Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Josiah's Tol Celebration!!!!

This past Saturday we held Josiah's 1 year old birthday party! Nearly 60 guests came to celebrate with us at a nearby park pavilion.

Josiah's tol 2

Among the wonderful guests were three (out of SIX!) of Josiah's great-grandparents and all four of his grandparents! Josh's mom and dad were able to make the trip up from Georgia to meet their new grandson and attend the party. How special is that?!

We chatted, ate lots of Korean and American food (kimchi and hamburgers!), and doted on the little birthday boy.

Josiah's tol 6

We wanted to honor Josiah's Korean heritage by including a Tol table, which included fresh fruit, rice cakes, towers, and the Korean flag.

Josiah's tol 10

My lovely Aunt Suz offered to make Josiah's cake and we were all blown away with how AMAZING it turned out!! She is such a talented lady! Isn't it just perfect?

Josiah's tol 8

After dinner, we dressed Josiah in his hanbok (a special gift from his foster family) to take pictures and perform the Toljabee. He waved that flag with SO much enthusiasm!

Josiah's tol party 14

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the Toljabee ceremony is a traditional Korean birthday event when the child is placed in front of various items and the ones he chooses are said to "predict" his future interests or occupation.

We had guests at our party (and on the *blog!) guess which item Josiah would grab first. The most popular guess was the tape measure, closely followed by the football.

Josiah's tol 7

And drum roll, please!

After Josh spent a few moments arranging everything on the tray to his liking, Josiah reached out and grabbed....

Josiah's tol 11

...the tape measure off the tray! Then he went for the money. So it's looks like we may have a wealthy carpenter in the family! :-)

Josiah's tol 3

We then sang to Josiah, ate the delicious cake, and opened all of the fun gifts our generous guests brought for him. Oh, and we snuck a few gumdrops off the Tol towers, too!

Josiah's tol party 15

We are very, very blessed with many friends and family who have always loved and supported Josh and I. They all couldn't be more excited to have Josiah here with us! Since the moment he arrived home, they've showered him with love and his 1st birthday party was no exception! We had a fantastic time with everyone on this special day.

Josiah's tol 5

Josiah YeJoon's birth family and foster family are thousands of miles away, but they were certainly close to my heart as we celebrated on Saturday. I pray that the Lord has and continues to fill their hearts with peace.

Josiah's tol 13

We are SOOO in love with our precious 1 year old baby boy! Our hearts swell more and more with pride and love and joy with every passing day. What an honor it is to be Josiah YeJoon's parents!

*I loved reading all the guesses from the Toljabee event contest! Congrats to Tonggu Momma! She was the first (and I think the only one) to correctly guess both the money and the tape measure, so she wins a set of Christmas towels!


  1. Looks like a *wonderful* day. And that cake? Blow me away!!! I'm thinking Aunt Suz has a second career!

  2. Josiah is so cute! way to go for picking out the money little guy!

    that's fantastic that so many members of your family were able to come! and i agree with Elizabeth - that cake is awesome!

  3. Josiah looks SO cute in pink! :)

  4. What a great day !!! Sue did a great job on the cake too!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. It looks like it was a wonderful celebration (the cake is amazing!). Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous and very special day!!! I'm glad everything went so well! Love the pictures :)

  7. Looks like a great day! That cake is awesome.
    You all look so happy :)

  8. What a lovely, lovely party. Josiah looks adorable in his hanbok!

  9. What a wonderful Tol. Happy Birthday, Josiah. Love your Hanbok! That cake ROCKS!

  10. What fun! I loved the cake, yes, your Aunt Suz is VERY talented.
    Hmmmm, a wealthy carpenter eh? Wonder what he'll build???

  11. Wow, looks like it was a wonderful celebration!

  12. only 60 people? :)

    Happy birthday, handsome boy!

  13. Thanks so much! And I loved seeing all of the pictures, especially of that yummy cake.



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