Thursday, July 16, 2009

never have I ever

Hi, my name is Rachel and I've never sent a text message.

Earlier this week, my hubby was given a Palm phone by a friend who is upgrading to a newer version. Josh hasn't stopped fiddling with that thing since. In the first 20 minutes that he had it, he sent 17 text messages. Maybe that's not a lot to some folks, but to me - a person who has NEVER sent a text - it seemed a bit overboard.

Most of what I know about texting is what I've learned from teenagers at church or by simple observation. For example, a few months ago Josh and I were enjoying a meal out at a restaurant when a teenage couple slid into the booth across from us. They sat smooshed together side-by-side and immediately whipped out their phones. I gawked casually glanced in wonderment as the 2 young-ins proceeded to spend the majority of their meal silently texting OTHER PEOPLE on their teeny-tiny phone keyboards.

I'm still baffled by it.

Anyway, so texting is not my thing. I get the handy concept of it, but for now continue to live happily without it.

The fact that I've never sent a text message got me thinking about all of the other things I've never done.

never have I ever....

drank a cup of coffee (I shudder at the smell)

been to a Packer game at Lambeau Field (and I call myself a WI girl! oh the shame!)

flown in a helicopter

smoked a cigarette

driven a stick shift car

traveled by train

mowed the lawn

given birth

cuddled my baby boy (hopefully soon!)

met a Dove chocolate bar I didn't devour ;-)

been to the Grand Canyon

needed a passport (Korea will change that!)

taken a cruise

gotten a massage (WAY too ticklish)

broken a bone

Yep, that about sums it up.....or that's about all I can think of at this moment.

Some of those never have I evers will be knocked off in the near or distant future. Some will forever remain.

So tell me, what's on your never have I ever list?!?


  1. We have alot of these in common Rachel. Except having a teenager I have done some texting. Don't like it at all. Would rather have him call me. And I have broken to many bones to count. And soon I pray you will be holding and cuddling your baby boy!! God be with you dear.

  2. I'm going to need to think about this one! I've never done a couple of your items either... but now I feel the desire to come up with a whole list!

  3. Ha! I've never done the texting thing either. -And that seems to be a pretty big deal these days. People look at me with shock.

    Cute post. :)

  4. I txt quite a bit, mainly because it is how my college age daughter and I communicate when she is at school. I have done most everything on your list, so let's see.......I've never jumped out of a plane, never bungee jumped, never been to Korea (though I will go vicariously with you), never met you in person....maybe someday!!!

  5. Wow, I'd have to recommend you try some of those things! I have never smoked a cigarette or given birth either. I can't think of anything else though!

  6. I am not a big texter, but have started to in the last year. It is easier to keep in touch with family that lives out of town when you just want to send a simple hello.

  7. Totally hear you on the whole texting thing. I RARELY text. It's just easier for me to just call the person. It takes ME longer to text than it does to call!

    Love your list, it inspires me to make one as well. ;)

  8. I never thought I'd buy CD's I was SO into cassette tapes! Then I thought I'll never get a cell phone or ipod. And I really want a mini van!!! Oh my!
    I have never had sex on a beach, drink or for real. I'm not crazy about sand getting places sand should NEVER ever go. I've never been to the moon, I'd like to though.
    Would you believe I've never given birth? It's true both of mine came out my tummy with no help from me whatsoever. I'm being technical. Shame on me.
    Ok, I have never kissed a boy I didn't like. HA!
    I have no idea why I'm being so silly...
    Never been out of the country. How's that?

  9. We have very similar never evers.

    I've never smoked a cigarette, bungee jumped, ridden in a helicopter, mowed the lawn, been to Canada, had a cavity... hmmm, I'll have to see if I can think of some more! :) This was fun!

    And I don't text either. I used to have it but my youth girls ran up my bill an extra $80 so I took it off and told them they have to communicate with me the old-fashioned way: call or email! LOL

  10. LOL!! I text so much that I have to get the unlimited text plan!!

    Hmmm...I've never...

    * smoked a cigarette
    * received a positive pregnancy test (random, I know)
    * successfully gotten to a high level on ANY video game on my own
    * slept outside
    * written a good poem

    Ta da!! haha

  11. I'm like Lois Lane... I just upgraded to the unlimited text plan too! ha! Even my customers text me now! But up unitl a year or so ago I had never texted!

    drank a cup of coffee - Me either!
    been to a Packer game - Nope
    flown in a helicopter - Nope
    smoked a cigarette - eww NO!
    driven a stick shift car - never
    traveled by train - i've been on a train ride but not ACTUally traveled!
    mowed the lawn - I've used to do this growin up.. haven't since I've been married.. 10 years!
    given birth - have a child by depending on how technical we're being... either way!
    cuddled my baby boy - I have done this! (not your boy, but mine :) )
    met a Dove chocolate bar I didn't devour ;-) - Yum!
    been to the Grand Canyon - me either
    needed a passport- me either... yea for you!!
    taken a cruise - Nope!
    gotten a massage - You're missing out! ha!
    broken a bone - No maam!

    We have a lot in common! ha!



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