Saturday, November 7, 2009

just about perfect

We're experiencing a touch of Indian summer this weekend here in the Midwest. After a dreary October, this is definitely a welcome change! We took advantage of the incredible weather by spending the afternoon at a park nearby.

Josiah went down the slide for the very first time today! He was a little apprehensive...

indian summer 1

...but he held tight to his little lovey and had Daddy there for support, of course.

indian summer 4

Soon he was squealing with lots of giggles! After going down the tiny slide about 27 times, he moved on up to the "big" slide...

indian summer 5

We're SO proud of our big boy!

indian summer 6

When we were done checking out the rest of the playground, we took a stroll around the pond.

indian summer 7

Josiah loved staring at and pointing to the ducks and geese that filled the water. (He obviously does NOT take after his bird-fearing mama!)

indian summer 8

indian summer 9

It was a simple, but beautiful day enjoying the sunny warm weather together as a family of 3. I absolutely love these moments.

indian summer 11

Yep, I'd say today was just about perfect.

What are you all up to this weekend???


  1. We visited the grandparent's house. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the park. Does he take his blanket with him everywhere? So cute. And I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't laugh, but the fear of birds cracks me up. We are big bird lovers over here - I have a little parrot that may change your mind.

  2. What a fun day and what beautiful pictures! Glad you all took advantage of such an awesome day!!

  3. Perfect day - and you got some great shots! Love those warm fall days.

    We've just been hanging out - Savannah has been sick all week, so I've been spending all my spare time trying to make her a little more comfortable. Oh, and I went to a birthday party and ate WAY too much junk food. :)

  4. So fun! Briar was nervous of the slide this past spring when she was just a bit older than Josiah, too, but now she is a seasoned pro and climbs right up there and practically flings herself down the slide!!! We have to watch her like a hawk at the park now! LOL!!!

    We are going to the Denver Zoo tomorrow, as it's a free admission day and suppose to be 60 degrees!!! Love these nice fall days!

  5. those pictures were so good!

  6. WOO HOO for Indian Summer! Great pics of your family of 3! Beautiful!

    We have just been hanging out. Kids were a little sick :( This afternoon will be jumping in the leaves while Mama and Daddy rake! Fun Times!

  7. So glad you got to enjoy some warm weather, too :) Josiah is such a little cutie - I love that he has his little blanket with him! So adorable. We enjoyed the beautiful outdoors with Matthew today, too. He was not too sure about the grass at first but pretty soon had a blast crawling around in it! So happy to see you as a family of 3 :) Aren't these little boys the best blessing EVER??? :)



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