing to get some baby gear!!


  1. A baby carrier/sling. There are so many on the market (and I purchased many of them), but I kept going back to my Baby Bjorn. I literally used this every day until my son was at-least a year old.

    I am so happy for this...this is an exciting time!

  2. Seriously and I are going to be shopping maniacs very soon! I'm chomping at the bit and been waiting a long time to buy some of this stuff. Can't wait!

  3. An exersaucer is an awesome thing to have for that age. Also, both of my daughters have loved and learned confidence in walking with one of these:

    (They have it in other colors, too!)

    What a fun age!

  4. Both my sons came home around 10 months of age and my "must have" item for both was an exersaucer. Its perfect for those times when you have to do something like bring in groceries from the car, go to the bathroom, make a phone call or run to the basement & change the laundry. I always knew I could put them in there and they'd be safe.

    Shopping is so fun! I love everything you've picked out so far. Enjoy!

  5. My son enjoyed his exersaucer however he LOVED LOVED LOVED his fisher price jump-a-roo!!!

  6. I love all the things you picked - great stuff! I agree with the others that an exersaucer is a MUST. Also, you'll want a shopping cart / public high chair cover. Babies that age tend to eat the cart handle...ick! God Bless!!

  7. I purchased the most adorable Korean style baby sling that you can customize colors, etc. I had a Baby Bjorn with Haven but I found that after a certain weight it hurt my back to carry him on my front. But my back is so much stronger and it is suppose to be really comforting for Korean babies especially since they have been carried like this since they were born. I bought mine at the following page. AND I love it - I actually forced my 3 year old into it to see how it felt to have a bigger baby on my back (and to win a bet from my husband) and it actually was comfortable with him as well.

    I chose the reversable with a blue green with brown floral on one side and the black and red on the other side to match 90% of my wardrobe - a must!

  8. it's so hard to remember the 8-12 that's just sad. but i will say..we had a double jogger and LOVED it. great investment.

    the monkey shirt is ADORABLE

    It's a neat little "garbage-type" pail to place those stinky diapers. You pop 'em in, twist the lid and they're gone from sight and smell..... Easy to use and no smell whatsoever..... The best contraption ever made!! My daughter is 15 yrs old - and I still remember how awesome it was..... LOL

    I think I bought it at Babies-R-Us.

  10. We have the exact same car seat picked out! I love the cowmooflage, too! We're also looking for a jogging stroller--haven't decided on one for sure, though. It's hard to decide just from looking online. Can't wait until you get your referral so you can start buying all this adorable stuff!

  11. The babyhawk is a must & make sure you have it before your arrival. I also borrowed a Baby Bjorn but you can use the babyhawk longer (up to 40 lbs.) There are some great patterns that you can customize. The other suggestion that I would have is make sure you have enough formula & get baby food. (Also Desitin was wonderful for baby's bottom!) Good Luck! Celeste

  12. I love questions like this! I had so much fun picking out "gear" for my babies (probably more than most). My husband researches like crazy, so we didn't buy anything until we were sure.

    I think all of your choices look great. It's all quality stuff at reasonable prices, the two most important things to us. I agree with the others that an exersaucer is a must. I would never be able to take a shower without it. And a play table, like the learn and groove, is great. I also love lots of board books and wooden blocks, etc. for unstructured play. I'll think of some more and let you know.

  13. Seriously cute! I love the bedding you picked out especially....oh, and thanks for the bow store plug!!! Thanks!!!

  14. When we were pregnant with Schäfer, we didn't have lot of stuff from American because of shipping costs. But the one thing I wanted was a sling & I basically wore that child until he was 2! We started with a fabric sling and then moved to an Ergo when he was 1. I loved wearing him and it was pretty convenient when getting on and off buses (which I know you won't have to worry about!) I wouldn't get too much stuff too never or pink?

  15. oh it has been soooo long since mine were that age that I am sure they don't even make the things I used anymore!!! ha! I was looking at your pictures thinking "wow, things have come a long way!" For example, I never see baby walkers anymore, but I LOVED mine.

  16. Looks like you have a great start. I love that you are going for the more nutral colored "esentals." I can't belive all the pink car seats I am seeing now days. I had 3 girls but most people are not so lucky and what would you do after baby #1?

    I really can't think of much else. Most of my "must haves" were for newborns! Can't wait to here that you have gotten the call!

  17. Make sure you get a diaper pail of some sort. (We like our Diaper Dekor Plus.) No matter what anyone tells you, you can not put dirty diapers in regular garbage cans/bags!

