Tuesday, October 13, 2009

11 months old!!!!

Today my baby boy is 11 months old!

Wait......ELEVEN months old!?!?

Heart be still.

Josiah's been home for 3 weeks now and I cannot believe how fast time is passing by. A big part of my heart wants each day to stand still, but the rest of it can't wait to see what my little one is going to do, try, say, and accomplish next.

That's the life of a mother, right?

So as I often as I can, I try to pause and take in each moment with my son. And to help me remember in the future, here are 11 tidbits about Josiah YeJoon as he enters his 11th month of life....

*Josiah is definitely a mover and a shaker! He's pulling up on everything, crawling, cruising along the couch, and standing for brief moments without holding on to anything. He's seriously thinking about taking some steps, but usually just ends up flinging himself into mom or dad's arms instead!


*Our 20 pound boy lives for his bottle and enjoys eating mandarin oranges, sloppy joes, rice, bananas, pears, cheese, bread, noodles, sweet potatoes, and MORE. He's happily eaten everything we've offered him.....except the pancakes on Saturday morning were surprisingly not gobbled up. Don't worry, Mama stepped in and took care of the stack. ;-)

*Josiah smiles with his whole entire face. It's SO stinkin' adorable.

*We have quite the little charmer on our hands. We're stopped every.single.time we are out and about by folks who comment on how cute/handsome/precious/wonderful Josiah is. He definitely eats up that attention with a spoon!

*He's a big-time mama's boy, but "Dada" definitely has won him over. They are quite the dynamic duo.

playtime with dada

*Josiah is such an easy going, happy-go-lucky, content, playful baby boy.

*Except when the poor thing is teething.


*He is super ticklish (like his mama!). A favorite game is "Get you" which, of course, involves us "chasing" him and tickling him.

*At this time we're still co-sleeping together on the floor, so I know first hand that Josiah is WILD when he's trying to fall asleep. He rolls here, there, and everywhere. Kicks his legs up and flails his arms about. Oh, and three times I've heard him laugh in his sleep....his daddy does the same thing. :-)


*He splashes in the tub like there's no tomorrow. He doesn't care a lick about toys or that the water/soap gets in his eyes. He's all about splashing as hard and long and loud as he can. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen!

*Josiah is so gentle with stuffed animals. He really studies them and will gently rub them against his face. Absolutely adorable.

stuffed animal

So there you have it, friends. 11 random tidbits about our boy on his 11 month birthday! I could list 111 more, but that would take WAY too much of my precious time. And no one would even get through the entire list....well, except maybe my Mom. ;-)

Happy (what's left of it) Tuesday! I'm off to bed....


  1. love it! i'd probably have read 111 things too...it's not just your momma that is in love with this little boy!

  2. He is so incredibly adorable! I can't get enough of seeing pictures of your precious blessing! Happy 11 months, Josiah!

  3. josiah never disappoints with breathtaking photos. you completely 'get' the mama's heart already... torn between the world of wanting to experience what comes next, yet resistant to let go of the last phase. i'm with kerry. i think i could have read 111 things too.

  4. awwww Josiah! happy 11 months little cutie!

  5. Every single thing about Josiah is adorably wonderful!!! Keep those tidbits and photos coming! We love them.

  6. awwwww....Happy 11 Months, buddy!

    Isn't teething horrible! But I chuckled at the picture...it's only funny to look at after the fact, of course.

  7. What a sweetheart! I love hearing about all the new things he's doing...precious, precious, precious. You are so blessed Rach!

  8. What a sweet list! I can't even chose my favorite item there are so many great ones!

    Tell Josiah we feel the exact same way about teething here. :-(

  9. Josiah is such a cutie pie! I love that he laughs in his sleep! :)

  10. wow! 11 months! i love the pic of him sleeping... so peaceful! so precious!

  11. that little 11 month old is too cute! glad to read that he is adjusting into HOME!

  12. He is just precious!!! I love looking at all of his photos and reading about him. It makes my heart so happy to hear of all the love you have for your sweet boy.

  13. Great post.. He is adorable. Happy 11th month little one.

  14. Love the list! I'm loving all of the pictures, but the one with Josiah looking into the teddybear's face is priceless! Oh he's just such a doll!

  15. do you know that everytime a post of yours shows up on my google reader i just can't wait to get to the pictures. so to see one today w/ tears seemed impossible. he's too cute to ever be sad! ☺ you have taken me back over and over to those wonderful years. enjoy!

  16. Happy 11 months! He's a cutie!

  17. Happy 11 months little Josiah!

  18. Oh - I LOVE all of the little details!! :)

    You are such a good mommy Rachel. :)

  19. Happy 11 Months, little Josiah. Sounds like you are up to a LOT of fun things. Isn't is amazing how much these little guys thrash around in bed!! Yikes!

  20. Just way too precious! It seems from all indications that everyone has settled in REALLY well in just 3 short weeks.

  21. i love this post. he and charlie are a lot alike...including those chunky cheekies. maybe one day they can have a playdate...you never know!

    charlie will be 11 months on the 21st!



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