Friday, April 17, 2009

Am I the only one?

Like most mornings, I sat down at the computer today to pump out a post and came up with nothing. Zilch. I completely disliked everything I wrote. I erased it all.

So here I am with nothin' really.

Does that ever happen to you?

However, I do have a picture of Spring:

Tree Blooming

Isn't it lovely? It reminds me that warm weather is coming.

That makes me SO happy.....with a dash of panic mixed in.

Warm weather = Shorts = Yikes!

My legs which have been covered by jeans & boots & dress pants all winter long are not quite ready to be exposed in such a way.

Am I the only one in a bit of a shorts-wearing panic?

Today's agenda (and for the next 120 days):
Daily run
Major leg workout
Slather natural glow moisturizer all over extremely white legs

Hopefully that does the trick.

Well, I guess I did have something to write about.

Happy Friday, folks!


  1. I pre-write some of my posts when I feel inspired and save them, since I too get writer's block.

    I went to Old Navy at lunch and tried on a bright pink tank OMG, can you say Casper? I could not get the thing off fast enough!

  2. I'm also in a "oh no summer clothes!" panic after my recent vacation and realization of just how pale and un-summer ready my legs are.

    I highly recommend running over to Old Navy and snatching up several of their $25 long cotton dresses :)

  3. let me know how that natural glow stuff works...i almost bought some and then didn' always seems to have a funny smell!

    you're great about posting...i don't post daily because my brain would never come up with something on demand!

  4. i always have a list going of post ideas because if i sent down with nothing - nothing is what ya'll would get. haha

    i haven't started running yet but i treated myself to a month of tanning & that has helped ALOT!!! its so relaxing to me, to just lay & be all warm & by myself. haha

  5. You're not the only one. We never are! I have weeks and weeks when I can think of nothing to write. Other weeks I have too much to write. And my legs are in bad, bad shape.

  6. Amen to it all!! That's when I like a good meme....for those days when I am blank!!

    but since it seems we are all in the same boat with white legs, it won't matter right?

  7. Oh, that picture makes me so jealous! We are experiencing our annual April blizzard here in the Denver area and already have about 7" with another 12-18 inches on its way! Talk about Yikes!!!!! I can never seem to come up with anything good to write, that's why I only post every few days now and they are mostly pictures of Briar!!! LOL!

  8. Girl, that happens to me way more often than I care to admit. Which is why I don't post as often as I'd like! :)

    Shorts? ARe you kidding? The very thought terrorizes me like you wouldn't believe.

  9. Okay - so here's my problem - I live in FL, have legs that are whiter than white - AND have an employee picnic to go to tomorrow....... I went to Old Navy today and bot really cute Old Navy shorts and tank top, matching flip-flops too........... but my legs are still whiter than white! Yikes - I'll try to have fun anyway!

    btw, we can't really see the season changes in FL - everything is green - all the time, including winter... I love it until I see beautiful pictures of trees blooming to signify the start of spring for you up-northers....

    seems like we always look at others good stuff, huh?

  10. I don't have anything to write a lot of the time, that is why my blog is so random:) We have been in Spring, Winter, Spring for a while now, so I have a pretty good tan going as of now.. I love the picture, very pretty.

  11. Panic has set in for me due to the fact that I am headed to the beach in 5 weeks. AAAAHHHHH!!! I feel your pain, now I have GOT to do something about it!!!

  12. Yea, that writers block can be tough sometimes!! Then out of no where I can't seem to stop!!

  13. I started using that Jergen's stuff and I am still waiting for the glow! HA! My legs are as white as they come. No tanning capabilities over here.

    ITA with the post on the ON dresses. I bought a bunch. It is the first time in years that my old body felt like home in Old Navy. I stretched me dollars BIG time there.

  14. I'm always super pasty white. Nothing I ever do seems to be able to change that. Except when I turn super bright red... :) It's just my coloring. I've accepted it. Very fair skin and red tints in my brunette hair.

    You are so cute - even when you think you have nothing to write about. :) And yes, I think ever blogger draws a blank on a regular basis. :)

  15. i always come up with blog ideas after a long shower...for some reason, my brain works better in the shower.

    happy weekend!

  16. Hi, I just had to stop by... It seems I see your comments at many of the blogs I frequent, and as I'm a Rach, too, I just had to come check you out. I found what I do so often. Someone who is a lot like me...
    I struggle with what to write about and I got me some WHITE legs! :)



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