Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have a feeling...

...that Josiah is already very well loved by his grandparents.

Josiah on Frige

Just an inkling I have for some reason. ;-)

Josiah Loves Mom

Aww, I love you, too, baby boy!

We are in Wisconsin for a long weekend because a dear friend of ours is getting married on Sunday!

Speaking of weddings....I mentioned recently that I'm planning a wedding photo carnival. It looks like a lot of folks are interested, so stay tuned for the details!


It was such a blessing to hear your praises of thanksgiving and prayer requests in the comments on my blogiversary celebration post! I prayed over each of them and gave thanks for each of you!

The winners of the two Willow Tree figures were randomly chosen and they are:

Angel of Prayer: Lianna at Be Thou Knight! Lianna is an incredible Christian friend who is waiting to be blessed with a precious child. Please pray for patience and peace in the hearts of her and her husband as they watch God's perfect plan for them be revealed!

Angel of Celebration: Christine at 12,450 Miles! Christine is a lovely new blog friend of mine. She and her husband recently brought home their adorable son from Korea!!

Ladies, go ahead and e-mail me with your mailing addresses, so I can get your Willow Tree figures to you! Congrats!


  1. Oh wow! YAY! I'm excited to add that to my mantle! :-) Have I said "YAY" yet?!

    And yes, I do believe that someone is *very*much*loved*!! But, how could he not be?!

    (I'll email you my address when S goes down for a nap...)

  2. Love the fridge! My in-laws fridge looks the same. HA!

  3. Precious... just precious!

  4. awwwww, don't you love the grandparents!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I am SO excited!!! I really need this sweet little angel...I know that God has the perfect plan for us and it will all be revealed in His time :)

    Thank you Rachel!

  6. Are you going to Steve's wedding on Sunday?? I hope so because we will be there! I didn't know I'd get to see you there too!! What a fun time it will be!!!

  7. Nice frig Jules and Deno - Love it!!!!!!

  8. she's going to have to buy a bigger fridge as more pics come!!!

    i think i'd be going to the fridge way too often! he sure is cute!

  9. Rachel! I just can't get enough of seeing your sweet boy's face. I love seeing how proud his grandparents are!

    I just got home from my IN trip and am catching up on your posts - I see I missed your blogiversary - CONGRATS! And what a fun giveaway. I am so very glad that you entered the blogging world - you have blessed me more than I can express. Love you, girl!

  10. The "I love Mom" magnet right over baby boy's heart just made my week! HUGS girl! You are one awesome Mama!!!!


  11. Love the Fridge pics, I think he is loved :)



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