Monday, August 3, 2009

Life's a beach

At least it was last week!

We are back from our cottage vacation with our family. It was an enjoyable week of fun and relaxation at the beach!

At any given moment, you could of found someone enjoying the sand and sunshine...

Cottage 21

Cottage 46

Cottage 20

Splashin' and swimming...

Cottage 16

Cottage 22

Cottage 4


Cottage 6

and exploring...

Cottage 11

Taking leisurely canoe rides...

Cottage 44

or discussing rules of intense canoe races....

Cottage 48

Playing games...

Cottage 8

Cottage 38


Cottage 33

Cottage 3

Completing 1000 piece puzzles...

Cottage 17

and constructing Lego masterpieces...

Cottage 19

(Happy Birthday Matthew!)

Taking in sights like this...

Cottage 20

and this...

Cottage 49

Boating, tubing, and skiing...

Cottage 45

Cottage 35

Cottage 30

Cottage 46

Just hanging out...

Cottage 28

Cottage 41

Cottage 2

Cottage 37

and simply having an all-around fantastic time...

Cottage 7

Cottage 14

Cottage 27

Cottage 23

Cottage 1

Cottage 31

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 30+ beach lovin' family members!

One more thing. Josiah's photo was up on the fridge, of course...

Cottage 45

Next year, God willing, he'll be joining in on all the fun!

We even saved a seat for him....

Cottage 9


  1. know the way to my heart is with summer vaca photos from Wisconsin. So glad you had a great time, I could just FEEL the fun! I think our families are from the same cloth...we have ski boats, and games, and guitars, 30+peeps and beers on tubes it!
    Welcome back...we missed you

  2. Wow!!! You took some amazing pictures and I felt like i was right there with you!! What a wonderful time with your family!!!

  3. So glad you had fun... Now maybe the call will be coming in!

  4. looks like a fantastic time! i love summer vacation on the beach! the sand between your toes and by the end of the week - between your bed sheets. ahhh. there is nothing like it!

    the picture of Josiah on the fridge brought tears to my eyes :). as i was looking at your pictures i was imagining him in all of them. he will have so much fun next year!

  5. WOW! Looks like an amazing time!! Really - just the kind of vacation that I would LOVE. :) SO much fun. I loved all of your pictures. I agree with Sara, I felt almost like I was there.

    I love the little swing picture! So exciting to think of Josiah being IN IT!! :)

  6. Wasn't it cold?!?! We've been having some crazy weather!
    It certainly didn't LOOK cold in the pictures. That sand looked incredible.

  7. It looks like good 'ole "W" fun !!!!
    Thanks for sharing Rachel

  8. What an amazing vacation with your family! Your pictures are gorgeous and you really know how to tell a story with them. As much fun as this vacation was, I have a feeling that your next vacation is going to be even better with Josiah in that little yellow swing!

  9. Looks like you all had a blast! Fun.

  10. How wonderful your extended family (30+ people - impressive!) are all able to get together every summer. Next year will be so much fun for you to have Josiah there!

  11. I love vacation photos! Super job!

    Looks like fun, but I'm sure your mind was wandering to a land far away even while you were there!

    Hoping to hear about that TC SOON! Josiah is such a cutie!

  12. Rachel, your family rocks. Really. I love how close-knit you all are, and how many there are of you - the stuff that awesome memories are made of.

    That sweet baby swing - praying that it will be filled very, very soon!

  13. Looks like it was an absolute blast!!!

    That last pic made me smile and tear up all at once...



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