Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching up

My preacher man is finally home! After he returned from the youth rally, he then went on a 2-day camping trip with some pastor friends. Now he's back and I'm a happy wife! I think he missed me, too.

Preacher Man 4

I got my haircut yesterday afternoon. Nothing drastic, but it's nice to have some of the "weight" off. It feels much lighter and more summery. I've been told that according to the unofficial blogger handbook, all bloggers must show off their haircuts, so here you go.

haircut july 09

Our Josiah turned 8 months old on Monday!!

My son is 8 months old. *Sigh*

All day yesterday I wanted to throw myself onto the bed and cry. Oh, how I miss that sweet little boy. My heart literally aches when I think of how long it could be before he is here with us. While I am SO very thankful that he is growing and thriving with his foster mother, it absolutely breaks my heart that I am missing these moments, days, weeks, months with our son.

Life keeps on going....I find strength in the One who loves me and gives me peace and patience. I cherish this time with my incredible husband. I am enjoying the summer and all the fun things we have done and will do in the next few months. I am loving the great deals on cute clothes and toys I'm finding for Josiah (I need to post some of his goodies soon!).

Speaking of cute.

Check out this adorable water bottle I won over at Heather of the EO's a few weeks ago (thanks Heather!!)....

Josiah water bottle

Josiah will be chugging some H2O down before we all know it.

I can't wait.


  1. Cute cut!! It looks great on you!

    I'm sorry your having a tough time with the wait right now. It's hard to live your life _here_ when your heart is _there_, isn't it?! Let yourself feel the heartache... cause it makes the joy that much greater when you are united. (I now know that my heart can grow three times it's size, and sing out loud... all at once)

    (Email on it's way to you tonight!)

  2. Happy 8 months to Josiah!! Very cute haircut! :)

  3. Love the haircut Rach!!! Very cute!
    Again, everytime I see my nephew I think of your son dear friend!!!!
    Enjoy your family vacation too!!!

  4. P.S. I just got a new cut too !!

  5. love the cut!!!

    I am so sorry this wait is so hard. I continue to lift you guys up and know that God will provide everything you need till you have Josiah in your arms!!!

  6. oooh pretty hair! After seeing Rachelle with her boys, I am bumping up the prayers for you and Josh! I can't wait to see that sweet boy cuddled up to his mommy!

  7. I love love love your new fresh hair cut. YOu look even younger! You are beautiful!

  8. Great hair! Alex loves his little water bottle - I'm sure Josiah will love his too. Be strong - your boy will be in your arms before you know it.

  9. I know what you is hard to wait for our little ones to be home in our arms! I can't wait for the day when I log on and see that picture of Josiah in your arms...praying it won't be long now, friend :)

  10. happy 8 months Josiah!

    it is so hard to wait!!!! hang in there. . . it will be so amazing when you finally get to hold him!!!! and i for one can't wait to see *that* picture!!!!

  11. Waiting is so hard, especially now that you know your son and just want to hold him in your arms. I hope he is home soon and you can start making your own "firsts" together.

    Love the new haircut!

  12. You are beautiful - as usual. :)

    Just getting caught up on my favorite blogs. We just got home from Iowa tonight. - Funny that Josh was there too! :) All of my family lives there and I grew up there.

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I am praying for you and thinking of you.

  13. Love the new do! And, as I was reading your words about the wait (it's the absolute worst between referral and the day you meet, isn't it?), I remember something that my best friend told me her husband said when she missed her girls' first birthday (twins). He said to her, "yes, you missed this, but you'll be there to see their first day of school, to watch them graduate, to watch them walk down the aisle." Anyways, that brought her comfort at the time. I hope it does the same for you.

  14. Happy 8 months Josiah! He is going to love that fire truck water bottle.

  15. So glad the hubby is home!!! And CUTE cut :) I am gettng my hair done today too...have a blessed weekend!

  16. Yay for your hubby being back (and I'm quite sure he missed you, too!) :) You look adorable - fun summer cut!

    I know that the wait is SO hard. I am praying for you, girl, that you will be on your way to him SOON.



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