Tuesday, July 7, 2009


At my baby shower a few weekends ago, some wonderful friends gave us the fantastic bedding set I picked out for Josiah!

I chose it for a specific reason.

Crib Bedding 4

Any clue why?!

Crib Bedding 3

After the bedding was chosen, I formed an idea in my head of a certain art piece for our baby boy's room, went on a mad hunt, and finally found it!

Si's Room

I'm just tickled with how perfect Josiah's room is going to look!

And how perfectly adorable he's going to be wearing this....

mommy's star

Can you guess where I got my inspiration from?!?

You really don't have to search very far.


  1. Oh his cute little outfit, of course :)

    Love the bedding and the art. He needs to get to his room and his loving mom and dad SOON! :)

  2. This is a wild guess, but maybe because it was the star that led the shepherds to Jesus?

    I have no clue. :)

  3. i don't know the reason behind it, but i LOVE it! it is sooooo cute! i can just imagine Josiah standing at the side of the crib waving at you with a sweet smile on his face!

  4. I love your bedding...

    I have Disney on the brain, so my guess is "When you Wish Upon A Star...".

  5. So cute!! I LOVE seeing the stuff for the room...those are my favorite posts...
    I gotta think about your inspiration though...hmmm....

  6. Oh - I love it!! You know me, the brown and blue thing going on. :)

    Such a cute little onsie too. :)

  7. Cute, cute bedding. I think all baby's need a cute place to sleep, and Josiah will love it.

    I like Rachel's guess (she's so spiritual!) but I'm thinking the idea comes from the little train on his outfit. He's going to love the art!

  8. Because of his outfit from your first picture of him! So cute!

  9. Absolutely adorable bedding!

    As for your inspiration, now I need to go back and look at your first picture!

  10. love the brown & blue = adorable!

  11. So CUTE!!! I am sure he will sleep wonderfully in his lovely room!

    Praying travel papers will come soon!

  12. I love his bedding and train artwork. So fun!

  13. I love it! And I had to laugh because - if we based the Tongginator's room on what she was wearing in her referral photo - it would a hodgepodge of pink clouds, Scottie dogs wearing lime green sweaters and red apples along with an orange tropical floral pattern and a splash of yellow.

  14. That is AWESOME bedding, Rach. Perfect. And I love that train picture. Isn't fixing up the nursery the funnest thing ever?



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