Sunday, May 17, 2009


......this post when I asked you to guess where Josh and I were stopping on our way to Kentucky a few weeks ago? I said that we were going back to our roots? I realized this morning that I never shared the answer!

where on God's green earth did we plan on going?

Well, folks, we had planned to go to the Creation Museum! (Marian guessed it correctly!)

We were very excited to check the museum out......

Creation Museum

BUT, we never did make it there because we were busy in Wisconsin instead.....seeing our Josiah's face for the first time!

We still hope to get the chance to go! Y
ou can go here to read all about the amazing exhibits. Have any of you ever been?

We did, however, tour another museum later that same weekend. After Josh preached at a local church in Kentucky, we visited the Louisville Slugger Museum. I am not a die-hard fan of the game, but even I had a really fun time seeing how the bats are made and checking out the exhibits.

Of course, Josiah came along....

Slugger Museum

At least his photo did. ;-)

Slugger Museum 2


Babe Ruth

Go Brew Crew....

Slugger Museum 3

We even came home with a little Slugger for our own little slugger....

Littler Slugger

Happy Sunday!!


  1. He will love that someday! That museum would be neat!

  2. We went to the Creation Museum 2 years ago. Not only is it really interesting inside, but the grounds outside are just beautiful!
    It would be a great place to take Josiah in a few years!

  3. I love that you took Josiah's photo through the museum too!

  4. i love that Josiah got his picture taken with Babe Ruth!

  5. my husband would LOVE to go there!! and I think it is so sweet that you are taking Josiah's picture with you. what fun you will have some day going over these pictures and posts with him!!!

  6. I love Josiah in the pics! Gabe goes EVERYWHERE with us too.
    Girlfriend, we are SOOO going to a Brewers game next summer with our B's!

  7. You are so cute taking his picture. He will love the little bat someday!!!! Phil did not have the pig flu!

  8. Hey we live right here near cincinnati. If you come down let me know. We would love to go hang out at the museum with you. I have never been, can you believe it. UGH... So all of you let me know if you ever come towards Cincinnati!

  9. Enjoyed the Louisville Slugger Museum too. Josiah is cuter in every picture.

  10. I found your blog through my Sister-in-Law, Katie. My husband and I are going to the Creation College in July for a week! I can't wait to see the museum!

    Your blog is very touching on your adoption story.



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