Monday, November 9, 2009

Did you know...

...that Josiah turns ONE in just 4 days? (I'm SO excited, but a little weepy at the same time!)

After church 1

...that I desperately need a haircut? (I honestly cannot remember the last time I had one. Yikes!)

...that I'm not very good in the kitchen, but going to attempt to make Si's birthday cake? (Can you guess the theme?)

ice cream

...that Josiah's Papa and G-ma came to visit on Friday and fed him icecream while he wore an adorable pumpkin bib he just got from a lovely friend? (After that treat, he definitely wishes his grandparents were over every night!)

...that November is National Adoption Month? (You can check this post of mine from last year or read more about it here.)

...that I am completely in love with my sweet baby boy? (Yeah, you probably knew that one!)


...that a game of "get you" can produce more baby belly laughs than anything else? (Daddy is the best at this game!)

...that plans are underway to make Si's 1st birthday party a success? (In Korean culture, the 1st birthday is BIG stuff, so we're incorporating a number of traditions to honor Josiah's wonderful birth country!)


...that real men wear pink? (I dressed Josiah up in his Korean hanbok to take photos for his birthday invite. Isn't he handsome?)

...that I am SO SO SO behind on reading blogs, responding to e-mails, and etc. etc. etc.? (I'm hoping to catch up this week! Emphasis on hoping.)

...that Monday always comes too quickly and that now I need to resume tackling everything that this new week is throwing at me? (Have a fabulous day everyone!)


  1. You are right Rach, REAL men do where pink! It's actually one of my favorite colors on Rob!
    First birthday's are really fun!!!

  2. Josiah gets cuter by the minute!
    Love his traditional Korean outfit!
    I can't wait to see birthday pictures!!

  3. Love the Koren outfit! He looks adorable. i hear ya on the hair... I finally went a got a cut. The only thing I really have done for myself as a new mommy... Funny how a trip to the salon can make you feel like a new woman and a refreshed mommy! Treat yourself. You will be so glad you did!

  4. Josiah's hanbok is beautiful!!! i can't wait to see party pictures!

    and i haven't had my haircut professionally (emphasis on professionally!) since may 4th - they day we got our travel call :). you still are a beautiful momma!

  5. What a beautiful hanbok! I love how every hanbok I see is different and unique. I didn't realize Josiah is so close to turning one. I can't wait to hear about his party :) How exciting!

  6. Wow! Time is really flying by. Doesn't he just look adorable?! Good luck on the cake.

  7. I can't wait to hear all about the party. He is so cute!!!

  8. Love Josiah in his Hanbok. I am also planning a Tol over here. Baby D's is in less than 2 weeks! Yikes. I know what you mean about being excited and a little sad that this big day is already here. It means our babies won't be babies for too much longer...but they'll always be our babies, if you know what I mean. Good luck making his cake.

  9. I cry at every birthday for my kids! Its a mixture of pride and sadness that they are growing up.

    Good luck on the cake and happy birthday to the big boy!!!

  10. Love the outfit. He is soo sweet. I love that you call him Si. That's what we, I mean I, call our Silas. SiGuy.
    First birthdays are so fun! And they you blink and they're 18 months. Just nuts. NUTS!!

  11. He is so darn cute - I love the outfit too.
    My nephew Levi will be 1 on the 11th

    Just got done decorating his ELMO cake. He loves Elmo. I put a picture of the finished cake up.
    You will have to check it out.

    Enjoy your week.

  12. Josiah looks so happy and healthy...Rach, he looks like he has been hanging out comfortably in your home for years and years. Just amazing! Makes me smile so!! Happy birthday, handsome little guy!

  13. What a cutie! Love the photo of him in his hanbok... I can't believe he's almost one!

  14. Your hanbok photo is adorable! (And you hair is in a style that allows for flexibility in the timing of haircuts... no worries!)

  15. It's been fun watching y'all these first weeks together as a family. And I wonder what Josiah will grab at during the grabbing game... any guesses?



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