Saturday, March 28, 2009

Peeps and Tweets

Wowzers! You gals are good.

Yep, the mystery photo was of these little babies...

Blue Peeps! ("Of the chick variety" as Julie put it, which totally made me giggle!)

Nearly everyone guessed correctly! (However, my own Mother did not! I'm shocked! Read on and you'll understand why.)

Notice that the Peeps are unwrapped well before Easter.

That's how we do Peeps.

And when I say we, I'm referring to all of these fine folks.....

Peeps are a holiday staple in our family. There is just one condition: Soft Peeps - fresh out of the package - are not allowed.

Unwrap those sugary mallows at least a week prior to the holiday/event/get-together to ensure satisfactory Peep deliciousness*.

That's how my peeps enjoy Peeps.

(*There is some danger involved in this: Peeps left open on the counter can be hard to resist when they start peeping your name to eat them. Or so I've heard....because, of course, this hasn't happened to me. Ever. And certainly not at 10:00 am yesterday.)

Now do you see why I was shocked that Mom was incorrect? Don't worry, Jules, we'll let this one slide.

Congratulations to BethH for being the first to comment with the correct answer! You get your very own package of Peeps! And because y'all seem to just love those colorful Easter goodies so much, I randomly chose one other entry to also receive some Peeps! Congrats #26 Suzanne! If you both could please e-mail me (blessedbyhishand at yahoo dot com) with where I can send off your prizes, I'll get them to you ASAP!

Oh, and don't worry ladies.......your Peeps will come wrapped! ;-)

Speaking of Peeps of the chick variety.

Do you Tweet?

I recently started Twittering.

If you Tweet (or is it Twitter? Or Twit?!), feel free to follow me so I can follow you! If you aren't on Twitter, my most recent Tweets appear in the sidebar of the blog. You know, in case you wanna read what I ate for lunch or what I happen to be doing at any given minute of the day. :-)


Have you chosen the perfect baby picture yet??????

April 1st is just around the corner, which means O Baby! A Picture Carnival! is coming up quickly!

Feel free to grab the button at the top of my sidebar. Thanks to lovely Linda, you can now easily copy and paste the code in your own blog sidebar!

I've been searching through my photo boxes to find some good ones of yours truly and the hubster! I can't wait to see all my peeps as little kiddos. It's just what this anxious Mama-to-be needs!

Join in!!!

See you on Wednesday, April 1st! Mr. Linky and I will be ready for you.


  1. how interesting! i never thought about leaving them out to get them just right. may have to try that!

    i'm totally excited about your picture carnival! i'm in!

  2. ahh peeps, I should have known, they are my son's fav easter treat.

    I will begin my search for a cute baby pic for the carnival:)

  3. I was clearly off my game..duh..peeps! I guess I was too focused I what I would buy at Gap Body.

    LOVE that photo on the lake!! It's like my summer family reunions in northern WI.

  4. yea!!! I can't believe picked me... ha!! Have a good weekend!!

  5. That is so hilarous - I had no clue what they were so I didn't comment.

    And now I am trying to stop myself from running to the store to by a box or two of Peeps. So not allowed on the South Beach Diet. :)

  6. Peeps & Cadbury Creme Eggs...yum!! My brothers used to eat all the heads off the peeps and then put them back in the container...boys!

  7. Rach--

    Blue Peeps--who knew? :o)

    Have a good week!


  8. blue beeps....not a clue....thought they looked like blue teeth with braces.
    See you at the Peep Fest! (and Uncle Mike should be home, yeah!!!)

  9. I can't believe I missed this. I'm addicted to Peeps. And I love them left open too :)

  10. i like peeps but not that way! to each there on!!! haha

    i am praying for you on this journey... God knows & his timing is perfect!



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