Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If only

Remember the 30 x 5 Challenge at Linda's???

Yepperoo, it's been 2 weeks since I posted about taking my workouts up a notch.

The first week started off really good! I did my normal daily runs, but added in different workout videos and more crunches and lunges. It felt awesome!

Then I threw a wrench SMACK dab into the middle of the challenge....

I went home to my parents house in Wisconsin.

I only ran twice in the 5 days that I was there. I did do some crunches and leg work but I was more concerned about the movie I was watching than actually keeping count.

If only I had Bob Harper as my personal trainer....

.....that SO would not have happened.

Instead, our conversation would have gone something like this:

"Hey Bob. Instead of flying here to Indiana for our weekly workouts, meet me in WI, ok? I definitely don't want to miss a.single.workout."

"No problem, Rach. I'll just finish up here in Cali and meetcha there. I'd be shocked if you even thought about skipping just because you're away from home. Lifestyles do not go on vacation, after all. You're in need of my Last Change Workout before Linda's 30 x 5 checkin!"

With Bob by my side I would've kicked (my own) booty in the 2nd half of this 30 x 5 Challenge!

If only.

No regrets, though. I had a fabulous time in Wisconsin. Yes, I missed a few workout sessions, but I'm getting back in the saddle now that I'm home again!

I'll probably never have Bob Harper flying across to the country to train me, but I at least get a bit of him here...

Works for me!

Plus I have Linda's inspirational videos to keep me goin', too. ;-)

Kuddos to all of the ladies of 30 x 5!!!!!!


P.S. The April issue of Serious.Life.Magazine is out now! In His Hands is in the featured blog directory! Brent Riggs and his family do an amazing job putting together this wonderful publication. Please be sure to check it out......and get your FREE subscription!


  1. Welcome back! Good thing it was a short trip, ha!

  2. welcome home! So glad you had such a wonderful time with your family!!

  3. Congrats on what you did! Family time is important, you can always work out this week. Move it!

  4. At least you started! And while you were visiting, too. Good job! (I'm from Wisconsin originally,too.I don't think you could really run more than 2x a week there...even in Bob would come.) I'm just sayin')

  5. Glad you had fun, you probably did more than 30 minutes when you did work out so it all works out in the end right:)

  6. There is my cousin Matt and his wife Suzie right there on the cover of the Biggest Looser Workout!!! (If you weren't around or remember the conection you can check out my post all about it at...

    Good luck kicking your own butt back into gear! :)

  7. Glad you had a good time with your family! I need to check out that magazine!

  8. Well an impressive start. Cute post!

  9. Nice to have you back!
    I wish I had a "Bob" too.
    DVD things do not work for me, I'm too lazy to put them in.
    That's sad. Really really sad.

  10. I have heard that exercise DVD is HARD! I didn't order it because if it's too hard I just lay on the floor watching. ; )

  11. Good job, Rach! I am so excited,it sounds like Linda is keeping this thing going, and I so need it! :)

    I missed you while you were gone - isn't that weird, because it's not like I "see" you anyway - but just knowing your weren't here made me miss ya! ;)

  12. Glad you had a good trip and despite what Bob says, I think your lifestyle can go on vacation as long as it doesn't go crazy!

    It would be so much easier with a personal trainer though (or harder, depending on how you look at it).



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