Monday, May 11, 2009

Another reason why I love Wisconsin

If you watch American Idol, then you know the name Danny Gokey!

He just happens to be from my home state of Wisconsin....and the town Josh and I call home.

Being a part of Idol's Final 3 called for a hometown celebration parade....and the streets of Mil-town delivered. I'm more than a little sad to have missed it, but got a taste of the fun when my lovely highschool friend Brittany shared this photo....

Danny with Brit and Sam

Isn't that awesome??? (Brit's daughter, Sam, is SO precious, isn't she?!)

Not only is Danny from my town, but he just seems so downright sweet and fun and adorable. I love that.

So tell me, friends, who are you rooting for to win American Idol??? Or if you're not an AI fan, have you ever met anyone famous like my friend Brit did? Please share....because I'm all about talkin' celebrities.

Vote for Danny!! He won't disappoint. After all, he's from Wisconsin.....where we have more than just cheese and the Packers. ;-)

Danny Gokey

If you're interested, go here to see clips of Danny's hometown day.

Enjoy your Monday!

P.S. Speaking of celebrities......have you seen any good movies lately? Any that you would recommend to a new mama who needs to keep busy for the next 3 months!? Thanks!


  1. I watch American Idol and love Danny. He does seem so sweet! I like Chris too.

  2. Oh and that is cool your friend got to meet him. A few weeks ago I went to a "clean House" garage sale and got to see the casts. It was pretty cool. I love that show!

  3. I just went and saw Bride Wars - I thought it was really cute!!
    I think I've met/seen a few celebrities, but nothing compared to Andrew who works at the Pfister downtown and sees them all the time (parks their cars, takes their luggage up, etc.) - lucky!!

  4. I love Danny too. And Minnesota...oh wait... I mean, WISCONSIN. :)

    I just watched Marley and Me and really liked it. More than just a dog story!

  5. ahh i don't know...that kris sure has captured my heart strings! but danny's smile is awesome, so now i'm torn! ☺

  6. So fun! I'll give you two that you'll like.
    1) Britney Spears was about 3 rows ahead of us on our plane to Hawaii for our honeymoon.
    2) A good friend of mine is good friends with Trista so I've met her a few times.
    I know how you like your Bachelor-ette!

  7. That is too cool! I like Danny a lot. I really like them all, though. I mean, Adam is very theatrical and not my music-type, but he has some pipes! I'll give him that.

    Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Rent it. It's a must.

  8. You know, I really like Danny but I am rooting for Kris!

    But I will take either of them over Adam!!! I can't take much more of his fingernails-down-the-chalkboard wailing.

  9. Go, Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As far as celebs go...
    the grandest thing I can claim is that Brian Boitano once sat right behind me on the train at Disney World. (This was right after he won the Gold in the Olympics, so it was a big deal to ME, fourteen and lover of all things dance and skate related.)

  10. I love Danny!! He has been my pick since the first time I heard him sing!!

    Ok, celebrity story, two weeks ago we were on a weekend trip to Seattle and we saw Nick Cannon (Mr. Mariah Carey) filming for the new season of America's Got Talent. That was pretty cool!


  11. I do love Danny, but Kris is from MY city!!!! I would be happy with either!

  12. Marley and Me! Its really a movie about raising a family - my husband and I both found it to be much more touching than we anticipated.

  13. I love Danny too!!! He has been my favorite from the beginning. So excited he's done so well!!!

  14. My husband and I have been voting for Danny! Danny can sing so well and he seems like such a nice guy!

  15. I have truly been a Gokey fan since day one of hearing his voice. What quality! I can't wait to hear whatever album he's sure to put out!

    On the celebrity end, my dad was in politics for several years (and still is, really), so I've had the privilege of meeting many greats in the political realm (and many not-so-greats, too!). Gingrich, George W. Bush (whether you like him or not, he's a neat guy), Jeb Bush, etc. It's fun to realize that these "political figures" really are just normal people!

  16. I have to say I look forward to Adam evry week. He is just OUT there. But never fails to entertain.
    Kris is ADORABLE. The guy you wish woiuld sit on your couch and sing to you, while you look into those sweet brown eyes.
    With that out of my system:
    Danny is the guy I'd pay to go hear belt em. He should win. No I don't vote, because it angers me to hear that annoying busy tone and I end up throwing things. I haven't voted since season two, when Rueben won over Clay. I'm still bitter. ANywoo, know what I did last night? I went through all 30 bachelors for Jillian. Yep, they are up on Only saw one whose pic I liked, but everyone knows you can't go by one picture! I am SO excited for her season...will it be a train wreck like the last one? Have you been watching Melissa on Dancing? I've really gotten to like her. I think ABC did an awful job of shwoing her on bachelor, I didn't like her on that show, but seeing her on dancing is so different. I do vote for dancing because you can do that online.
    Movies: I really want to see Star Trek. NO I'm not a huge fan. But I think I could get into the new ones with young stars and more action. I like disaster movies. Armagedden, Anything where our lives are in peril due to natrual causes. LOVE those. I do want to she KNOWING with Nick Cage. I also enjoyed the NAtional Treasure movies. They were good. I like action that doesn't involve tons of violence and killing. HATE gor and scary movies like Halloween and Saw. YUCK. I also like the girliew ones. Notebook, 27 Dresses, Enchanted.
    If you haven't seen Enchanted SEE IT it's lovely. I hear good things about the Hannah Montanta movie too. I see this when it comes out on DVD with Nina. We don't do theathers anymore the kids don't sit still and I'm not paying $8 a person for someone with ants in their pants.
    Boy, am I chatty...

  17. i watch the show but i have never voted. haha

    i like him & then the other guy from nc, i think. (the one that doesn't wear eye liner!!!)

  18. Love AI! And so cool that your friend got to meet Danny. I like Danny, but my fave is Kris. I am not a big Adam fan - I cannot imagine ever buying his CD - yes, I know he has an awesome range, but I guess he's just not my style. :)

  19. *Warning* long comment! While visiting NYC a couple of years ago, I spotted a soap star. It took me the whole subway ride to finally figure out who he was and was completely embarrassed and refused to say anything. However, my older sister wasn't and introduced all of us and now I have a pic of us together. Also, when we were on our way back from our honeymoon waiting in the Cabo airport, I spotted Brody Jenner. Of course I never went up to him and hubs would just die before he would ever say anything, so I just have the memory, no proof. About AI-as long as Adam doesn't win, I'm okay with it. His tongue out scream is more than I can handle! I also went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past yesterday. I really liked it, but then again, I will love anything that has Matthew Mc in it! :)

  20. I LOVED Danny Gokey from Day 1. I was so sad that he didnt win. :(



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