Sunday, July 12, 2009

to the man in the Rural King parking lot

On Friday morning, I hit the road to attend my cousin Dan's wedding in Michigan. Josh wasn't able to go with me because he was at our church's youth rally so I had to make part of the drive by myself. I had a plan with my grandpa, Papa Del, to meet him and his RV full of our relatives so I could drive most of the way with them.

Josh gave me simple directions before he left: Take "Highway A" straight north and it will run smack in "Highway B".

Sounds simple right?

He should've known who he was sharing these simple directions with. After all, my track record clearly states that nothing is that simple with me when it comes to driving in unfamiliar territory.

However, I confidently drove down "Highway A" for quite sometime bopping along to the radio and enjoying the sunshine. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw a road sign that clearly indicated I was definitely NOT on "Highway A" anymore.


I quickly turned to the backseat to grab my atlas and then remembered that not only had Josh taken our GPS with him on his roadtrip to the teen rally, he had also grabbed my atlas.

I was lost. No map. No GPS. No idea where in the world state I was. No clue where "Highway A" OR "Highway B" were in relation to me and my car. No way of knowing how many minutes or hours I was from finding my destination.


I drove a few more moments on "Highway WRONG" and thankfully a Rural King appeared out of nowhere. And thankfully there was a kind looking man stepping out of his pickup truck as I frantically pulled into the parking lot. And thankfully he gave me extremely detailed and accurate directions and then repeated them again until I knew them by heart.

I fought the urge to throw my arms around him with a hug of thanks and simply spoke my thanks 3 times instead.

45 minutes later I was greeted by Papa Del's RV full of my wonderful family....all thanks to the ballcap wearing man in the Rural King parking lot.

It would've been a bummer to have missed such a fun-filled, lovely, exciting, special weekend....

Dan and Cori's Wedding 19

Dan and Cori's Wedding 21

Dan and Cori's Wedding 6

Dan and Cori's Wedding 15

Dan and Cori's Wedding 10

Dan and Cori's Wedding 2

Dan and Cori's Wedding 5

Dan and Cori's Wedding 13

Dan and Cori's Wedding 8

Dan and Cori's Wedding 1

Dan and Cori's Wedding 12

Dan and Cori's Wedding 4

Dan and Cori's Wedding 22

Dan and Cori's Wedding 17

Dan and Cori's Wedding 21

Dan and Cori's Wedding 9

Dan and Cori's Wedding 11

Dan and Cori's Wedding 16

Dan and Cori's Wedding 24

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Dan and Cori!!!

To the man in the Rural King parking lot: thank you SO much

And to my husband: please never do that to me again ;-)


  1. i know that 'panic' feeling all too well. thank God for random acts of kindness from complete strangers... or a good gps? ;) looks like you had a wonderful time... great pictures!

  2. Oh, I know that sick-to-your-stomach realization panic... so very happy it turned out ok!

    Thank goodness for kind strangers, it's so rare to hear of them in this day and age... sigh...

    Thanks for the happy story to start the week with!

  3. Thank Goodness for Rural King Man. Hey that sounds like a super hero name ;) Glad you had a fun weekend.

  4. I am SO excited that I can read your blog again. I figured out that if I click on your link to the post (instead of your blog link) I can read your posts :)


  5. I was panicky just reading that! Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers, especially the midwestern kind :)
    Here's a clue that I've been reading your blog a loooonnng time. I'm like 'oh her parents look so cute in that picture.' I feel like I know them and now I can even pick them out of a group shot!

  6. Oh my gosh, I would definitely have been panicking. I'm so nervous about getting lost that I always have the directions fully written out and check them like every 10 minutes.

  7. As someone who PANICS when hit with that I'm-completely-lost-no-idea-where-I'm-at feeling, I was getting nervous for you just reading this! Oh, I'm so thankful for the nice man at Rural King! And what a lovely time with yoru family, and a beautiful wedding. Did you take these pictures/ They're excellent!

  8. I am so sorry that happened to you!!! I am in the same boat. I use to get lost in Grren Bay while in Algoma. The kids told me which way to turn and they were right at the ages of 5 & 9. Yikes.
    The wedding looks like a blast. Great family pics. Thanks for sharing.

  9. so i'm catching up on blog posts now. love the bedding that you picked out for josiah. now i can make you a banner - or letter - whichever you choose! let me know and i'll get to work. i've been thinking about how i wanted to do a little somethin' for you... i can't wait!

    oh - and i'll need your address too! shoot me an email me at

  10. Glad to hear you were able to find your way! Just had to comment once again that I know your cousin and his new wife - both great people. I spent two weeks in Peru with Dan back in 2003 and nine weeks or so with Cori when she student taught in Lake Mills. Thanks for the pictures!

  11. I'm catching up on your blog posts and am glad that a kind man gave you good directions, it's scary being lost. Then I scrolled down the pictures of the wedding and see the pastor in the background--it's my dad! That made my day. WOW, it's a small world. :)



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