Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We'll always have Paris

About this time last year, Josh and I were dreaming of our 2010 Europe Excursion Extraodinaire.

Deep in our struggle to start a family, this trip would give us something to look forward to. Something to plan for. If we couldn't have a baby, we could take the trip of a lifetime.

At least we'll always have Paris.

Such an incredible journey was ahead of us.....

What a difference a year makes.

We'll always have Paris.

I may may never stroll the streets of Paris with my love or twirl in the Alps like Maria....

Instead Josh and I will have so much more.

The Europe trip we had planned doesn't hold a candle to the incredible journey the Lord has prepared for us.

We'll still be able to travel to an amazing destination, but instead of just bringing back a backpack filled with souvenirs......we'll step off of a plane as parents.

At that moment, the journey of a lifetime will have just begun.


Happy 31st Birthday to my big brother, Josh!!!! Love ya! :-)

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  1. What a greater journey you will be taking. God is good!!

  2. this journey is going to be the adventure of a lifetime! how many people get to travel to the other side of the world to meet their child?!? what an amazing experience!

  3. It is amazing how you end up somewhere you couldn't have even dreamed of before. I think Seoul's a pretty darn cool destination with the best gift of all to bring home. I'll remind you of this post when you and Josh go to Paris for a signifigant anniversary years from now!

    P.S. YES I know what you mean about checking the lifelink page, cuz I do the same for you! I can't wait until that time. I have a feeling this month is going to finish STRONG!

  4. Wow you had a year planned and everything. But I argee with Jojo, Seoul sounds pretty AMAZING;)
    I too want to go to Europe and Isreal. Just the HISTORY differences. Oh my.

  5. God's plans for us are simply amazing!

  6. You continue to amaze me with your positive perspective and inspire me with your excitement over becoming a mom.

    (Now I have an old song in my head by Out of the Grey "so we never got to Paris or strolled the streets of Rome..."-those are all the words I can rememeber) :)

  7. I loved this post. Your brought tears to my eyes as I once felt the exact same way. We were going to go to so many exciting places and do so many exciting things but when you become a parent or when you have the longing to be a parent - your true life journey has begun. Your baby will be lucky to have such unselfish parents.

  8. Wow...perspective, right? How God can change things around in an instant. The journey He has you on now won't even compare to the one you were planning, and I love that you see it, and are over the top excited about it.

  9. the speaker at my bible study today touched a little on the *plans we have in life* and how God always has HIS own agenda. i sit here grinning at the agenda He surely has in store for you and your hubby as you build your family. it is so cool to be on this journey with you! ☺

  10. your post reminds me of one of my favorite songs by OUT OF THE GRAY (a wonderful christian music couple) entitled...so we never got to paris!
    you should look it up and hear the whole thing :)

    So we never got to Paris
    and found the cafe of our dreams
    But our table holds a whole world of memories
    No, we never went to Venice
    And strolled the streets alone
    But we built our worlds together and we got the best of both

    (heather, great minds think alike ;))

  11. I loved this post Rachel... So much!!

    Your perspectives are wonderful.

  12. You have such a positive outlook on things. And you are totally correct...you will be bringing home the most amazing gift of all!

  13. I know how much this trip means to you... we met our girl a few years ago and had to travel twice to take her home.
    However, if you want to plan a trip to Europe with your family of 3 (or more) in a few years, just tell us, we would be happy to meet you here and to show you at least Strasbourg, Alsace and Paris !!

  14. Hi Rach!

    I just wanted to quickly run over here and give you ((((((((a BIG hug)))))))! You sent me the sweetest winners from the auction. Thank you for that! :o)

    The Lord has you on an amazing adventure~~a ticket to Seoul sounds just perfect! Thinking of you!





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