Sunday, October 11, 2009

pumpkin pickin'

It was a very chilly day in the Midwest yesterday (there were snow flurries! ick!), but we bundled up and headed out to a local pumpkin patch. The sun was shining and there were pumpkins needing to be picked!

pumpkins 1

Three years ago Josh and I spent an afternoon at this same farm. I clearly remember getting teary-eyed as I wondered when we'd have our own little one to share such a special Fall day with. Yesterday was finally it....what a blessing!

When we arrived, we checked out the goats...

pumpkins 14

The hay piles were fun to sit in and definitely helped to keep Josiah warm!

pumpkins 12

Our little family of 3 took a fun hayride out to the fields where we picked our 3 pumpkins. Josiah, snuggled in the carrier, just kept looking everywhere taking everything in.

pumpkins 11

pumpkins 13

pumpkins 10

We had to get a few classic "baby sitting with all the pumpkins" pictures of course! Even though it was cold and windy, Josiah sat SO well and hammed it up for the camera.

pumpkins 4

pumpkins 6

pumpkins 8

Doesn't this little boy just melt your heart?!

We warmed up for a bit with some apple cider inside the shop. Josiah needed to have just a little taste...

pumpkins 3

pumpkins 2

He definitely liked it!

It was a perfect day of pumpkin pickin'! We are incredibly blessed to have our sweet little peanut here to enjoy days like this with. He is a joy.

pumpkins 15

So we've got our pumpkins to carve and now this new mama needs to decide what her little boy should be for his first Halloween! I'm thinking a bear or a candy corn, this is quite an important and exciting decision! Any suggestions?!

Enjoy the rest of this Fall weekend, friends!


  1. Looks like this was the weekend for pumpkin pickin... we just did the same thing! Go check out Asher insiting he wanted the BIG pumpkin!!

    Josiah is deffinelty one I would pick out of that pumpkin patch!!!

  2. your family is just beautiful! Josiah could not be any cuter and i just love his coat and hat! don't you just love fall???? especially with a baby!

  3. You guys just make the cutest little family!!!

  4. So sweet. He will look adorable in whatever costume you choose.

  5. He is so darn cute!!!! What a great family day!!

  6. Oh my word he is a cute boy! Whatever he for Halloween, he will be ADORABLE! I just love little asian baby men. So sweet!

  7. Totally adorable! I love the obligatory 'baby with the pumpkins' pictures! :o) Briar is going to be a bear, so I like that choice!!!

  8. It looks like you had a fun day as a family of 3! I love Josiah's little hat ~ SO CUTE!!

  9. such GREAT pictures! and i love his brown and orange coat!

  10. I love the pumpkin patch pics! We are thinking of going to Basse's next weekend. You guys are troopers for going out on such a cold day. We are glad we did our first pumpkin patch last weekend (even though it was pretty cold then too!). We look forward to seeing you guys soon!

  11. He is so cute and you and Josh look so happy.
    I can totally relate to that feeling of wondering what the future would hold...and now we know :)

  12. Love the pictures with the pumpkins. Ok, I love the candy corn idea. Please choose that so I can see a picture.

  13. yay! you got in some pics too!

    what a fun day. glad y'all braved the cold!

    he will no doubt be the cutest kid on the block no matter what you dress him as!

  14. So so cute! I'm so glad that you had your little guy to bring to the pumpkin patch this year. :)

  15. girl, these pictures are perfect! he is so precious and i'm so happy for you that you get to share this with him... i love it when things come full circle. ;)

  16. Every time I see pictures of you guys and Josiah, I am so happy for you all over again! He is precious, and I am so glad you are finally a family together!!!! Love all the photos :). Soooo cute!!!

  17. Oh my - those are awesome pictures!!! I love reading your updates. :)

  18. AWE! He's so CUTE! love his hat. Nicky would like Josh's John Deere one though!

  19. Congrats on having him home! He is just adorable! My little guy was a monkey for his first Halloween. But he will be adorable no matter what!

  20. oh goodness. every time i see you with that sweet boy i just tear right up. he is precious.

  21. What fun! And such a groovy hat!



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