Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I love weddings....

Our dear friend, Steve, got married on Sunday! He and Josh have been good buddies since high school and attended college and Seminary together. We are over the moon excited for him and his fantastic new wife, Charis!

In the last 4 years, Josh and I have been to more weddings than we can even begin to count and I never tire of them.

I just love weddings.

The bride and groom are always glowing with newly married love...

Bride and Groom

The groomsmen look so handsome...

Groomsmen 1

One of them even hit on me at this particular wedding.


Thankfully, that one just happens to be my hubby.

Weddings make for lovely opportunities to get all spiffied up...

Josh and Rach S's Wedding

The bridal party gets to ride in style. Limos, convertibles, or perhaps a school bus....

Thank You Bus

School Bus 1

Weddings provide fun photo ops...

Wedding - Lambeau Field

Go Pack!

Some friendly competition might even show itself...

Packers vs. Broncos

Adorable little girls in adorable little dresses are sure to be at every wedding...

Nieces 1

Time spent with good friends is priceless...


The newlyweds only have eyes for each other....

S and C 3

And the dancing! So much dancing that I usually don't get a picture of it. This wedding was no exception.

Yep, I love weddings. They are fun and special and exciting.

Do you love them, too?

If so....join me on Wednesday, July 1st for Our Wedding Album ~ A Picture Carnival!!

Our Wedding Album Picture Carnival1l

Link up and show off your wedding photos OR if you're not married, perhaps a wedding that you've been a part of!

You have 2 weeks to get your pictures ready to go. I can't wait to see them!

Will you join in?


  1. Count me in!! That means I have 2 weeks to *find* my wedding photos. Yeah. Hmmm... Maybe I can take a photo of the wedding portrait hanging on my wall?!

  2. Totally beautiful pictures! And, oh, yeah--GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great pictures, looks like it was a lot of fun, can't wait for the wedding photo carnival.

  4. I do love me some weddings. The flowers are what I ooh and ahh over, there are just so many combinations to be had. Oh, and CAKE love the pretty cakes. OOOOH and the bride, her hair her dress her SHOES it tells a story in itself. You've SEEN mine but okay if you insist I'll bust them out again ;)

  5. Ok, I'm on it...gotta find and scan, asap! July 1 is DH's b-day, and I have a post for him that day and this will tie in nicely.

  6. i am so excited for this! especially since my husband and I will be celebrating 25 years in July!!!

  7. So fun! I'm gonna have to dig out my wedding album!

  8. Great idea! Yeah, I love weddings too. I just wish I could do a do-over. My wedding pictures are so dated and I would do so many way cooler things.

    Anyways, I'm in. Hope I don't forget.

  9. you two make such a cute couple. really.

    that sounds like fun. i may have to learn how to opperate the scanner for this one. ;)

  10. I feel so honored to have a picture of me on your blog!! ;) It was GREAT seeing you on Sunday and can't wait for Saturday!!

  11. I love weddings also. Looks it was a fun and beautiful one as well.

  12. Ah, the WELS connection....this is the 2nd wedding in the past few months where I have two separate friends/family members talk to me about a wedding that they went to....and it's the same one! HAHAHA!

    Hope I can figure out how to do this wedding photo carnival. Sounds fun! Our 3rd anniversary is July 4th.

  13. totally joining the fun! I love weddings too!

  14. You and your husband make a beautiful couple!

  15. A picture carnival! You know I am in! Hmmm. I wonder if my pictures just slide out of my album so I can scan them? We will see!

  16. Rachel, you seriously have the best carnival ideas. So fun! I cannot wait to see everyone's pics - there is nothing I like to see better than a glowing bride and groom!



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