Monday, March 9, 2009


....because today's post is just that random.


A HUGE thank you for all of your comments & e-mails of encouragement after my recent Wrong Number post. It is such a blessing to have such love and support. I truly felt your prayers and was encouraged by your kind words. We WILL, God-willing, hear the news of our baby soon!!! The Lord has is all In His Hands. ;-)

Seriously, you are all SO amazing.

I cannot wait to share the news after we get our referral. I have a big grin just thinking about it!


Have y'all been having problems seeing my blog posts? I've gotten at least 4 e-mails about this issue. Apparently, some folks were able to see my header and sidebar, but not my actual blog posts. That space was just blank.

Huh. Anyone have a clue why this would be happening?


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is supposed to be the final day of Baby O's BIG Prize Package Drawing.......but I am going to push that date back! You now have until this Thursday, March 12th (11:59 EST) to enter to win the fantastic prizes!

The reason behind the extension is due to my heavy workload this week. My co-worker's dad has been diagnosed with cancer. He will be having major surgery today, so of course, my co-worker is taking off to be with her family during this difficult time. PLEASE pray for has been quite a shock and they would definitely appreicate your prayers.

To ensure that I have an ample amount of time to send out the final ticket numbers and put together a post to announce the winners, I need to wait until work isn't so crazy.
Thanks for your understanding on this!

Winners will be announced on Friday, March 13th!!!! (Those who are superstitious should just quit that right now! ;-)

Can you believe what we have raised so far?! Over $2500!!! Incredible. Have I already mentioned in this post how amazing you guys are?!

Thank you for every single donation to our adoption fund.


Spring is here!!!! Well, almost. Way back in September, I wrote a post about loving Fall the most out of all the seasons. Apparently love is fleeting, because I've changed my mind. Spring and I are having a love affair that I am enjoying whole heartedly.

That's Josh running last night at 7:35 pm. Sunlight! Warmth! And in the Midwest, mind you!

Oh, Spring, I love thee.

You, too?!


Looking for something to make you smile this mornin'? Head over to my friend Jen's to take a peek at her new little girl! Sweet Sarah is in South Korea and will be home with her forever family in hopefully a few months!

Click here to Oooo and Ahhhh over that precious little princess! (
Even my Josh, who seems to be saving his Oooos and Ahhhs for our baby, definitely thought she was adorable!)


Mix-Tape Monday is back for it's 2nd (of 4) installment! Today it's all about DANCE!

This one is dedicated to all of my fabulous college girlfriends that I miss seeing SO much.....

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Good times. Good times.

MmmBop your way over to Sara's to get jiggy with it.

I think that's my cue to end this.

Happy Monday!


  1. I did random today too. Must just be one of those days.

    Love that you got that much in donations. Awesome.

    I've had no problem seeing your posts.

    And, I hear ya' about the love is fleeting thing. Come on spring!

  2. i'm loving this warm weather too! makes me want cohen to be home even more! everyday when i check your blog - i think - this has to be the day! it will be here so soon!!!!

  3. There are times I can't see your posts. and that happens when I click on the post Title and not your blog name. If I click on the blog name all is good.
    Oh my goodness this time change thing has screwed me up! I don't understand how we can "loose" an hour and "gain" one back. I hate it.
    I SO want spring. I'm talking 60's so I can finally get outside and plant and pick up my yard. Plus I want to ride my tracker! (lawn not farm)
    GOOD song. But I was an adult when it came out so now I feel old.

  4. "get jiggy with it" too funny!!! i haven't heard "that" phrase in such a long time.

    spring is next to my favorite. i love summer, being hot, the sun, being tan, no school, must i go on???!!!

  5. Yes, I have been trouble seeing your blog all the time. My only thought is that it did not start until your contest stuff went up on your side bar. Maybe when it comes down you will be back to normal.

    So excited for you that your donations have come in so well!

    Friday was lovely springness here, but Saturday, Sunday & Today have been all rainy and dreary spring days. I am ready to have the sun back!

  6. I was having trouble seeing your blog lately! I'm glad I can see it today! I have NO idea what would cause that!!!

  7. I love random posts like this. You're such a delight to visit! I love it.

  8. I'm soooo ready for spring...and soo excited to see who wins the Baby O Prize Drawings!

  9. this has nothing to do with this post. . . but did you see dancing with the starts tonight???? such a brave girl!!!! i may have to do some voting this season!

  10. I'm so glad it's warming up where you are! I still love fall the best, but spring is so pretty and I love being able to throw open all of my doors and windows.

    Just thrilled that you have raised so much money! I can't wait until you draw the names...this is gonna be fun!

  11. Yeah for your donations! We're enjoying warmer, sunny weather too. The sun was out last night till almost 7pm. Fun!

    I've had no problems seeing your posts.

  12. I am getting SO excited about your giveaway! I was inspired to one similar to yours and I started it yesterday....please go take a look...I have a tons of things going on over there...

    We WILL be parents soon...praying for you Rachel!

  13. Hey Rachel - I loved listening to the song many fun good memories from college!!!! Take care.



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