Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Eights

I was tagged by a whole slew of lovely ladies to share tidbits about me....in groups of 8.

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Drank a cup of French vanilla cappuccino as I read from Genesis.
2. Gagged after reading your coffee comments from this post. Kidding. Or not.
3. Took photos of a cardinal as I stood in the safety of my own home. You know, 'cause I'm a bird scaredy-cat.
4. Shopped at Rural King for the first time in my entire life and was hit-on by no less than 4 middle-aged men wearing camouflage.
5. Used the bird seed I bought there for a program I did with the Library kiddos . We made bird feeders
(I'm just plop full of irony this week, aren't I?). Well, they did....because I'm a bird scaredy-cat.
6. Searched for a rainbow the entire way home from work (the rainy/sunny sky was PERFECT for a rainbow) and finally saw one as I pulled onto our street!!!
7. Played Scrabble with my hubby. Realized how horrible we are at word games.
8. Thought about and prayed for our little peanut.

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Our referral call
2. Sharing news of our baby with EVERYONE
3. Traveling to South Korea
4. Meeting our little peanut for the first time
5. Bringing our little peanut home
6. Kissing our baby
7. Hugging our baby
8. Snuggling with our baby

Do you notice a theme here?! ;-)

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Have an Etsy shop.......but that would require me to have some crafty talent, which I do not have.
2. Play the piano or the guitar or really any instrument
3. Hold my baby
4. Travel to the Holy Land
5. Spend forever in Hawaii....until Heaven
6. Make my handsome husband delicious, healthy, and filling meals every single night. That's just not in the cards right now.
7. A cartwheel....and the splits. Just kidding.
8. Host a HUGE bloggy party....in person. You would all be invited. What a blast that would be!

8 Shows I enjoy:
1. Amazing Race
2. The Office
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. Biggest Loser
5. American Idol
6. Everybody Loves Raymond
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. The Bachelor

8 Final Words:


P.S. My adoption agency "Waiting Buddy", Joanna, received her referral yesterday!! I am thrilled beyond words for her and her hubby! Take a second to pop over to offer your congrats and check out her adorable new son Gabe!!


  1. I can't wait for the 8 things you are looking forward to for you either! I know it will be so soon.

    I laughed out loud at Rural King.

    Thanks for the Gabe shout-out...we are still smiling :)

  2. I can't wait for you to host a bloggy party!!

    It's so fun to learn all of this about you!!

  3. I was watching the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on Sunday night and they had a commercial about adoptive parents getting the call to go pick up there baby. I was crying all over the place thinking of you and Rachel @ in the Waiting. Praying the day comes for you both very soon!

  4. Never thought of the slips before. And I used to take dance and was a cheerleader. Still never could do the slips. I can do some sweet yoga poises though, but my legs just couldn't slip.
    I hear ya on Hawaii and the holy land!!!
    I'm praying for that call too girlfriend!!!!

  5. i think you need to post this meme again after you have that sweet peanut in your arms...oh the wonderful answers you will have then!

  6. I love the 8 things you are looking forward to...one day dear sister!! Praying.



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