Wednesday, June 24, 2009

his girl. His girl

I've always been a Daddy's girl.

I have 2 older brothers, so I was Dad's first little girl.

Many of my earliest memories include him holding me in his lap at church or rocking me to sleep at night as he hummed softly.

Dad has this incredibly calm and peaceful quality to him. He rarely gets frazzled or angry. He is funny and smart. He is the most selfless person I've ever known. He has always made me feel safe and loved and special....simply by being him. To disappoint him would be heartbreaking to me - not just as a child, but even now - and yet I know his forgiveness would come quickly. That's just how he is.

When he gave me away at my wedding, there wasn't a dry eye in the church - my dad's included. As much as Dad loves Josh as a son, I think it was hard for him to let me go and entrust me, his little girl, to someone else.

After all, I am the "apple of his eye".

his girl

But the truth is that I was a gift to Dad - on loan - from the Almighty Father.

I had been entrusted to him by the Lord of all. From eternity, God in his wisdom chose my dad to be the one to raise me in a loving, Christian home. God chose him to be the one to bring me to the baptism fount. God chose him to be the one to teach me the truths of the Bible. God chose him to be the one to love me as his little girl.

I may not be little anymore, but I will always be a Daddy's girl. Age certainly doesn't put limits on that. Even more true, I will forever be a child of God.
As much as Dad loves me, I know without hesitation that my Heavenly Father loves me even more.

his girl. His girl.

I am so blessed to be both.


  1. BEAUTIFUL post . . . What a great reminder, and a sweet tribute to your father (and our Father) as well.

  2. What a beautiful tribute!! It was a huge realization to me that God loved me like a Daddy...and as a fellow "daddy's little girl", that's a whole lotta love!

  3. Precious. You look like your dad. =)

  4. I have tears, what an incredible post!
    Your father sounds like one of a kind!
    Hugs, Jill

  5. and not a dry eye after reading this post either!!

  6. i love your blog and nominated for a blog award. come over and check it out.

  7. SO GREAT Rachel!!! I love true :)



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