Wednesday, April 1, 2009

O Baby!

O Baby! Are you ready to gaze at some cutie-patooties?!?

I long to finally see the face of our precious Baby O. After years of praying, this Mama is ready!

In the mean time, I am excited to see what all of you fantastic bloggy friends looked like when you were wee ones.

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Twenty-six years ago, on February 12th, a baby girl was born.


I was loved upon by my parents, Dean & Julie, and of course my grandparents...

O Baby 1

My older brothers, Josh & Jake, smothered me cuddled me with big smiles on their faces...

The Boys and Me

On February 27th, I became a child of God through baptism...


As I grew, I continued to look pretty cute. Even with the occasional red nose - chapped cheeks - crazy hair look...


Some of my favorite times of the day were spent snoozing with Daddy...

Naps with Daddy

Meanwhile, my future hubby was lookin' pretty stinkin' cute himself....


My wonderful sister Kayla was born 4 years after me. This is truly when my mama training began. I was a little mother to her...


Speaking of Kayla, today is her 22nd Birthday!! Wahoo!

Also, Happy Birthday to my lovely SIL Gen!!! (I SO wish I had a baby pic of you, too!)

Alrighty, friends, time to bring on your sweet baby pics!

Laughing with Mommy

Mom and I are thrilled to see them! O Baby!

Everyone who participates today in O Baby! A Picture Carnival! will be entered to win this cute little photo album. You know, so you can keep those sweet baby photos organized. :-)

O Baby! Prize

Ok, folks! Go ahead and "link up" using Mr. Linky below! (Simply write your name in the top line and then copy & paste the link to your O Baby! blog post in the 2nd line) Thanks for joining in!

You'll all be able to easily visit everyone's O Baby! posts by clicking on their links!

Bring on the cute babies! O Baby!


  1. So cute! I knew you wouldn't just post the pictures...Brava! I really love the one with your bros.

    *The Mr Linky site is blocked at work...drat! So, I'll have to add mine later tonight*

  2. This is such a great idea! I love your pictures! You were (and are) so cute! Praying you get the call (and picture) very, very soon.

  3. This was so much fun Rachel!! I loved seeing all the cute babies...and the beautiful women we've all become!!

  4. Such cute baby photos. I love the song at the top, my mom sang that to me when I was little and I sing it to my son.

  5. What a fun idea - thanks for creating it!

  6. the one of your brothers holding you is hilarious! it's like they are all happy w/ a gleem of mischieviousness in their eyes!

  7. Now I've got another project on my to-do list... while hunting for the photo to post I realized that I really need to gather family photos and get them all scanned in. Hmm.... I wonder how many years will go by before I get to that project ;)

    I can't wait to see all the baby photos. Thanks for doing this Rach!

  8. So cute!!!! Posted my baby pictures to my blog and praying you see YOUR baby's picture in April, too!!!!

  9. I saw this at Linda's and thought it looked like fun.

    Cute pictures!

  10. What adorable pics!! I have been neglecting the bloggy world, but I got to catch up today, yea! And your blogs made me want some peeps...

  11. I can't believe the hair on you!
    I loved your pictures, this was fun!

  12. Oh, I have been planning on doing this and totally forgot to scan my pics. Maybe I can do it as soon as I get home from work.

    Loved the idea and your pictures. Happy Wednesday.

  13. WOW You cutie!!! :)

    Thanks for doing this Rachel! Really fun!!

  14. Cute - love seeing the pictures of your family in their younger years!!
    Having fun with this!!!

  15. Your pictures are adorable, and Happy Birthday to your sis too! Very cool.

    Have a great day, and thanks for letting me join in.

  16. What adorable pictures! I can't get over how much hair you had. All 3 of my children were bald, as was I.

  17. So cute Rachel! I loved participating in this :) Don't forget to check out my post!!! Have a great day :)

  18. So, here's the deal: i've been sick in bed all day until now. Hope it's not too late to do this tomorrow on April 2nd. Better late than never, I guess.

    I don't have a scanner at home, so it will have to wait until I get back to work tomorrow. Going to dig out baby pics now. Thanks!

  19. This is so fun! Thanks for doing htis - what a cutie you were - and yoru hubby too!
    Soon we'll be able to enjoy baby O pictures all the time!

  20. this is so fun! i had fun looking through my baby photo album! you'll be looking at your baby's cute little face soon!


  21. What a cute idea! I love playing along with these types of things! :)

  22. Too cute! Loved all of the pictures. The one of your Dad snoozing cracked me up. I have pics of my husband doing the same thing with our kiddos. :)

  23. Girl, you were CUTE - and nothing has changed! My fave is the pic of you holding your precious. And your hubby was a darling baby too. :)

    Thanks so much for hosting this, girl...too much fun!

  24. I'm a day late, but this looked fun. Thanks for hosting it!

  25. I'm late, too. Always, always, always. But thanks for the fun topic!



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