Tuesday, May 19, 2009

as seen in....

....my kitchen

as seen in....kitchen

my new favorite yummy snack

(besides chocolate....that is definitely NOT new)

what are you snackin' on today???

now I want some chocolate


  1. I love those things! I bought some last time I was at my parent's house and I left them there. I need to pick some up soon!

  2. I have never tried that, where do you get it? I am snacking on Monkey Bread from home and garden today :)

  3. I've pretty much consumed an entire box of wheat thins...but I'm gonna call that a lunch and call the m&m's I ate, the snack ;)

  4. Never had those things, but I love the real thing.
    Bit o Honey. That's what's in my drawer.
    Did you watch Bachelorette last night?
    Oh goodness, what a riot. I seriously love this show. It just gets more and more outrageous.
    What did you think of Bilbro?

  5. wow! i have never seen those before. where do you get them?

    i love edamame as a snack. i wonder if i'd like these?

    by the way........my word verification is "whined"...lol.

  6. oooops, i forgot to answer your question...silly me.

    today, i am snacking on harvest cheddar sun chips...and i just looked at the calorie content...210 for the little snack package. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    new word verification: sumimmi

  7. I am so into 100 calorie kettle corn microwavable popcorn bags. Quick, easy, slightly warm. YUMMY!

  8. you have an interesting way to get me to crave some vegetables!

  9. those look good...where do you get them?

    good n plenty left over from mother's day!

  10. YUM! Those look good! I'm snacking on lots and lots of chocolate (it's for the sanity) and coffee (for the caffeine... much needed today!)

  11. the tried and true baby carrots today.

  12. OH, have you tried "Quakes?" They appear to be rice cakes by Quaker, but do not believe that; they are much better, esp. the chocolate ones!

  13. mmmmm, Sara said "good n plenty" WOW, I love those things...even if I don't ever like black licorice any other way.

    And I too have never seen these pea things, but now I'm intrigued.

  14. What on earth are those things? I don't think I have ever seen them!

    My fave snack is tortilla chips with melted cheese on them. YUMMY!!!

  15. lemon creme wafers.... so yum!

    just bought them last night & half gone already! ha

  16. interesting...i may have to try that.

    i'm obsessed with natural cheetos.
    and french fries.
    all french fries.

  17. Ok, folks, they are just baked snapeas....super crispy and YUM! I found them in the produce area of my local grocery.

    You can have them with dip/hummus, but I just have 'em plain.

    TRY them out....SO good!

    Here's a link to the product:

  18. Those look great - I am going to look for those next time I go shopping. I've been snacking on a ton of fresh berries - blueberries are my fave, but I love Raspberries and blackberries and strawberries too. Yum!



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