Friday, October 9, 2009


Are you absolutely loving Glee like I am?!?!?

I can't get enough of it!!!!!

Besides Amazing Race, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy, it's one of the very few shows this new mama has time to catch these days.....all thanks to DVR. :-)

What are you watchin', my friends??


  1. I'm in love with Glee! I can't get enough of the show! I'm also a fan of The Office & have The Amazing Race still saved on our DVR. I watch way too much TV Rachel...I don't want to look bad. ;)

  2. We just started watching Flashforward and like it so far.

  3. i haven't seen it yet :(. we are in the dark ages and still have a VCR! ha! we do "tape" gossip girl - as much as i am ashamed to admit it ;).

  4. i love it! did you see my post about the actress playing Tina being a South Korean adoptee?!

  5. HELLO!!!! GLEE IS MY OBSESSION!!! Have you seen all my facebook status changes???

  6. glee!!!
    also, grey's and private practice.
    just those three.
    (i have three kiddos, remember.)

  7. I can do without some of the high school drama but I ADORE the musical numbers. I wish my students would break out into song. ;)

  8. I LOVE Glee too. Cracks. Last week Kurt called Emma "Bambi" and this week Sue called her a "bush baby". I snorted pop through my nose and that HURTS!
    I alos like Cougar Town and Accidently On Purpose. (Plus Grey's and Private Practise) OH and Survivor. My DVR gets a WORK out. But I love watching without all the commercials.
    Love love love Glee!

  9. LOVE IT!!! And DVR!!! Actually, the 4 shows you mentioned are my favorites! You have great taste! :o)

  10. Oh, I'm definitely a glee-aholic!



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