    We enjoyed our Jump-a-roo as our Little Guy came home loving to jump. He would get in that and just giggle... making the rest of us giggle too!

    Look at cool mist humidifiers for baby's room. The first time they are stuffy you will really want one.

    A bottle stand for hand washing bottles is wonderful. Those little things don't like to stand up on their own.

    Oh, and my favorite tip... get yourself a big plastic pencil box to keep all the bathroom/medical supplies in. Then when it's time to pack for a weekend or go away for the day you can just grab the thing and know that everything is in there. Such a time saver!

    Ohh, one more... a mesh bag to put all the little dirty socks in is great too. The whole thing goes into the washer and dryer. Then all the clean socks end up back in the drawer... not all over the house!

    Rach, your referral is almost here. I hope that you have comfortable shoes ready for your marathon shopping sprees. Josh is going to have to train harder to keep up with you! :)

  18. great picks!!!!! can't wait to see your baby in all of this gear!

    hey, i have a book givewaway on my is a novel about infertility...something we both know touches so many people! i would be overjoyed if you entered and mentioned this to your readers in hope of touching other women with this message of hope.

  19. Definately go with that carseat...we have the same one for Ella (but not in cow) and LOVE IT!!!

  20. Oh Im not a mommy yet, but I LOVE looking at baby things too! I think the high chair you picked out is awesome, I so dont like those plastic ones. I also LOVE the little monkey outfit and legwarmers, I think baby legwarmer are precious! As for the bedding, the first one is my fav, love the colors! Oh and the crocheted hat is TOO stinkin cute! Oh I know you cant wait! Still praying for that phone call!!

  21. Rachel - Love your great picks for your baby and the little boy colors. Love them!!!! My kids are old too. One thing that Phil really liked was this truck that he could sit on and push with his feet or there was a handle on the back of the truck that he hung on to and would walk. This was great before he could actually walk on his own.
    I pray you get a phone call soon!!!!!
    Blessings to you and Josh.

  22. Josh Groban just came up on my iTunes, so naturally I thought of you, so I'm just sayin' hi. Happy weekend!

  23. Love the brown and blue combo on stuff.

    Anyway, my must-haves were a Boppy, a swing, and a bouncer. Don't know if these would be too young for a 12-month-old.

  24. Precious! The circles on the bed stuff is really in style (so say my pregnant friends, lol). I wish I could help you by telling you what you need,, you'll probably have to tell ME in a few years, lol!

  25. we have this chair and I am so happy about it ! I warmly recommend it !
    For the stroller, we had a jogger too, as I walked at least 1 hour a day in the fields.
    A sippy cup was one of my "must have"
    I used a babycook... but don't know if that's a french brand or international... Usefull for homemade meals
    I'm so eager to read your first post after THE call !

  26. I LOVE it ALL!!! I absolutely LOVE the newsboy cap though. I HAVE to get one!! That little boy in the pic. is the cutest!

    I have co-sleeper/pack-n-play and I love it. I put it against my bed and my youngest had his own space, but I could get to him easily. Helps getting that much needed sleep with having them close.

    Blessings to you and your family. You'll get that call soon, I can feel it!!!!

  27. Those are some great picks... a lot of my first choices, but to save money I went with 2nd and 3rd picks!

    Love all those things. You should get some type of portable crid. And a carrier... I got a old used Ergo... Hey it works!

  28. Ok first of all why do you think boy???
    And second I am going to email you pics of the thing you MUST have if your having a boy...all boys must have a car.
    Then I would add Stacking cups. Kids love to stack and bang and chew on them.
    Also I'd suggest a pack&play for overnight trips you may take or afternoon visits so baby has a place to sleep...slightly used ones work fine too if you are cost concious. (we did that)
    And graspy toys, ooh bubbles...
    I LOVE that sock monkey shirt!!!!
    And super cute bedding!
    They have such cute STUFF now...
    WAH, I want another baby.

  29. I so love every thing you pictured! THe bedding is awesome!! :)

    I don't have much to add to what every one else has recomended. :) All very good suggestions!!

  30. 8-12 months my son loved his play table, round about exercauser and the rain forst jump saucer, he was way to big for the swing by 5 months, his binkies, teething toys, toys that he could not put in his mouth and choke on

  31. you've got good taste!

    a baby monitor that you can see them is the way to go! we had one & loved it! you pay a little more but so worth the extra $. its awesome to be able to see them anytime you want & not have to go in the room.



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