Friday, December 4, 2009

The Highchair Diaries

Soon after Josiah arrived home, it became very clear that his highchair is one of the best spots to get a *good*cute*sweet*funny* photo or video of him. Perhaps the confined to one spot so he can't crawl away or grab the camera aspects might have something to do about it?!

Anyhoo, so that got me thinkin'...

(which seems to happen so very rarely these days)

...and The Highchair Diaries idea was born.

Check out the first episode...

Isn't he just yummy???

Stay tuned for future installments of The Highchair Diaries staring our very own Josiah. Lots more fun to come!


  1. Too cute!! You are one nice mommy picking up his phone not once, but twice!!! Briar has a one strike and you're out rule with throwing toys overboard, LOL!!!

  2. Oh the "strong" pose was so sweet!!! I love the highchair diaries!

  3. Ah! So cute! I love when he shows how strong he is.

  4. Oh my cuteness. Asher was sitting next to me watching the video and he kept saying "oooooh....ohhhhh...ooohhhh"

    He likes Josiah :)

  5. Awww!!! I have never commented before but have been following your journey and that is just about the most precious thing I have ever seen! Looking forward to more installments- I love "how tall are you"!!

  6. I love how he can make his cheeks twice as big!

  7. We quickly discovered, too, that the highchair was key to good pics at the beginning. I think 90% of pictures in the first few months Olive was home were taken there.
    And WHAT a cutie!!!

  8. Very, VERY cute!
    Lots of similarities with our little guy...same shirt (!), so big, dropping things on the floor for us to retrieve over & over, and the "strong" pose too.

  9. Love the Highchair Diaries!

  10. I love seeing video - it's so fun seeing him move and talk :) He is such a sweetie!


  11. Hilarious, and a great idea. Amazing how well he understands you and is obviously communicating. I wish we all had the brain capacity of a 13 month old!



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