Wednesday, April 15, 2009

With a spoon

After reading your sweet comments from yesterday's Work Boots to Suit Coats post, I realize that I may have given the impression that it was our 4th anniversary this week. While that is not the case (it's still a few months away), my Preacher Man and I are all about celebrating early and eating those delicious Happy Anniversary wishes right up!

Speaking of babies.

Oh wait, I wasn't?

Well, now that I am and because I was talking about sweet things...check out our adorable niece Mackenzie:

Baby M

Isn't this smiley NYC baby the yummiest little thing ever??

Speaking of nieces.

Sweet Kora 2

Peek-a-boo Kora! This sweet little redhead turned 2 yesterday. Happy Birthday!

Couldn't you just eat their cuteness right up with a spoon?!

O Baby! We need our referral call!

Speaking of our referral call.

Let's all say a quick prayer that it comes soon!

Now that would be sweet.


  1. aww such cuties. I hope your call comes soon for your bundle of joy.

  2. they are adorable!!!

    am still praying for that call to come soon!!

  3. Too cute - Can't wait for you to be able to post your own baby pics.

  4. I think anniversaries should be celebrated everyday. With presents!!

    I am praying that call comes quickly! I am anxious to celebrate Baby O with you.

  5. cutie pies!!! Praying for that referral soon!!!

  6. Praying for you, Rach! Tell that agency to have you on speed dial--we are ready! :) :)


  7. said a prayer for you... now ring phone ring!!!

  8. looks like you have some pretty cute babies in your family that are ready and able to teach your new one how to pose and look absolutely ADORABLE! hope to hear that good news s.o.o.n.!!

  9. I am also dreading the fast approaching short season...I'm all about the cute capris!! I am praying for your call to come quickly dear sister...hold tight to Jesus while you wait!

  10. I said a prayer for you... I hope you get some cute pictures of baby O real soon...



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