Monday, March 2, 2009

Swayin' with my scarf on

It is gorgeous and sunny out....and even though the temp is only in the 20's, I am feeling very Spring-like!

The birds were chirping outside my window as I threw on my very Spring-like yellow scarf... celebrate Rachel@Unexpected Blessings' Year of the Scarf Carnival!

Hop on over to Rachel's to see more lovely scarves!

As I sit here with my sunny yellow scarf on, I am reminiscing about my adolescence.

Why on earth would I do that?

Today Sara @ Interpret Sass is hosting this.....

The good ol' days of sitting on my bed. My finger poised over the Record button of my boom box. Waiting endlessly to hear that One. Special. Song. Celebrating when that song finally was played on the radio. Then listening to it over and over and over. AND over.

During my early teen years, 'N Sync captured by heart. Their posters were plastered on my wall. Every pic of them in Teen Beat was torn out and admired. They were my first concert. A dream come true.

This song in particular made my former 14 year old heart swoon....

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What song/group made your heart skip a beat?

Surely you want to join in! Throw on your scarf! Choose a ballad that brings back memories. And link up!

Oh, and don't forget to come back here tomorrow for some Bachelor Finale chatter and a giveaway or two!!!

I'll have a Mr. Linky up so if you write your own post, you can easily share it with the rest of us!

Can't wait to see who Jason picks!!!!!


  1. Oh, you have a lot going on today! Love it! That scarf really does scream "spring!" Yellow looks great on you, btw.

    Can't wait to read your Bachelor thoughts!

  2. Hi Rach - you must've been posting your scarf pic just while I was doing mine :) I love the yellow scarf - it is so happy!

  3. That yellow is perfect! You look great and it so reminds me of spring.

  4. cute scarf. I am loving that particular fashion trend. I hopped over from Sarah's carnival to hear your song. That was a little after my teenage years, but I do remember it. good song choice.

  5. I love the yellow scarf. I am definately in the mood for a little spring.

  6. how funny, we have similar memories of the ol' boom box! the scarf is look GREAT in yellow!

  7. Young little JT! AHH. bye bye bye. (That was ode to my fave Nsync song)
    That yellow looks SO good on you! You remind me of a little chirpy finch. (those are the yellow ones right with the cute little black stripes?) real bird watcher I am.
    Hey, also when I was setting my DVR to tape the bachelor shows...the finale and "after the rose" there is also an hour long show on TUES. and after after the rose that is suppose to be closed set....hmmm. thought you should know that it really doesn't end tonight. YOWZA.
    I am really NOT looking forward to watching him crush Molly. :(
    Thanks for playing along on mix week DANCE song Mix tape. OOOWA OOOWA.

  8. Your scarf is really pretty and the color is great on you! I participated in the scarf carnival too with a hand crocheted scarf I made myself, I'm very proud :P

    I CANNOT WAIT until Bachelor tonight, I've heard so many rumors of which you can read about in the post before the scarf post on my blog!

  9. I love your yellow scarf. The color looks really beautiful on you. My daughter keeps telling me to get something that color, but it makes my olive skin look even more green. The color is made for people who look like you!

    I never watch the bachelor, but I am watching it tonight just because of your inspiration. I have no idea who he'll choose, but I know I'll cry for the one he doesn't. Broken hearts are so sad!

    I was too old for 'N Sync, but I still think Lance Bass is cute. I couldn't think of a good song to post and link up, but I am trying to think of one for next time.

  10. I love that yellow scarf!! I was definately an NSYNC lover, they were my first concert too! When I was really little, I absolutely loved New Kids on the Block!

  11. Hi Rach--

    I always smile after hanging out here and reading for a bit. Love your enthusiasm!

    Been thinking about you and the auction. ((((HUGS))))

    Yellow looks AWESOME on you! You go girl!



  12. want to say stuff...but watching bachelor now...commercial break. See you tomorrow. :)

  13. I was 13 the year The Bodyguard came out and even though I wasn't allowed to see the movie, I LOVED the song "I Will Always Love You". To this day, it takes me back to my 1st crush.

    Watching the Bachelor right now - can't wait to see what happens!

  14. great scarf! it's jsut as cheerful as your smile! love it!

  15. Love the scarf... I still need one. Maybe a scarf would help me feel better during this long wait. Thanks for all your thoughts. You are wonderful to know!

    PS... Can you believe what is happening on the Bachelor.... Oh MY goodness!!!!! See you all tomorrow....


  16. can you believe it!?!?!?"right now" i think i am going to puke if i hear the "right now" again! i'll be by tomorrow for "after the rose"!

  17. LOVE the yellow scarf...that is one color that I don't have!
    So funny about waiting for that one song to come on the radio so you can get it recorded. I used to do that too...ah, the good old days.

  18. I feel as though I am the worst Bloggy Carnival Hostess EVER!!! My internet is FINALLY back up so here is my long overdue comment...

    I LOVE your yellow scarf! I really feel like yellow is so fun and cheery! Kinda like you and your blog! Thanks so much for joining up!



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