Tuesday, October 20, 2009

you know you're a {new} mom when...

...you call your hubby "Dada" more than "Honey" or his actual name.

...your arm/leg/back gets stuck/falls asleep in a weird and awkward position but you don't dare move because the risk of waking a sleeping child is far too great a cost.

...a hot, uninterrupted 10 minute shower is the equivalent to a day at the spa.

...you care more about how your little guy looks in his cute clothes than you do of your own outfit.

...you wonder if you'll ever sleep again.

...you occasionally can't shut your eyes because the sight of your sweet slumbering babe is far better than any sleep.

...your heart has never felt such love.

...you realize that there simply aren't enough hours in the day and some things just gotta give (like blogging, laundry, dishes, etc).

...you refer to yourself in the 3rd person (Mama). All the time.

...your child truly is the most beautiful child in the entire world.

...you finally fit into a certain pair of jeans again because constantly carrying a 20 lb. baby is the best workout you've had in years.

...you giggle at every single adorable little thing your adorable little boy does.

...you truly can't remember life without him.

...the clock is both your friend (example: "Wow, 12:30? He's been sleeping for 5 hours!") and your enemy (example: 3:05 awake. 4:05 still awake. 5:20 finally back to sleep.)

...you learn something daily from an 11 month old.

...you have a overwhelmingly gigantic pile of "Thank You" cards needing to be written or stamped or put in the mail box.

...in the dark, you can prepare a bottle, change a diaper, or find a missing nuk.

...you know without a doubt that this precious baby boy was handpicked by God to be your own child.

pumpkins b&w

What would you {new or not so new} moms add to the list????


  1. your baby gives you an already slobbery peice of candy and you take it because it came from him.

    I had a M&M's today... at least he shares!

  2. OK, this post really hit home for me. Since you and I have had just about the same amount of parenting time/experience, I could relate to EVERY item on your list. Several made me smile and laugh thinking, "I'm not the only one."

    To add to your list, hmmmm...let's see...
    - Hold off going to the bathroom for FAR TOO LONG just to not risk moving/waking the child right next to you or on top of you.
    - Go for days - I mean WEEKS - without wearing a smidgen of make-up...and not caring.
    - Forget to eat (OK, this was in the very beginning...not so much anymore...but I agree with you: Jeans fit much better...these dudes are HEAVY to carry around most of the day).
    - and if I weren't getting so tired right now I bet I could think of even more.

  3. i loved each and every one of these and my dear friend...the list just gets longer and longer and more and more wonderful. mommyhood looks and sounds GOOD on you!

  4. I love your list...

    Any other day, I could add one hundred things, but after getting up WAY too early this morning with my sweet baby...my brain is not working.

    I just know that I have the best title in the world...Mommy!

  5. So sweet!! You are so blessed Rach...and so is Josiah :)

  6. Totally love this list...and agree with ALL of it!!!

    I would agree with Janet on the "forget to eat" part...I wouldn't have thought that was possible for me... :)

    So glad you are loving being a mama...isn't it just the best? Our God is so good!!!

  7. This list is so true! I found myself agreeing to every item. Isn't it weird to constantly refer to yourself in the 3rd person? We do it ALL the time.

  8. I agree with Linda. Mommyhood looks and sounds WONDERFUL on you!

  9. LOL! Love this post Rachel! WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD! There is nothing like it!!!

  10. great list Rachel!

    i'll add:
    you wipe your child's nose with your bare hands without thinking anything of it - at least i hope i'm not the only one ;).

  11. what a wonderful post! i enjoyed this!

  12. So sweet and all SO TRUE!!

    I do hope you start to get more sleep soon - that is hard. We are finally getting lots more over here and it has made an incredible difference.

  13. Rachel, what a wonderful list! Congrats on the jeans too! That's a nice little bonus, huh? ;)

  14. What a great list, Rachel!! I can't wait until the day I fall into this category!

  15. that is a fantastic list....

    ...when you haven't touched your make-up bag since last Sunday on your way to church.

  16. Such a truth to this list...

    I would add...

    have a hard time erasing the million pics of your little ones sweet face from your digital camera to make space for a million more pictures (even though you have already saved them on a disk!!)

  17. What a perfectly sweet list! One of my favorite commercials was of a young mom opening the door for her hubby and says, "Is Daddy-waddy home from worky-jerky?" Your normal brain seemingly turns to mush... when the sleep deprivation catches up with ya!



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