Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain, rain go away....

...because I simply can't take you anymore.

Fall is normally one of my favorite seasons, but lately the weather in the Midwest has either been a cold 40 degrees or a rainy downpour.

The leaves that barely had a chance to change color were very rudely blown onto the ground by the rainy winds and left in a soppy muddy mess.

Where is the lovely Autumn sun? Where is the crunch of the crisp leaves beneath my feet? Where is the opportunity to stroll outside without a heavy coat (that doesn't has a rain slicker over the top of it)?

I feel completely robbed of the Fall goodness.

After returning from a very rainy grocery store run today, I realized that Josiah lost one of his cute little shoes in the parking lot. Bummer! Thank goodness they were super inexpensive 'cause there was no way I was going to drag Si (that's one of Josiah's nicknames by the way - pronounced like "sigh") back through the rain to hunt for it.


To cheer myself up this weekend, I'm going haul out all of the Fall decorations I've been meaning to put out for the last few weeks. If the outside can't satisfy me, at least the inside of the house can be warm and festive! Maybe we'll even get to carving the pumpkins we picked last weekend.

So rain, please go away so I can soak up some crisp, sunny Fall days like this....

sitting in the October sunshine

...with my baby boy before we're hit with snow for 5 months.

Please. Thank you.

Happy Friday y'all!!


  1. Oh my goodness... how cute is he with his binky?! And I love the nickname "Si"

  2. I hear you. We completely skipped fall in Colorado too. Straight in to winter!

    Sad part is, I had it in my head that miss Claire would be home by now, enjoying my favorite time of the year with me. Sniff. Sniff...

  3. wish i could pack some warmth for you and send it your way... many of our trees are still green. That pic is precious!

  4. I'm sad about fall too!!! We have taken two or three walks but that is all. Usually fall is my favorite season.

    Love your little guy's nickname by the way - so cute!

  5. Hope you get some better weather soon. I didn't even put up a single Halloween decoration this year! I don't know how that happened.

  6. Ah yes, the one lost shoe...
    I am alwyas STILL very aware of things like that. I'll follow a mother through the store just to ask if it was her little bundle that lost one!
    I hear ya about the rain...We've had enough too! Will Si be going tricks and treating...okay, I know he can't DO either, but will he be dressing up for Halloween? Sure will be fun to see that! hint hint



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