Sunday, April 19, 2009

A bit ironic

I am not a coffee drinker.

The smell of it gives me a major headache.

Just typing the words "breathe in the dark roast aroma" triggers my gag reflex. Big time. Lovely, I know.

In fact, if someone offered me a wad of cash to drink a cup o' joe, I would turn them down without a moment's hesitation. I simply couldn't do it. Call me crazy.

When I married my husband, I insisted that no coffee maker would ever enter our home. Unfortunately, I lost that battle when extremely late-night study sessions were a part of Josh's every day life. Fortunately, I became an expert at breathing through my mouth while the coffee was being brewed.

Thankfully, these days we no longer own a coffee maker because Josh gets his fill of it at church where he has the freedom to drink it ALL day long. Ick.

Nope. I am not a coffee drinker. (I do LOVE me some cappuccino, though)

However, you might not know it upon entering our kitchen:

I don't like coffee 1

I don't like coffee 2

I don't like coffee 3

You might instead think that coffee products and I get along perfectly. That we, in fact, have a bit of a beverage love affair going on.

You would be wrong. Very, very wrong.

How's that for a little irony?

What can I say......I like the decor. Just don't go asking me for a cup of coffee.


  1. Wow - now I have my doubts about you! That's just not normal!!! LOL

  2. That is hilarious. I often wonder what made me decide on the decor that I have...I think I should have put more thought into it...especially the furniture! haha

  3. haha! That's great (in all of its beautiful irony). Very cute decor! :)

  4. You are missing one of the finer things in life. However, I am the same way with any type of syrup so I understand.

  5. I love my morning coffee so much that you might want to stay away on the days I am running too late to have it (I am a little cranky without it!). It is my sanity in the morning (especially a rich, dark roast).

    Sorry to make you gag out loud! Hugs!! Cute post! :)

  6. i'm right with you! when i think of having a cup of coffee in the morning, it makes we want to throw up! i will have coffee with dessert from time to time, but not very often - and it is more like cream with a little bit of coffee :) . i'll take a cup of hot chocolate or cup of tea anytime over coffee!

  7. I'm still stuck on your first line...

    I've tried to fathom what it would be like to not love the stuff...just. can't. do. it. :)

    But I still like you, so there :)

  8. great minds!.....I have that same picture of the coffee cups stacked in my kitchen!!

  9. I'm with you too... can't stand coffee. The taste is quite offensive and sometimes the smell with make me nauseous. I can't even handle Tiramisu. Luckily I married a guy who doesn't like coffee either!

  10. I watched my parents drink coffee religiously every day, several times a day & I vowed I would never drink it...enter Starbucks~what can I say, I'm a weak woman who like her coffee strong! Love the decor!

  11. And I invited you to my coffee shop for a latte' - sorry I had no idea. Come in for a smoothie next time.

  12. So funny!

    Your decor is so cute!

  13. i tagged you! don't feel obligated, i just wanted to know more about ya cause I like you!

  14. you're crazy! love the decorations though!

  15. Love the cafe decor!! So homey and inviting. :)

  16. How dare you not like coffee.

    My husband doesn't like it either. But, every now and then, has a cup with me for the whole bonding thing. It's sweet.

  17. Love the art work, not found of the "real" coffee either!
    I'm a international foods kind of coffee drinker. It's like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee. Really sweet.

  18. everybody told me that i would begin to like coffee when i started college. done that & its been 8 years since i've been out... don't think its going to happen!! haha i do like the smell of it - that's all.

    give me a mountain dew & i'm good to go!!!

  19. I didn't know you didn't like coffee!! Wow. I love it, but hardly ever drink it anymore. But I love your decor - I'm thinking that all of that would look great in MY kitchen! :)



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