Sunday, June 28, 2009

He still married me

When Josh and I were married nearly 4 years ago, he had in his possession his family's camper. It had been driven across countless states during many summers of his childhood. The family of 7 spent many-a-night in that faithful camper.

My mom had grown up canoing in the boundary waters of Minnesota. My dad's family went the hotel route. Dad's route prevailed when I was a child. "Roughing it" has always been our week at the family cottage where our normal a/c is replaced with a box fan.

Josh is all about camping and adventure in the great outdoors. Knowing full well that I had never slept in - never stepped foot in - never came within 100 yards of a camper, Josh still married me.

I was, however, willing to try it and so we did use his beloved camper shortly after we were married. Once. I admit it was sorta fun, but not fun enough to do on a regular basis. Josh's oldest brother is now the proud owner. Thank goodness.

I've come to the realization that I am more of an outdoorsy day trip kinda girl. I'm all about trying new things and being a bit adventurous as long as I don't have to stay overnight or at least for no more than 1 night in the wilderness.

Speaking of the outdoors....

Today Josh and I went to a state park a few towns over. We had never been there, but heard they had a beach and some nice hiking trails. My ears perked up at the word "beach", so I was all for it!

I packed us a nice picnic lunch of potato salad, sandwiches, Sun Chips, grapes, and watermelon. The taste of summertime.

Beach 13

**Edited to add by popular request: Josh's beer is a Leinenkugel's! We stay true to our roots. Good guess, Joanna.**

As we ate our lunch at the beach, we chatted and people watched and gazed at the gorgeous water.

Beach 8

I was a happy lady.

Beach 10

Then we headed out on a few of the trails. I even changed out of my flip flops into some more appropriate hiking shoes. Good thing or I would've biffed it for sure!

Beach 4

The sights were gorgeous. The hot sun was sparking on the water. Beautiful.

I was hiking and liking it.

Beach 3

See the cliff above?

I stood on the edge of that baby and got my picture taken...

Beach 5

My thoughtful hubby - who knows my clumsiness all too well - warned me not to get to close to the edge. Thanks dear.

Beach 15

It was a fantastic day at the beach relaxing and eating and hiking.

When I show my adventurous side, I know Josh will always be there to cheer me on. And save me from falling off cliffs.

Beach 12

I never was and never will be the Queen of the Outdoors, but he still married me.

I'm so glad he did. :-)


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Love your pictures! Hey, what park was that? We used to go camping in Indiana, and it looks simliar.

  2. i can't wait until you guys have a third little shadow to add to that last photo! what a fun day to blog about!

  3. What a cute post! Great pics too!
    Looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL day! How fun!
    Hugs, Jill

  4. What a perfect day together! I am not an outdoorsy girl either, but I do love picnics and I grew up visiting state parks. I love them! Your pictures are great-especially the shadows of the two of you.

    Is that a Shiner Bock he's drinking? My hubby's favorite!

  5. LOVE that you went hiking in a dress.

  6. Thanks for sharing your pics! The water looks wonderful!

  7. Beautiful pics! I love summer...

    Do I spoke a Leinenkugel's in that first pic? Little taste o' home?

  8. Sounds just perfect! (And I'm with you - day trips are fine... overnight not so much!) Can't wait to see the pics of all three of you enjoying that park!

  9. I admit - I have a "roughin' it" side. It's good for about a weekend, then it leaves and my "Hot shower soft towel" side resurfaces.

    Great pictures!! I love them. The shadow one is very cool.

  10. what a fun day!

    I want to encourage you to try the camping again!! It is one of the BEST ways a family can vacation!!

  11. Had to edit my post to say that Josh's beer is a Leinenkugel's. Home brewed right in our "backyard". :-)



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