Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Hey friends! It's Josiah. Since my mama is busy (and tired!), I decided to take over her blog and tell you about our fun day.

Mama kept telling me all morning long that her and Dada would be taking me "Trick or Treating" in the afternoon. I had no clue what that meant, but was excited and wanted to be well rested so I surprised her by taking a 3 hour nap!

Trick or Treat 4

After I ate some lunch Daddy came home and we got ready to head out the door. Mama dressed me up in my Halloween panda costume. She kept smiling and giggling saying how cute I was (she's always saying that!).

Trick or Treat 9

Dada carried me out the door as I held my orange pumpkin bucket. As you can see I was super excited!

Trick or Treat 11

Here we go! Since it was my first time (and I can't talk yet), Mama or Daddy would ring the doorbell and say "Trick or Treat" at every house we went to. The nice folks who answered the door would tell me how adorable I was and they filled my bucket with yummy candy!

Trick or Treat 2

I couldn't resist reaching in to grab out some of my goodies!

Trick or Treat 10

I had a "death grip" on this bag of mini Oreos for most of the time. I had a feeling that my Mama wanted to eat them, so I wasn't going to let them go!

Trick or Treat 8

When we got back home, I dumped out my pumpkin bucket onto the floor and dug through my candy. I think I touched and threw around every single piece.

Trick or Treat 13

Daddy gave me some helpful tips on what candy was the best (Snickers) and what could be ignored (Almond Joy). I'm not old enough for candy right now so I'll have to remember that for next year!

Trick or Treat 7

We got in the car and headed over to visit some people from our church. I tried to open this piece of candy the entire way there, but just couldn't get it. Bummer! Our friends loved seeing me in my panda outfit and gave me candy and cookies.

Trick or Treat 5

After getting home, I tried really really hard to open this sucker, but just ended up bending the stick over. I started to get really upset so Mama distracted me with this...

Trick or Treat 6

Check out the AMAZING pumpkin my G-ma painted for me!! Isn't she talented? She got the inspiration from a little blue bear I'm always carrying around and snuggling. I love my special pumpkin and my G-ma!

trick or treat 1

It was then time for me to have a bottle, so Mommy and I hung out on the couch for while. I was starved, especially since I couldn't eat any of that candy!

Trick or Treat 3

Whew! I'm all tuckered out from my big day of "Trick or Treating"! I'm off to bed now. In the morning I'll check my candy loot again to make sure all of it is still there. I have a feeling Dada and Mommy will be sneaking a few pieces tonight!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!


  1. Did you guys have a blast today or what???? Congrats on your "1st Halloween" as mom and dad!! (I remember those days!) Josiah looked precious in his costume, I bet people were eating the cuteness up left and right! What a fun milestone!

  2. what a great day!!! that's the cutest panda i've ever seen!

  3. So sweet...he is definitely the cutest Panda I've EVER seen :)

  4. He looked adorable in that outfit and I LOVE the pumpkin. So sweet.

  5. Your such a sweetie Josiah!! I am glad you had such a fun day!!!

  6. Josiah, I'm glad you took over your mommy's blog. Baby D does that over here sometimes too. You sure were a cute panda. Glad you had a fun Halloween.

  7. Josiah you were the cutest little panda I have ever seen.

  8. Josiah, you make one ADORABLE panda bear!!! I just love it.

    Spencer is very jealous that there is afternoon trick or treating in your 'hood. It doesn't start here until dark which is tooooo late.

  9. Josiah - you are one cute little panda bear! What a great post! :)

  10. So cute! I'm jealous, too, that there's trick or treating in the afternoon in your neighborhood! We waited until 6pm when it was just getting dark and we were some of only ones out! Josiah is totally adorable in his "Panda Suit"!!

  11. Josiah, you are so cute! it looks like you had an awesome first halloween with your mama and dada. i hope they saved some candy for you ;).

  12. Very cute! It sounds like a fun day!

  13. Definitely the cutest panda!

  14. Did you know Panda bears are my favorite animals??? YEP! Boy oh boy would I have loved having you stop by my door!!!!
    So happy you enjoyed your first Halloween Josiah!

  15. What a fun post - and I LOVE that pumpkin!

  16. You did look so very cute! Glad you enjoyed your first halloween!

  17. wow, josiah, what a busy boy you are! you need to talk your mama into visiting us here in madison. we would LOVE to meet you...

  18. Absolutely adorable! The pumpkin grandma painted is sooo cute! I love Josiah's concentration on that piece of candy in his hands. He's such a cutie pie!

  19. Oh Josiah, you are the cutest little panda! And your mommy & daddy didn't give you any candy? not fair!

  20. Ha! Love that sucker pic!! He looks like he's trying to WILL it open! :)



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