Monday, April 20, 2009

as seen in....

the tree
outside our window

Cardinal 1

i have a MAJOR bird phobia, but even i can marvel at one (or 2 - do you see his friend?!) of God's lovely creatures....

Cardinal 3

....while taking photos safely behind the glass

Cardinal 2

what have you marveled at today?


  1. Your bird phobia totally cracks me up - I am the exact same way. Those little creatures FREAK ME OUT!!! Thanks for making me smile today, Rachel!

  2. Beautiful!

    I marveled at the fact that it was almost 70 degrees today after 18" of snow fell on's almost all gone already!! Woot, woot, love it here in Colorado! God is good!

  3. i marveled at my 3 years and 51 week old son, whose heart is already so full of love for the baby brother he has never met.

    i love your cardinal photos... warning to you: have care when visiting my website this summer. you will be sure to see LOTS of bird photos, as i'm a bit of a bird freak.

  4. I have a siberian husky...Kodi. He has the most beautiful markings. After I left him out this morning, he came inside and let me just pet and snuggle him until he went back to bed. It is so amazing how perfect God made his distinct lines on his fur :)

  5. so did you watch the movie The Birds too many times....oh wait, you are probably too young to even have seen the movie!!!

    they are beautiful!!! I have marveled at my gorgeous flowers out front that I did nothing to to make them come out!!!

  6. Wow, I CRAVE your blog....So glad I found it through 3Peanuts....

    "He has made the heavens and the earth by His great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is impossible for Him!


  7. Beautiful pictures!! Cardinals are pretty harmless, but Blue Jays are mean guys.

    Thanks for all your warm wishes of Congratulations!! I cannot WAIT for your referral to come so we can embark on the next part of the journey together.

  8. OOH I love carndinals.
    How pretty. They sing so lovely too.
    Yeah, I'm bird phobic too specially black ones. Saw 'Birds'
    That was a movie a scardy cat should NEVER ever see, that and Jaws. Blahhhh.
    I marvel at me tulips, poking up through the ground. It's fasinating watching them grow each day.

  9. great pictures!!!

    i tagged you today... go look!

  10. This is Amy.Raf from the Holt BB. YOU ARE SO NEXT!! I saw the wonderful post this morning about Jojo's referral :)

  11. oh ho where is the post why you are afraid of birds. it cracks me up that you admit this!

  12. I marveled at the big sprout of hair at the back of Asher's head. I called him chicken little all morning.

    And then I marveled at the blue of his eyes as we strolled the aisles with Miles at school.

    And then I marveled at the excitement both Miles and I feel when we reunite after only two and a half hours at preschool.

    And the sun too.

    I love cardinals. Beautiful pictures!

  13. I marveled at the sun showing it's lovely rays after 5 days straight of having rain (more rain tomorrow). The first signs of spring are a beautiful reminder of God's marvelous work! Happy Spring, Rach!



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