Saturday, May 30, 2009


If I had a nickel for every time someone said "Enjoy these last few months of peace and quiet and sleep and relaxation while you can!" to me, I'd have about, I don't know, 20 bucks or so.

Hmmm, I could do A LOT with that $20.....but that's not the point.

My point is, I would give anything to have Josiah here right this second, but the reality is that he won't be with us until - at the earliest - the end of summer.

So, yes, until then I plan on enjoying each day of grace to the fullest.....and saying extra prayers of thanks that these next few months can be spent soaking up all that is summer. (I would surely have the winter blues if it was snowing outside right now!)


bon fires

early morning jogs

and nightly strolls

smell of freshly cut grass

book reading

vacation week at the cottage

time spent with family & friends


and corn on the cob

and pink lemonade

and brats

baby showers

and weddings

movie watching

poolside lounging

anniversary celebrating


sunroof open

rainbow spying

May Rainbow

The last time I saw a rainbow was 2 days before we found out about Josiah. Maybe the one I photographed this evening will precede some more upcoming good news! (Perhaps Josiah's legal documents arriving in the US!?)

Yes, I think summer will be a fine waiting-for-my-baby-to-come-home companion, don't you think?

What are you lookin' forward to this summer???

Now if you'll excuse me. A certain poolside chair is callin' my name.

P.S. We kicked off the summer by going to the Indy 500 last weekend with Josh's folks. Holy smokes! I'm not a race fan, but it was pretty cool to be there!


  1. It is so hilarious that you posted this today b/c I was just saying if one more person says to me "boy is your life gonna change now." I'll scream! Yeah...that's the POINT!
    Anywho.....I love me a baseball game in the summer and laying in my bed with the windows open just listening to the birds and smelling the air.

    I'm hoping those legals come this week...on an upside, you don't need to worry about DCFS, so you're probably still ok with the timeline.

  2. oh what wonderful changes you have coming!!! It makes me smile just thinking about them.....of course we will pray josiah will never sneak out of the house like my 17 yr old did this weekend!! :)

    for me, I look forward to the pool, BBQs with fam and friends, and eating dinner out on the deck!!!

  3. waiting for the chance to start "trying" for the first time, after a year of waiting this summer! Praying that your wait time goes fast, but enjoyable!

  4. I love all your summer things!!!!
    Can't wait for you to hold your baby. Then you can take runs with him in his stroller!!!

  5. I love summer for the shear fact I can sleep in and lounge in the pool. Plus I love the beach so that is usually a once every other week event if not every week.

    Can't wait for you to have your little boy home with your guys :)

  6. brats! reminds me of WI. unfortunately we got sick on them a couple of years ago and now i can't even look at them w/o throwing up a little in my mouth!!! not kidding.

    anyway, so no brats for me...but plenty of lazy days at the pool, sno-cones, and good old family fun!

    i love your list. hope the rainbow brings good news!

  7. Lucky duck! I watched the Indy 500. I am really happy Helio won.
    Now, as for that list I can only see one maybe two things that you CAN'T do with Josiah, them being read a book, unless it's done while he naps and watch a movie, unless he's a quite little guy. Other then that I'm routing for him to get here REALLY REALLY soon!!
    I mean yeah, you life will change but it's going to get so much bubblier and gigglelier. I just can't WAIT for Josiah to come home to his Mommy and Daddy.

  8. Oh man, I hope I wasn't one of those people!! From my sleep-deprived state, I may have... oops!

    Anyway, I think your list is great!

    Mine would consist of the beach, dinner at our favorite clam shack, a couple of snoozes on the hammock (not sure that one will happen) and all those corny things you do for the benefit of your child! :-)

  9. I love your list... well, except for the early morning jogs... I need whatever sleep I can get!

    What am I looking forward to this summer... Sarah!

  10. Love the summer list! I am looking forward to playing in the sand and ocean and watching fireworks on the 4th of July. Enjoy your summer! I hope it flies by and Josiah is home quickly!

  11. I've been a long time reader, but don't comment much. I just wanted to chime in today because I remember feeling EXACTLY as you do. We brought our son home in September of 2007, right after summer. I remember standing on the balcony of our ocean front resort while on vacation the last week of August and thinking... this is beautiful, but I just want this week of vacation to be over. Not because I didn't LOVE being on vacation, but because I knew we were SOOOOO close to the call to travel. Everyday that passed was one day closer to our son. Hang in there. I won't promise you that it won't be a long summer, but it will be one that you will never forget.

  12. OH Yes... the "enjoy it" comments....

    I know people mean well, and they just can't imagine the longing I feel... I am trying to be gracious, but it's a struggle

    Today is my boys 3rd Birthday. It is the hardest day of the wait so far....

    Soon we will have our boys, Rach... can't wait for this to happen for us both.

  13. ugh. i'm sitting here reading your post to david. with frustration. knowing that people mean well, but have no idea that you would welcome the exhaustion if it meant that you had your little boy in your arms.

    it hit me even harder when you mentioned that Josiah is a little older than Charlie.... that you NEED your son...

    I'm praying for you. Thinking about you. Just a little longer...

    love you. and i mean that.



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