Thursday, December 3, 2009

a tale of one tree

Like so many other folks, it has been a tradition of ours (well, at least for the last 4 years!) to pick out our Christmas tree on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We always go to the same place and this time around we were thrilled to have Josiah with us!

tree 7

Amazingly, there was not a speck of snow in sight. It was sprinkling instead, but we didn't let that put a damper on our tree hunt!

tree 2

Josh always gives me the same speech every year about NOT choosing one that is too tall. The 1st year we were married he had to cut over a foot off the bottom to get it to fit in our living room! Is it so wrong to want the angel's head at the top of the tree to be touching the ceiling?!

tree 12

So with Josh's advice fresh on our minds, we set out to choose the perfect tree with our camera (me), coffee (Josh), and Blue Blankie Bear (Josiah).

tree 11

tree 13

There really is nothing like picking out a Christmas tree! I love how excitement washes over me as I gaze at the gorgeous Balsams and Frasers with a careful eye. Josh is always (somewhat) willing to hold each tree up and spin it around so I can get a good look at each of the sides. What a husband!

tree 1

If you can believe it, this year I found the tree within 2 minutes! It was nice and full and green and tall enough for my liking, but short enough that Josh wouldn't have to cut any off the bottom! Perfect.

tree 8

I had Josh give it one final spin so I could be 100% sure and then he and Josiah went off to get a cart to haul our tree with.

tree 16

tree 3

Josiah and I browsed through the bustling store while Josh got the tree tied up and loaded on the car. We got a $5 gift card for purchasing the tree (yippee!), so we used that up on some nice garland for the banister.

tree 17

Josiah was a happy, silly, funny boy during the entire tree hunt. The huge blessing of having him with us for this did not go unnoticed!

tree 5

With Christmas music playing, Josh brought the tree into the living room and got it standing tall in the stand. Josiah watched on and even "helped" Daddy make sure the tree was screwed in tight enough!

So that's the tale of one Christmas tree. One that still stands without decorations, but is a beauty none the less. If only I could just find the time to get it all dazzled up! Hopefully tonight!

What about you, friends? Do you cut down your own Christmas tree or "cheat" like us? Do you put yours up ASAP or do you wait till the last minute? Do you take your time decorating it or does it get done the day you bring it home?


  1. Well we really cheat:) LOL! We have an artificial tree- our son has lots of allergies etc.... But reguardless our tree usually goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving and this year was no exception. The only difference this year was typically we decorated it right away and when I say we- it is me and the kiddos my husband doesn't get into decorating. However this year we have been BUSY so the tree did not get decorated until Monday evening and in the process we lost a couple of ornaments:( We have also lost an ornament a day thanks to our curious son. I have picts of our tree and the decorating on my blog- check it out:)

  2. Last year was the 1st year we did not do the "turn it around one more time hon!!" and went artificial. (I giggled when you wrote that because I did the exact same thing-2 min. is GREAT!! My husband doesn't miss the whole christmas tree hunt!) I miss the smell of the real tree but enjoy decorating as soon as it goes up! I too have posted about our tree with little Ms. getting involved this year! What fun!

  3. We cheat too - we went artificial last year. We still plan to get real trees occasionally, but this year we have a big trip before Christmas :) so we decided to put up the artificial. We used to do the same as you ~ and my husband would always do the spin for me! Oh how I miss the smell of a fresh tree!!

  4. Thanks so much for the great pictures!! I'm dying to get my tree up, but my husband is away on business. Sometime next week hopefully!!

  5. Well...we don't cut down our own OR "cheat" like you...we're downright criminals and have our artificial one going up again this year!!!!!! The last couple years we have cut our own down thanks to permits from the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado, but last year we were in Korea when the rest of the family went and this year they aren't going until the 13th...I just can't wait that long to put our tree up!!! So, artificial again it is this year...maybe next year we can get a permit early before all the 'good' dates are gone!!!

  6. Oh I guess I'm the biggest cheater, because I have a fake tree. I have never had a real one. They freak me out, it's like having birds or chipmunks in your house, they just don't belong. Okay, I get the tree part, our pilgram friends didn't have fake trees to choose from, but seriously, it would be my luck that I'd pick a tree that had something living in it and it would turn into Griswolds Christmas Vacation with the squirrel loose in the house and the dog chasing it. Good Grief I'll stick to my fake tree and light a balsalm fir candle. But your tree is VERY pretty...I hope it didn't come with a squirrel. ;)

  7. I really enjoyed this post. The pictures and commentary were great - especially the part where you want the angel's head touching the ceiling! Ha!

    We head out to a tree farm every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving to cut one down. It has definitely become a tradition.

  8. great post, rachel.
    we are still without a tree. and i think we'll stay that way for AT LEAST another week. the thought of one rubin + one tree = too much trouble, in my mind's eye. he is in to EVERYTHING!!!

  9. So fun. Thanks for taking us on the "hunt" with you! And girl, I know aaaall about getting the too-tall tree!

  10. we cheat! i think we will cut our tree down someday when Cohen understands more and can help us pick it out.

    i usually decorate the tree right away, but this year it sat bare for a few days! i think that's the norm with a little babe around!

  11. Fun post! I loved watching the story unfold and seeing things through Josiah's eyes. We have done both in the past - cut down our tree and (mostly) bought it on a lot. This year we are waiting another week or so until my mom's in town so we can decorate it together. Should be fun!

  12. Ok, I feel better after looking through the comments. We too totally cheat and have a fake tree. It's just easier...and cheaper.

    The little bear blanket travels everywhere with you guys -- I love spotting it in so many pictures!

  13. Cute tree. The angel's head should definitely touch the ceiling... Or at least hover right under. ;)

    We're big cheaters I suppose. Artificial. I miss the smell of the real thing though.

    Josiah looks precious.

  14. Glad you found the perfect tree. Beautiful! I love decorating for Christmas.

    Question...are those some kind of legging on Josiah? We saw something like that at a local gift shop and are seriously considering going back to get them to keep his legs warm. It seems his socks scrunch down & his pants ride up...leaving bare legs...which in this climate is NOT a good thing. We have a snowsuit, but isn't quite time for all that yet.

  15. Oh! We go to this great tree farm every year. We cut our own tree, lug it home, put it up, and let it stand there for nearly a week before getting around to the decorating. The trip itself wears us out. (4 little kiddos) BUT it's so much fun!! They have a hayride, hot chocolate, candy canes, roasted peanuts, and a few other farm attractions. We LOVE it!!



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