Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Chuseok!!

This weekend is the Korean holiday, Chuseok! This major harvest festival is similar to Thanksgiving. During this 3 day celebration, families come together to eat traditional foods, honor their ancestors, play games, and enjoy time with one another.

We were honored to be invited to a Chuseok meal yesterday at the high school that I went to in my hometown (the same high school where my mom, Julie, just happens to be the administrative assistant). About 10 Korean students are attending school there and because they couldn't be home with immediate families, this special event took place for them and their host families (and us!).

We shared quite a yummy feast...

2009 Chuseok 8

2009 Chuseok 10

....and spent the afternoon chatting, meeting new friends, and celebrating.

2009 Chuseok 4

2009 Chuseok 3

2009 Chuseok 2

2009 Chuseok 7

Can you find the cute pint-sized Korean amongst these teenagers???

2009 Chuseok 5

All of the excitement had little Josiah YeJoon completely wiped out...

2009 Chuseok 1

Josh and I believe it's SO important (and FUN!) that we continue to honor and learn about Josiah's birth culture as he grows up. We've already met many lovely friends through such events and hope to make many wonderful memories in the years to come!

Konbe (that's cheers in Korean) for Chuseok!!!


  1. So glad you found a great way to celebrate!

  2. what a wonderful way to spend the holiday! Josiah looks so cute "hanging out" with all the teens!

  3. You are such a beautiful family! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Chuseok!

  4. Looks like you had a very Happy Chuseok !!!!

  5. How neat! Interesting to learn about other cultures that celebrate Thanksgiving.
    He is SO cute!

  6. Happy Chuseok!! We've found the Korean exchange students to be the most fun to be around... so we're jealous!

  7. What fun! That's so neat that all those Korean students were there to celebrate with you - makes it more authentic somehow :)

    OK, I have to laugh because that photo of the three teenaged boys - that's our kids as teenagers!

    Also - you and Josiah both look beautiful in that photo together. Awwww.

  8. What a great celebration and I am so happy you all got to meet so many amazing people. Josiah is SO cute.

  9. Looks like Josiah is adjusting wonderfully. God is good. That food look amazing.

  10. LOVE all the pics! I think it's wonderful that you & Josh are keeping Josiah's heritage a special thing to honor.

  11. So lovely! Thanks for letting us continue to be a part of your journey! Josiah is so yummy!!! :)



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