Sunday, September 6, 2009

a brief summary....

....of the past week

emotions 2

emotions 6

emotions 5

emotions 4


and then came the chocolate cake

emotions 1

it's no Travel Call, but it is something to smile about :-)

what has brought a smile to your face this week???


  1. First let me say how I feel your pain...the waiting is the absolute worst at the very end. You will see (and I know you have heard this before but it's really true) how your baby boy will be with you at the exact time he is supposed to and it is just unbelievable. The Korea trip is unforgettable and one that goes so fast due to all of the racing emotions. We have been home with Lily yikes..almost 6 months. You will get that call soon ans then you will see how time just flies! Hang in there he is precious!!

  2. you are so cute!! Love the pictures and chocolate cake makes a lot of things better!

    still praying with you!

  3. We were given 4 free tickets to Hershey Park today! That made me smile! :)

    WOO HOO for chocolate cake!

  4. You are too cute!!!

    Ironically, Lemon Mousse Cake made me smile today!

  5. I had the pleasure of working the nursery today...I work with the 0-12 month babies. I can't tell you how pleasing that time is to my heart. I truly believe God is preparing me for the moment when I will be a mother :)

    Hang in there...Josiah will soon be at home with YOU!

  6. I've been thinking of you every day. I hop & pray your travel call comes very, very soon. It is soooooooo your turn!

  7. Oh Rachel! I know how you feel. Our travel call took FOREVER to come. I've been thinking about you and praying it comes each day. I'm glad you have chocolate cake to cheer you up. We're having a rough teething/sick day here and I'm having ice cream later as my pick me up.

  8. I continue to pray for you !!!! You go girl with the chocolate cake - anything to make ya feel better. Yhe Lord is giving you a great test !!!!!

  9. I had a birthday on Friday and I really wanted cake. But, my husband hates cake so I never get it. But I wanted cake so bad this year I went and bought myself one at Kroger. Eating a piece definitely brought a smile to my face!!! So we were both eating cake:)
    Loved the pics...I hope you get a call real soon!

  10. AWW, Rachel...even when you're sad, you're cute!
    What made me smile??? Um, you just did! Thanks!
    Still Praying....

  11. lol
    this week? idk
    i suppose {Moose Tracks} ice cream has :)

  12. Your post made me smile. I'll be smiling more if you can get your TC soon!

  13. You are so silly.
    Darn it I hope they call, maybe it's like school in MN, nothing starts till after Labor day??

  14. I'm glad you were able to smile :) Chocolate cake usually does the trick.



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