Saturday, November 28, 2009


This Thanksgiving

among the countless other blessings

for which we give thanks,

is this...

this 2

this 8

this 9

this 7

this 6

this 10

this 4

this 5

...and this is what takes our breath away.

A very happy Thanksgiving weekend
to you from this family of 3!


  1. What an adorable little man he is all dressed up for the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. These pictures are so darn cute!!!!
    I bet you will have a great Christmas card picture. Check out we got 100 Christmas cards for free and no shipping or handling. THere is a code on the website.

  3. That is one cute outfit - and an adorable little guy in it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. That sweet little man is certainly something to be thankful for!!!

    The first black and white one is Christmas Card worthy :)

    So so sweet Rachel!

  5. Like I said on FB - so adorable!!!

  6. Rachel, he is so handsome!! My husband and I love coming to your site and looking at the pictures of your sweet gets us excited about what's to come! :)

  7. oh my goodness is he cute!!! So much to be thankful for!!!

  8. Don't you just have to pinch yourself!! I still do!!

  9. I laughed SO hard at these pictures! THere is just something so sweet and adorable about little boys dressed up in suits and ties like their daddies. Now don't get me wrong Daddies can be VERY handsome, but it's those handsome LITTLE guys that steal your heart!

  10. Proof that the most precious things come in the smallest packages! So happy for you guys and I just love these sweet pictures of him!

  11. oh little fellas in adorable little suits...makes me sigh the happy sigh! ☺

  12. What a handsome little guy! Yes.. so much to be thankful for!!!

  13. Oh my, Josiah! You are one dapper little dude. So cute!

  14. Happy belated Thanksgiving! And what a HANDSOME little man you have!!!!! LOVED the pictures

  15. He is absolutely adorable in that outfit!! Where did you get it? I would love to get Kaiden similar to it?



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