Sunday, June 7, 2009

as seen in...

...our church yesterday

church wedding june 2009

the first wedding of the "season"!

i love weddings

the joy, the excitement, the people,
the love, the fun, the party

remember o baby! a picture carnival?

i believe it's time for a wedding photo carnival,
don't you agree?

would you join in?


  1. of course! count me it! i'll even leave off the password for the occasion!!!

    just tell me when!

    ps, i'm a wedding fan too!

  2. Aww! Sounds fun! Can't wait!

  3. Ha - sounds like fun - but I will have to pass! We eloped 10 years ago last month, so don't have beautiful pictures to share. That is my ONLY regret in eloping. But I will enjoy all of your lovely pictures!

  4. sure, but I think you've seen most of mine, I'll have to find some ones I haven't posted.

  5. Rach!!! Come check out my blog today! I'm starting a new meme (carnival??) next month all about how we met our significant others. It would be the perfect place to showcase wedding (and dating!) photos. :)

    Your church is GORGEOUS, btw. :)

  6. I would love to as long as you promise not to laugh at the style or what babies we look like!!! :)

  7. I thought about doing one before, but then got scared!! Well I did one a long time ago when like 2 people were reading my blog. Basically I'm saying YES! I would participate in yours!

  8. fun! but i'll have to dig them out and then scan...How much time do I have?

  9. Sounds like fun, Rachel. I'll need some directions though. I'm new to the blogging fact I started my own.

    Brittany Jahnke

  10. I love looking at wedding photos...count me in!! Sounds fun!



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