Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Wedding Album ~ A Picture Carnival!!

Welcome to our wedding album!

Four years ago - this Friday - my Josh and I became husband and wife.

Our Wedding 1

We were married in my hometown church and pert near everyone we knew showed up for our big day!

I know the plans I have for you

If the picture above is any indication, I was just a tad bit excited to be marrying my handsome carpenter-turned-preacher man.

Our Wedding 15

My gorgeous ladies were always there by my side.

Aren't the flowers lovely?? My mom and sister Kayla worked endlessly on them. I loved my flowing bouquet. It was perfect.

If you look closely at the bridemaids' bouquets you'll see that they are clutching small bibles along with their flowers....

Our Wedding 6

Once again, the wedding planner's (aka Mom) idea.

Speaking of my mom. Right before the ceremony began, my mom and Josh's mom were lighting the candles and our unity candle toppled right over. Nothing caught fire - thank goodness - and I was clueless.

Our Wedding 2

I'm not sure why or how it happened, but my dad and I didn't see each other until RIGHT before we were to walk down the aisle together. Probably a mistake since we were both about to burst into tears. However, we did make it down the aisle and after the world's longest tearful father/daughter hug (that is definitely not an exaggeration!), Dad let go of his girl and I stepped up to the alter with my groom.

Our Wedding 4

There we are exchanging rings. What is not pictured is our rings flying clear off the pastor's (aka Josh's dad) slick hymnal and onto the ground.

Ping ping ping ping ping ping.

No worries, my Matron of Honor (aka my sister-in-law Heather) spotted them on the marble and we were back in business!

Our Wedding 5

Wahoo! We were finally husband and wife.

What you don't know from the photo, is that at the end of the service Josh's dad made this fine announcement: "I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Rachel O!"

The crowd erupted with laughter. Apparently my father-in-law knew who would wear the pants in our relationship.

Just kidding. ;-)

Our Wedding 3

Isn't my hubby SO handsome? Oh, I love that man.

I completely loved my wedding dress. Is was a simple cut, but had beautiful lace and detail. Exactly what I wanted. The veil was a single layer with a "tear drop" on each of the three edges.

Our Wedding 8

Our wedding party was just fantastic! We truly have the most wonderful friends and family. Such a good lookin' bunch!

Cake Cutting

Apparently our yummy little cake fell over sometime during the course of the day. Whoops! Once again, I was clueless.......but truly would not have cared a bit! After all, Josh and I saved the top for our 1st wedding anniversary and we had plenty of sheet cakes for the guests.

Our Wedding 18

Mom joined Dad and I towards the end of our Father/Daughter dance. I love my parents!!

Our Wedding 10

Our reception was a blast!

Delicious food. Excellent company. Lots of dancing. Fun!

Our Wedding 17

Our Wedding 13

Our Wedding 12

Our Wedding 9

The unity candle toppled over, rings went flying, Josh's dad made a name blunder, our cake took a dive.........and two people, surrounded by all of their loved ones, made promises to the Lord & to each other. A new family was born.

That's our wonderful wedding day in a nutshell.

Our Wedding Album Picture Carnival1l

Now it's your turn to show off your wedding photos!! I'm SO excited to see all of the blushing brides and handsome grooms!!

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  1. You were such a beautiful bride! Love seeing these pics!

    I have been so swamped getting ready for China, I have not had time to scan my wedding pics! If I get a chance tonight I will join in! This is so fun! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thnaks Rachel - this was fun. How exciting is was the first one to post.

  3. I know how to spell - should be I was. And I need to say - I remember your wedding day and you were a beautiful bride and the party was great, One thing I do remember was the boxes on the tables with the M & M's.

  4. those are beautiful!!! so fun to see! Unfortunately, I couldn't get mine scanned in.....however, I am going to keep trying and post them hubby and I celebrate 25 years this month!!

  5. This was so much fun! You are a beautiful bride! I want to do it all over again!

  6. your wedding looked beautiful! thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Thanks for doing this Rachel...It made such a great way to celebrate our anniversary in the blogosphere! Happy Anniversary to you and Josh too!!!! You're always!

  8. Rachel,

    What beautiful pictures and such fun to post our own!

  9. So glad you are doing this! Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the stories the pictures didn't show. This is so much fun!

  10. What a fun idea!

    What a beautiful wedding!


  11. these are beautiful!! i wish i had kept things simple. i must figure this scanner out today so i can link up. you two make quite a handsome couple!

  12. What a great day to do this, as it is our ninth anniversary today, and I already posted! :)

  13. I LOVE your dress! You were a pretty bride! I think I'm going to have to join in on this one!!!

  14. Yeh! that was SO muich fun!
    Agh, I wish I could see your dress, your are so LOVELY in it, perfect cut for you, but I want to see that detailing better!!! Pictures never do a dress justice.
    And what is it about a man in a tux? Swoon!
    Your pictures are great, I totally would have had a blast at your wedding, love how things weren't perfect, but perfectly well handled! HA! We had some moments too. Those are the weddings you remember though, that and the dress, the flowers, the CAKE...

  15. You guys are THE cutest couple I think I've ever seen. What wonderful pics!

  16. I love your dress, so pretty. Ya'll make such a great couple and your wedding day sounds like it was wonderful and exciting :)

  17. First, I *loved* reading this post. I [heart] weddings! You were a beautiful bride and I loved hearing all the details that made your day so unique.

    Second, I'm going to try to join in... I still haven't found my proofs... how horrible is that?! And we've had a day here, so we'll see how tonight goes. Here's hoping!

  18. WOW, lady. You are so beautiful!!!

    What an amazing day. Funny how a bunch of little things do go wrong, but it just doesn't matter.

    Happy Anniversary (soon) ;)

    Also, you won my lil' giveaway!!! :)

    Send me you mailing address, and I'll send Josiah his new Croc Creek water bottle! So excited he/you won :)

  19. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You are just glowing! And your man looks so proud and happy to be marrying YOU! Rachel, this is so much fun, thanks for doing this.

  20. GORGEOUS...what a beautiful event you had

    mine's up
    sorry so late

  21. Wow, what a lovely wedding. So much love on your faces!

  22. What fun! Everything looks just beautiful. I like the subtle use of color with the bridesmaids dresses...not too much. Also, the simple beauty of the alter is nice, too. You are one cute couple! Happy'll get to celebrate with fireworks somewhere!

  23. Lovely, lovely photos! You can tell y'all thoroughly enjoyed your special day :-)

    I'm linking to my anniversary post from May (30 years!). Thanks for hosting such a fun carnival!

  24. Your pictures are soooo gorgeous! I especially love the one of you in front of the bulletin board that has the Jeremiah 29 verses on it. Was that the plan? Even if not, it's still a beautiful representaion of God's plans and leading in you life and marriage!

    Thanks for doing this. I had a fun time putting together the post!

  25. Suh-weet! I have mine scheduled to post tomorrow. Umm ... we look a tad bit different in ours. You and hubs look the same. Youngsters.

  26. You were such a beautiful bride! Thanks for doing the carnival, I had a lot of fun getting out my old pictures and seeing lots of others' as well!

  27. What great pictures! My favorite is of you and Josh looking at each other walking down the aisle!

  28. You guys are seriously the cutest couple!
    Loved the carnival...what's our next one gonna be?

  29. Rachel that was SO FUN!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I wish I had known about this sooner, I might have joined in! Maybe I can do another one for my anniversary in November...can I copycat you then?

    And, I see where you get your good looks! Your momma is foxy!



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