Saturday, June 13, 2009

7 tidbits

Our Josiah is 7 months old today!

Josiah 2

How 'bout I share 7 tidbits
we know about our sweet son:

*Sleeps from 10pm - 6/7am
waking once for a bottle at 2am
Takes TWO 2 hour naps

*He loves his bathtime

*Likes riding in carrier on foster mother's back

*He sleeps on his back with his head to one side
and moves around in his sleep

*Rolls over and raises the top half of his body

*He responds to his name

*He is gentle

*He is the smartest, cutest, most adorable baby ever.

Ahem.What's that? I shared more than 7 tidbits? Complaints anyone? Anyone? I didn't think so. ;-)

Happy 7 Months Josiah YeJoon!

Hurry home sweet boy...


  1. Happy 7 months! So darn cute!

  2. Happy 7 months! Since you now have your legals, what is your time frame? I'm un-educated on adoption procedures!

  3. Happy 7 months!

    He sounds like a perfect baby! Wait, what am I saying... he *is* a perfect baby! :-)

  4. Happy 7 months Josiah! Hope he is home soon!

  5. Happy 7 months Josiah!
    He looks 'gentle'

  6. Happy 7 month birthday, Josiah!

  7. Oh...I just love his little toes!

  8. Thanks for the update on Josiah!! We will continue to pray down here in South Florida! :)

  9. Those little details must be SO sweet to know! :)

    He sounds just adorable!

  10. Awww!! Happy seven months!!

    BTW, a couple friend of mine is adopting from the Ukraine, and they're looking for an adoption agency. Would you recommend one in particular or have any hints for them? If you can, just e-mail me at

    Thank you so much!

  11. Yes. Happy 7 months!!! Hope he comes home real soon. So excited you got those legals. Did you mail off you I-600 the next day?

  12. Yes. Happy 7 months!!! Hope he comes home real soon. So excited you got those legals. Did you mail off you I-600 the next day?

  13. What a little sweetie!
    Happy 7 months to your Josiah! Hope your process keeps moving along and you are holding him before you know it!

    Our girl will be 10 months in a few days- hoping to hold her before she's 11 months!

  14. YEAH! Happy 7 months!
    I hope those cheeks aren't getting any smaller!

  15. What a great post! Happy 7 month birthday, Josiah!

  16. you and your hubby will make great parents. your baby is so cute :)
    I can't wait to have my baby in my arms.

  17. Happy 7 months, little man! Rachel, I love hearing how much in love you are with your son! I can't wait until you can hold him in your arms!

  18. Yes indeed...hurry home!! :)

  19. sounds like you've got it made in the sleep department. 2 hour naps...for mommy too!

  20. happy 7th month birthday Josiah! Hope you are home soon!



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