Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

A summary of this chilly Saturday thus far....

The Good: Our newly fixed (for free!) camera just arrived on our doorstep moments ago! Just in time for Christmas. Fabulous.


The Bad: Our house is a mess. The Christmas cards/letters I was going to get out this weekend are no where near ready. There are no presents to wrap because I haven't found time to shop yet.

much of this is due to....

The Ugly: Si is sick. My poor pathetic boy has been hit with a fever and stuffy nose. He SCREAMED for 2 hours this morning from being so uncomfortable and exhausted. Oh, and Josh is working today.

but thankfully....

The Good: Josiah calmed down, played happily for an hour, finally dozed off in my arms, and is now sleeping in his room. And instead of jumping right in to tackle "The Bad" I listed above, I'm going to take a few moments for myself by sipping a Diet Pepsi, reading other folk's Christmas letters, and scarfing down a cookie or two as I sit by the Christmas tree.

The world is right again.

I hope your Saturday is filled with lots of "The Good" stuff.


  1. What a blessing to have all 4 of your Grandparents! Unfortunatley, all of mine have gone home to the Lord. What a beautiful post - your Josiah is adorable! Enjoy your first Christmas together!!!

  2. feel better soon Josiah!

    and don't worry about your Christmas cards! ours aren't even ordered yet! new years cards are just as wonderful ;)!

    and yay for you for having some "me" time!

  3. Oh, Si...I hope you are feeling better soon. And Rachel: enjoy those quiet moments...much more important than cleaning...our house is more messy these days too, but happy...OH so happy!

  4. good for you to know that the "ugly" will get done, but sometimes you just need to take some time for self!!

    praying Josiah feels better soon!

  5. I hope Josiah feels better soon!

    Our house is a mess too... oh well.

  6. Hope he feels better soon!!It is so sad to see a little one sick and they are not able to tell you what hurts.

    Yeah for the camera coming!! I am sure you could not imagine your first Christmas together without having it there for all the special shots!!!

    Blessings to to three of you as you celebrate the birth of our Savior as a family of 3!!!!

    God's blessings to you all in 2010!!

  7. I hope he feels better soon! Good for you for taking a break. Things will get caught up soon.

  8. I can relate! Rest up Mama, you deserve it!

  9. Sorry to hear your little one is sick...that is no fun, for baby OR for mom. You are so smart to just sit and relax a bit!!!! I hope he feels better soon!

  10. Oh, girl! Hang in there and feel better little man!!!
    I'm so proud of you Rachel for taking a moment to yourself. Recharge before tackling the tough stuff.

  11. Bless his sweet little heart! I hope Josiah is feeling better soon..for ALL of you!
    Don't feel bad about the cards and gifts...that happens when you are a new mama! I have yet to get mine done either, but I just remind myself that I will have plenty of time for those things when my kids are grown!

  12. Oh boy, I hope Josiah is feeling better now! Sick babies are cranky babies. So exhausting. I'm glad you took some moments for you. You have to do know, for sanity :)

    Merry Christmas, friend!



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