Monday, July 6, 2009

So this is love.....

.....Mm Mm Mm Mm.

Even Cinderella herself didn't glow with love as brightly as so many of you lovely brides.

It was an absolute pleasure to have a peek into your wedding albums! Each special day was unique and fun and simply beautiful....

Elvis wigs
gorgeous long veil
100+ degree weather
sparkler "Money Shot"
pearl and diamond necklace
a handful of unity candle blunders
incredible churches - BIG and small
9 years, 10 years, 30 years of marriage
rainy and breezy day, but perfect sunset
friends coming together to help put on the wedding
yellow and blue and periwinkle and pink and black
best friends marrying 3 weeks apart
letter from the groom to his bride
nearly-Christmas wedding
family of white ducks
sandy beach wedding
15 minute ceremony
forgotten pants
wedding fish
flip flops
I do

A big thanks to everyone who joined in!! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. What a blessing to see nearly 30 fantastic couples so filled with love and respect for each other!

Ahhhh love. Sigh. It's so grand, don't you think?? If you think so, pop on over to Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife to check out Rachel's blog carnival "dedicated to men who make our hearts flutter, our palms sweat, our stomachs do somersaults. The men who swept us so hard off our feet many of us still haven't come back down."

Borrowing the words of Uncle Jesse, "Have mercy!".

Did I just write that??

Ahem. Anyway.

If you'd like to read our previously posted steamy love story, you can click here and here. I'm sure it will have you humming Cinderella's So this is love. ;-)

Speaking of Cinderella and love stories, what is your favorite Disney love story? Aladdin? Beauty and the Beast? Snow White? Lion King? Sleeping Beauty? etc. I like to know this kinda stuff.

While you ponder that very serious question, I'm off to give my handsome love of 4 years a kiss.


  1. I think Aladdin is my favorite! I don't know why!

    LOVE how you described all the wedding pics! :)

  2. Definitely Beauty and the Beast. One, because I can relate to Belle with her love of reading and 2 because they learn that true beauty comes from within.

  3. I like Beauty and the Beast too.

    I have enjoyed reading through your site. Your son is very close in age to my baby girl, Ryann Elizabeth. She just turned 7 months old on the 4th.



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