Saturday, April 4, 2009


My mini vacation here in Wiconsin has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Family visiting. Movie watching. Couch lounging. Lots of eating.

I had lobster last night! Delish.

Tonight we're welcoming home my uncle Mike who has been serving in the Air Force in Iraq the last 3 months!!

I told you. Extraordinary.

Speaking of extraordinary.

The lovely Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary is the random winner of this little prize from my O Baby! carnival. Congrats girl!

O Baby! Prize

In the words of Heather.....the picture carnival totally rocked!!

I smiled. I giggled. I Ooohed and Awwed. This mama-to-be was a happy lady.

Thanks to everyone who joined in!!

Ok, back to my little vacation.

What ordinary and/or extraordinary things are you up to this weekend?


  1. I hope you will do the carnival again! I was so sad to miss it. Maybe an older age this time?

    Have a great time at home!!

  2. You do such fun things on your blog! It makes me happy to come and read about your EXTRAORDINARY days!

    We had an extraordinary day with our 5 year old at his T-Ball game, and then enjoyed a day of sun and no rain!

  3. What a time you are having - sounds great!
    I'm having an ordinary weekend. It's my weekend to work. We have our home group bible satudy tomorrow night.

  4. Welcome Home Mike!!!!!

    I loved the carnival.
    Please do another. I have a few ideas but could never figure out "Mr. Linky" myself.
    How about wedding pictures or Senior Picture from high school.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend in God's Country. Maybe I will see you in church tomorrow.

  5. What fun!! Where in WI? I am from Oconomowoc!

  6. Glad your having a great time:)

  7. Nothing extraordinary here, Rach...but I can see my daughter healing, so I know that the Lord is near.

    I just wanted to stop on by and say a warm thank you to our American hero, Uncle Mike. God bless him for helping to protect our great USA! Never forget our brave service men and women. Pray, pray, pray for our soldiers.

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!



  8. Thank your Uncle Mike for me for his service...congrats Heather and it sounds like a heavenly vacation!!!

  9. Well, we have Rob's uncle Mike's wake and funeral today and tomorrow. Which it's so good, but the blessing that came from it is Rob's Brother Steven came in from Seattle for a few days withOUT his witchy wife and This family gets to be with him. (He hasn't seen our kids in 3 years.) I enjoy watching the kids love on the people they know, and hope it will trigger something inSteven to WANT that too.
    I know selfish huh?

  10. OH THANK YOU!!! What fun. I win! I win! That rocks :)

  11. i am packing for disney with hubby and girls in the morning!!!!!



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