Monday, October 5, 2009

2 Weeks Home!!!!

Today marks 2 weeks since we arrived home from Korea with our precious new son!!

In some ways I cannot believe it's
already been 2 weeks.....and other ways I can't believe it's only been that long since we became a family of 3.

These last 15 days have been absolutely incredible. They've been tiring. They've been special. They've been hard. Beautiful and challenging. Perfect and not so perfect.

They've been the sweetest days of my life so far. No doubt about it.

Here's a look back on our first 2 weeks as a family....

Day 1

Day 1: Welcome home Josiah YeJoon!

Day 2

Day 2: Josiah LOVES stuffed animals

Day 3

Day 3: Such a handsome little man

Day 4

Day 4: First nap in his crib.....what an angel baby

Day 5

Day 5: Josiah pulls up on everything

Day 6

Day 6: First playdate with new friend Mya! Look out ladies!

Day 7

Day 7: Go Pack Go!!!

Day 8

Day 8: I love seeing my 2 boys together

Day 9

Day 9: His smiles completely melt his mama's heart

Day 10

Day 10: My adorable boy is such a hoot!

Day 11

Day 11: G-ma and Papa came to visit!

Day 12

Day 12: Playtime before bedtime is lots of fun

Day 13

Day 13: Josiah and G-ma at his first Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Day 14

Day 14: Putting together his first tool set

Day 15

Day 15: I am SOOOOO in love with my little peanut!!

We've been blessed with 2 amazing weeks with our Josiah. Each week, each day, each moment is such a gift. Looking forward to ALL that is to come!!

P.S. I just realized I'm not in any of these photos....I'll have to hand the camera over to Josh more often, I guess!!


  1. All I have to say is he has some fabulous hair!!! Love it! Congrats on 2 weeks home..I remember those days well, cherish every moment, they grow up WAY too fast!!

  2. Haha, whoops, I guess I was signed into my briar.claire account. That last comment is from me!!

  3. Such a blessing! Every pic reminds me of God's faithfulness.

  4. What sweet photos! He looks like he is doing so great! I have to work at getting out from behind the camera too!

  5. Rachel, welcome to my life...I think I am actaully in about 3% of our photos....that's mommyhood!

    He is a heartbreaker!

  6. I'm laughing out loud here since I always say the same thing... "where am I in these photos?!"

    You have been one busy mama in these two weeks! I think you've done more than we did in our first two months! Wow!

    And he *is* one adorable little peanut! He's going to have some great hair...

  7. I can't believe he hasn't been there forever too! He fits perfectly. This is such a blessing to watch, Rachel!! Oh, and not being in the pictures is a disease every mother has. It's okay.

  8. Great update ~ such cute photos! I love how he is looking at his little friend on their playdate!

  9. So many blessings - so many cute pictures - so happy for all 3 of you.

  10. wow! 2 weeks!!! i love all the pictures! keep 'em coming! i always forget to hand the camera over as well... gotta do that :-)

  11. Josiah looks like a very happy little boy. What a sweet heart. Your first two weeks look like they've been busy!

  12. Oh...such great pictures! He's such a happy little boy! Congrats on the 2 weeks home!

  13. "I just realized I'm not in any of the photos."
    Oh goodness you make me laugh! You are too busy photographing that handsome sweet boy. It's okay. I went through six months of pictures for scrapbooking and realized I never have my picture taken with the kids. It happens. Now I hand the camera to complete strangers "Here, will you take a picture?"

  14. Josiah - you are just as cute as can be! and mama is right, we need to see more pictures of her snuggling with you!

  15. LOL all our pictures are of Faith and daddy cuz I am the phtographer nut :)

    Josiah is so perfect and I just love seeing all your happiness and what a blessing he is!!!

  16. Thank you for the Josiah photos... I've been waiting for them. He looks so happy and well settled. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  17. He is so sweet! I love that your a mama!

  18. You guys are a very blessed family!

  19. I started following your blog a while back during one of your raffles, but had not checked it in a while. Congratulations on your precious Josiah!!! He's beautiful and looks so all do! :)



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